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2 Biggest Differences For You Between 2018 & 2019, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Kristina Johnson

For so many people, 2018 felt like it lasted roughly 37 years. If you're among those who welcomed 2019 with wide open arms and high hopes for a much better year, you're probably curious about the ways it could potentially unfold. When you take a look at some of the biggest differences for you between 2018 and 2019 according to your zodiac sign, you might be even more pumped for the year ahead.

I spoke with Katie Sweetman of Empowering Astrology to examine how 2019 will affect the various zodiac signs. She points out that some changes are going to be more obvious than others. "Each sign is going to relate to and experience time differently. For some signs it's going to be a year of bigger shifts, for some signs it's a little bit more of a time for rest and searching within and looking for answers." And though it's now officially 2019, don't expect that you should already be seeing or feeling the differences just yet — there are 12 months in a year, after all. "The start of the year doesn't always line up with the start of something changing for a sign."

Here's a look at a couple of ways that this year might look different for you from last year.


"Two of the key areas that Aries is feeling change is in career, and also money. The two kind of go hand and hand." Sweetman says the pressure is going to be on at work for rams this year, and they won't be able to just skate by — but it could pay off. "They could see a lot of professional gains."

Getting your career on the right track could inspire you to overhaul your relationship with money as well, Sweetman says. "Aries is going to have to completely, starting this year... reinvent what money means to them. This could mean making money from very different sources in the coming years compared to where it’s been before. It could be having a cautiousness about the role of stuff and money and what you own and what you’re attached to."


"Taurus is a sign that normally doesn’t like to move very quickly," Sweetman explains, so they might not be crazy about some of the big pushes they'll be getting from the universe this year. "The area where they'll see the biggest shift is in itself, who they are at the core of their being. They need to reinvent who they are." It seems as if some deep introspection is on tap for Taurus this year, and that could ultimately lead them to take off their rose-colored glasses. "Maybe they're starting to be aware that how they saw the world in one way is maybe not the way that it is."

On the other hand, some of those personal changes Taurus will begrudgingly go through this year could be on a much simpler level. "Maybe this could be something as superficial as changing how they look and changing [their] haircut."


Introspection isn't something Gemini particularly enjoys, but making the commitment to look inward this year will be beneficial. "The more that Gemini can really work on their emotional health... it's going to be a really productive use of the year."

They say you have to love yourself before you can truly love another, and that may prove true for Gemini in 2019. "It's a time when things are opening up in a relationship. The more work that Gemini can do it on its emotional health... the more it'll help them attract a healthy partner, if that's something that they're looking for."


Relationships are going to be front and center for Cancer in 2019. If you were coasting along without really stopping to analyze your relationship in 2018, you're going to want to take a long hard look at it this year. "It's a time when they have to really serious evaluate the role of a relationship in their life. That could be if they’re single, they’re getting into a serious relationship. Or if they're in a relationship, they have to really look at, 'Is this relationship serving me? Do I have to do something differently?'" explains Sweetman.

Cancer will also be all about developing a healthier lifestyle in 2019. "It would be really great for Cancer to do positive changes in health and wellness, however they want to define that... making changes to diet, making changes to how you take care of your body, making changes to just taking care of your day to day self."


Work will be a major focal point for Leos in 2019, according to Sweetman. "Leo is entering a seven year chapter of needing to reinvent career, reinvent the direction they take their life in, reinvent the role that they want to play in the world. It's a time of awakening that part of their lives." If your job isn't satisfying you or if you feel like you could be putting your talents to be better use in a different field, you might get the courage to take action. "2019 might be the year that… they start to feel a lot of restlessness or the need to make a radical change in their direction or the career that they do."

Leo will also be much more focused on their health this year, she says. "It's a time for taking care of the physical body. It's a really good time for Leo to take a serious look at how they’re taking care of their life... Do they need to have a schedule, do they need to go to the gym or eat differently?"


One of the most momentous life changes of all could be in the cards for Virgo this year — if you were unsure about starting or expanding your family in 2018, you might be feel more of a calling in 2019. "It could be a natural time of motherhood for a Virgo," Sweetman explains.

The sky will be the limit for Virgos in 2019, as they let go of any limiting beliefs and start to see themselves in a new light. "It could be a time when new philosophies and new ways of thinking and different forms of education come in their life." Maybe you'll even go back to school.


If you felt somewhat adrift last year, that could all change in 2019. "The idea is that Libra is putting down roots," Sweetman says. "Libra is really needing to settle down, and create a home or start a family."

With the potential for such massive changes on the home and family front, it will also be important for Libra to focus on their inner world. "Libra can sometimes can get lost in relationships... but it's like, 'How can you get back to the inner you, the real you, the you that sometimes get lost?' It's a good time to reflect, rest, look within."


The saying goes that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Scorpios need to break that pattern in 2019, especially when it comes to their love life. "How Scorpio does relationships has to completely change. It doesn't matter if you're currently in a relationship or you're single. It's kind of this broader idea of how you interact with people, how you allow yourself to be vulnerable, how you allow yourself to find consensus and partnership. So 2019 might bring a new relationship, that's very different from before."

Scorpios will also be experiencing some changes in the way they communicate this year and may find themselves more willing to ask for what they need. "The idea is that they're really sharpening the mind and sharpening the voice and how they speak and are heard."


Sagittarius folks may be working on their fitness in a big way in 2019, according to Sweetman. "It's big focus is on completely changing how it does health and wellness. There could be radical changes in diet, there could be radical changes in daily life. Like suddenly how you do your schedule is completely different, maybe you start waking up early, or maybe you start organizing your day in a way that's completely different than it was in 2018."

Financial goals will also start to take shape in 2019. "Sagittarius needs to get very clear about the role of money in its life," this year says Sweetman, while casting an eye toward to the future. "It's a good time to set a budget and get very clear about what its spending its money on. It's easy to lose track but this a time to personally audit where your finances are to create more lasting stability."


Capricorns have one major goal for 2019, Sweetman says. "They need to stop being their own worst enemy, they need to really step up" In other words, "Get out of their own way." Making this adjustments could have a lasting impact on life for Sagittarius.

"As you make personal changes and try to be a better person as a Capricorn, that's going to reflect how you do relationships. This is a time when new people are coming into their life, maybe there's a major relationship or a major commitment like a marriage."


2019 might seem a little anticlimatic for Aquarius, according to Sweetman. "2018 was a time of a lot of personal shifts... It was about coming to the end of a very long story, like wrapping things up. So Aquarius might feel like they’re in a little bit of a funk this year, because it’s not necessarily about moving forward, it’s about rest. It's about searching within and figuring out the deeper questions of life... It's a little bit of an existential time for Aquarius."

But it won't all be status quo. "This a potentially powerful year where there could be a lot of changes in the home or the living situation. There may be a big move or some sort of major change in the home."


If you've been only half-heartedly pursuing your career dreams up until this year, 2019 is the time for Pisces to make a full court press. "The big focus for Pisces this year is on career. They're really working a lot, they're really trying to push forward and take the next step up professionally or with their ambitions, and taking on more responsibility."

Your circle of friends might also be changing in 2019, but it could be for the best. "It's a time when they need to get very clear about who is their friend and who is not. There might be friendships that are leaving one's life while new ones are coming in. Because Pisces needs to be very clear about the people that are going to be rock solid in their life."

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