20 Awesome Baby Halloween 2018 Costumes That Are Guaranteed To Make People Say 'How Cute!'

It's almost here. Halloween is the magical day when all babies somehow get ten times cuter in the ridiculous costumes their parents have picked out for them. Though they don't understand why they're in strange clothing, and have zero concept of what Halloween is, babies always manage to be the most festive. Still unsure of what adorably silly costume to put on your baby? Check out these 20 amazing Halloween costumes for babies, and cross your fingers you can order and receive them by October 31.

The best part of picking out a Halloween costume for an infant is that, no matter what, they're going to look freaking adorable in it. Seriously, whether they're sleeping, crying, or (hopefully) babbling happily, they can do no wrong when they're dressed as a farm animal or oversized vegetable. It doesn't even really matter if you make it out of the house, because we all know that the photo ops are really the best part of baby's first Halloween.

Whether you're planning on an at-home Instagram photo shoot or are taking your baby to local Halloween festivities, these 20 costumes are going to be major crowd-pleasers. Just don't forget to document your evening so that one day, your baby can appreciate their first costume, too.

1Plush Pig

Baby Plush Pig Halloween Costume 0-6M



This plush pig jumpsuit from Target has a hood, an attached tail, and elastic feet that will stretch over baby's shoes. It's easy to take on and off with a size zipper, and will keep your little one totally warm and comfortable on a chillier Halloween.

2Football Player & Field Swaddle

Infants' Swaddle Wings Football Halloween Costume



Don't let a swaddle cover up a perfectly good Halloween costume. If you have an itty bitty this Halloween, this football Halloween costume – complete with a football field swaddling blanket – is the perfect solution.

3Pumpkin Carrier

Little Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Carrier Costume



OK, so this isn't exactly a costume, but it's practical and super festive. This Halloween carrier comes with the jack-o'-lantern carrier cover, orange cap with stem, and orange booties.


Sweet Gingerbaby Infant Costume



Is there anything sweeter than a gingerbread baby? This precious jumpsuit comes complete with a silk bowtie, peppermint buttons, and a red vest. Personally, I think it's an appropriate outfit from Halloween through Christmas... so you'll get your money's worth.

5NASA Astronaut

Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit



This soft NASA jumpsuit comes complete with NASA patches and diaper snaps, and is machine washable. According to the Amazon description, it's designed to fit babies 22-29 inches in height or 14-20 lbs in weight. It also comes in orange, pink, and red.


Little Giraffe Halloween Costume



Dress your short one up like the tallest creature in the world! This two-piece giraffe costume comes with a zip-up bubble fleece and sweatpants. The hood features a giraffe's face, and the leaves in the giraffe's mouth are a nice touch.

7Old Skool Rapper

Baby Kids' Old Skool Rapper Romper Costume



Just because your baby's only listening to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Wheels On The Bus right now doesn't mean they aren't an up-and-coming rap genius. This "old skool" rapper costume has faux chains, a zip-up jacket, and some sweet sunglasses printed right on it. Don't you want your child to have street cred?


Baby Morris Apparel Hotdog Full Body Costume



This full body hotdog costume is basically a big, hilarious sleep sack. Slip the baby in, zip them up, and they look just like a hotdog with mustard. Note that the undershirt pictured is not included, so you're in charge of the undergarments!

9Baby Chef

Baby Aspen Baby Chef 3 Piece Layette in Culinary Gift Box



My compliments to the chef! This three-piece set is 100% cotton and comes with an embroidered hat, coat, and checkered pants. "Baby Chef" is embroidered on both the hat and jacket.


Little Gnome Halloween Costume



Roll with your littlest gnomie this Halloween. This gnome costume comes with a zip-up bubble fleece and sweatpants. The hood holds tight to baby's face with elastic, so that perfect little beard and cap aren't going anywhere.


Little Parrot Halloween Costume



Polly want a... piece of Halloween candy? This adorable Carter's parrot costume comes with the bubble fleece body suit, tights, and long sleeve undershirt.


InCharacter Baby Boy's Gladiator Costume



Hopefully Halloween isn't a battle in your home but if it is... baby will be ready. This gladiator costume comes with a jumpsuit and attached "chest piece," as well as the headpiece. Snaps on the jumpsuit allow for easy diaper changes (because even gladiators have accidents).

13Snuggle Bear

Baby Snuggle Bear Costume


Party City

Turn your cuddly baby into the world's cuddliest teddy bear. This plush faux fur jumpsuit comes with a teddy bear hood and paw prints on the hands and feet.


California Costumes Baby Boys' Wittle Werewolf



Baby by day, werewolf by night. This hilarious werewolf costume comes with a plaid shirt with attached fur, furry hood, and pants. Put it on your baby, and wait to see if they howl at the moon.


Fun World Infant Pumpkin Cutie Pie Costume



It's basically a rite of passage to be dressed up like a pumpkin at some point in your life. This Fun World costume comes with the orange pumpkin face tunic and matching hat, and fits babies up to 24 months.

16Baby Barista

Baby Barista Coffee Costume


Party City

Dress your little reason for needing coffee up like coffee this Halloween! Party City's baby barista costume comes with this detailed dress – complete with tulle, a brown bodice, and a "Lil' Latte" label – and straw headband.

17Ninja Turtle

Rubie's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Baby Costume



Will your baby be Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, or Donatello? No matter which color you choose, your baby will look positively precious in this jumpsuit and matching cap from Rubie's.


Baby Sleepy Cow Costume


Party City

Your little milk monster will make the best sleepy cow this Halloween. This jumpsuit comes complete with udders, a tail, and a cowbell (which is exactly what we need more of!). The hat has a sweet cow face and attached ears.


Elvis Onesie Costume



Your baby may be the king of drooling but for one night, let him be the King of Rock & Roll. This onesie is printed to look like Elvis' iconic "Aloha from Hawaii" jumpsuit, and comes with the hat and booties as well.


Amscan Infant Sized Little Lamb Costume



Mary's little lamb wasn't nearly as cute as this. This lamb dress with white faux fur sleeves, pink gingham detailing, tutu skirt, and satin bow waistband will turn your baby into the most darling lamb on the block.