These Awesome Baby Halloween Costumes Are Guaranteed Crowd-Pleasers

It's almost here. Halloween is the magical day when all babies somehow get ten times cuter in the ridiculous costumes their parents have picked out for them. Though they don't understand why they're in strange clothing, and have zero concept of what Halloween is, babies always manage to be the most festive. Still unsure of what adorably silly costume to put on your baby? Check out these 20 amazing Halloween costumes for babies, and cross your fingers you can order and receive them by October 31.

The best part of picking out a Halloween costume for an infant is that, no matter what, they're going to look freaking adorable in it. Seriously, whether they're sleeping, crying, or (hopefully) babbling happily, they can do no wrong when they're dressed as a farm animal or oversized vegetable. It doesn't even really matter if you make it out of the house, because we all know that the photo ops are really the best part of baby's first Halloween.

Whether you're planning on an at-home Instagram photo shoot or are taking your baby to local Halloween festivities, these 20 costumes are going to be major crowd-pleasers. Just don't forget to document your evening so that one day, your baby can appreciate their first costume, too.