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Hands Down, These Are The 2 Best Sheet Pans On Amazon

Sheet pan dinners are a great weeknight option during the school year. (Or any time, really.) You can cook everything in one nifty container, most recipes are ready quickly, and there's plenty of kid-friendly options. But you're going to need the right equipment, which is where the best sheet pans on Amazon come in.

I typically think of sheet pans as a tool for baking sweets (they're used on pretty much every episode of The Great British Bake Off), but they're surprisingly versatile, especially once you familiarize yourself with sheet pan dinner recipes. There are plenty of vegetarian sheet pan recipes, and you can make meals kids will love, including baked bacon as breakfast for dinner, the ultimate crowdpleaser. You can't make every meal your kids love using one pan, but I'd bet you can make a larger variety of recipes with it than you are now. (Sheet pan pizza will change your life.)

But as I mentioned, you'll need the right pan if you're going to cook with it more often, which might be trickier to purchase than you think. It might seem like all pans are made the same, but many rust with time or become dented with frequent use, which will lead to uneven baking. Having six raw cookies and six overcooked ones won't do, so you've gotta invest in the best. There are hundreds of sheet pans available on Amazon, but clear stand-outs. And the price won't break the bank, either.

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Half Sheet (2 Pack), Silver

Listed as Epicurious' number one sheet pan, the Nordic Ware pans come in multiple sizes, but the two-pack of half pans will be ideal for dinners and baked goods alike. It's an Amazon's Choice item, and it has an average of 4.5 stars from reviewers. The pans are made of natural heavy gauge aluminum that feels sturdy in your hands and won't rust, though you should hand wash them to prevent discoloration. They also have reinforced encapsulated steel rims to prevent leaking and warping. They're built to last, and the price can't be beat.

As one reviewer put it, "I'm writing this review just as I am about to order two more half sheets because I love them that much. If you're on the fence about this, just do it!!!" The three exclamation points say it all.

Wilton Performance Pans Aluminum Large Sheet Cake Pan

This Wilton pan is a bestseller on Amazon, with an average of 4.2 star rating. Reviewers "really like the thickness of and durability of the pans" that won't become dented with repeated use, so you can use it as often as you want. Plus, it's two inches deep, so you can cook things with more layers. You have to hand wash it, but it's available in multiple sizes to suit your needs, though the price will vary accordingly. Business Insider lists Wilton as the best maker of budget pans, so you can buy with even more confidence.

Both pans are available for Amazon Prime two-day delivery, so you can be whipping up a delicious sheet pan dinner in less than 48 hours after you click "buy." Look up some recipes to dive into out while you wait for it to arrive, and get excited to test your cooking skills.