20 Animated Shorts On Disney+ That Will Make You Laugh & Cry

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Kids can be confusing: their attention spans are not fantastic, but their appetite for entertainment is endless. Fortunately, between classics like Steamboat Willie and newer stories like Pixar's Loop, there are many animated shorts on Disney+ to satisfy your little one's need to be entertained in small doses, which is exactly what you need on a rainy day. Or any day really.

Animated short films have been popular since the early days of film and have actually seen something of a surge in recent years. Perhaps because the internet is the great equalizer, as The Atlantic points out, offering relative unknowns the opportunity to share their work online without having to go through more traditional channels. Or perhaps people gravitate towards short films because our attention spans are getting collectively shorter as time goes on, as a 2019 study published in the journal Nature Communications and conducted by researchers at the Technical University of Denmark uncovered, with busier lives and so many more ways to access entertainment than there once were.

Either way, if anyone knows about making clever, moving, sweet, and funny animated shorts, it's Disney. Whether you're looking for something uplifting and inspirational to watch with the family or some lighthearted fun, Disney+ has it all.

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