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Women's History Month Memes That Spread Girl Power

March may mean Cadbury Eggs are back on the shelves (finally), but it's also a big month for celebrating — it's Women's History Month. Whether you plan on reading about a badass woman every day for the month of March or just need some Women's History Month memes to empower and inspire you, it's definitely time to start thinking about what it means to be a woman and how girls definitely run the world.

There's been a lot happening in the world of women over the past few months. From women's marches to everyone standing behind Elizabeth Warren and her refusal to quit, I can almost feel the girl power pulsing through the air. But there's still a lot of work to be done and singing along to Beyoncé just won't cut it. (Although it definitely helps.) Women's History Month was created because there was a huge gap in school's history textbooks. Women and their accomplishments and impact on society were largely missing or were not given the respect they deserved in terms of education and history. Now, every March is designated as Women's History Month so everyone can do more than gloss over the achievements of women; they can learn from them, be inspired by them, and continue forging the path so many women began for them.

So no matter how you plan to celebrate, you can start with these 19 Women's History Month memes. If they don't get your fist pumping, your Beyoncé blasting, and your brain working to see what you can do to be part of history, I don't know what else will.


Rosie The Riveter

It's an iconic picture you've probably seen a million times before, but during Women's History Month, Rosie the Riveter makes a powerful statement with her we can do it attitude. Because y'all, girls totally can do it, no matter what it is. (And history has proven that.)


Raise Her Right

There are few things better than women appreciating women, especially when one of them is just a little girl trying to spell Earhart and Sacagawea.


Tell 'Em, HRC

If you're going to celebrate Women's History Month, don't forget this infamous speech from the one and only Hillary Clinton. It will inspire you.



Resist and persist like the women before you.


Blast Through

Stand up, speak out, and let your fear teach you that bravery is worth it. This is basically the story of every woman in history.


Keep Rolling, Ladies

Beyoncé said get in formation. Susan B. Anthony said roll yourself up like a snow ball and keep going. I like both.


Say What

Come again for big fudge? Quiet down, men. Let the ladies speak.


Vintage Meets New

HRC has been fighting this fight a long time, y'all. But it's worth it.


Don't Get Punched

Just speak up before your words start punching you.


Soul Sisters

How do you think you turn it from history to herstory?



I mean, vaginas can also birth out entire babies so, you know.


Not Even A Little Bit

Take up your space, y'all.


You Can See Better At The Head Of The Table

And you can see all of those who need you there, too.


Persistence Is Worth It

Keep going like all the women before you. Don't let them down.


That's All Of You

All women are phenomenal. Remember this.


More Bravery

Think of the women who have impacted history. They didn't get there by not failing or by being perfect.


Diversity Is Worth It, Too

Women's History Month isn't about white women. Don't forget to talk about women of color and their achievements and impact.



No graph is big enough. If Michelle Obama believes in you, believe in yourself.


All Day Everyday

Keep running it, ladies. The world's depending on you.