A baby girl with a Christmas gift
These 20 Ideas For Baby's 1st Christmas Photo Are Magically Memorable

Your baby’s first anything is always a moment you want to capture with a photo, from milestones (like first steps) to moments (like their first birthday). Another opportunity to showcase your adorable new addition to the family is in your baby’s first Christmas photo. It also gives you the perfect excuse to silently but shamelessly show off your explicitly placed ornaments, lights, tree, and decorations. Is it really Christmas if no one sees how festive your house looks?

If only they could smell the cinnamon swirl-scented fragrance wall plug-in to complete the vibe. You already have an in-home studio if you take decorating for the holidays seriously in the first place. (If that’s completely not your thing, which is totally fine, you can head to a studio like a lot of parents do to capture this moment.)

Some parents take an aesthetic yet minimalistic approach with a soft, white background accented with a little Santa hat and some fuzzy booties, while other parents make a trip out of it and travel to a real life reindeer farm for a full-on first Christmas experience. Every parent has a different approach when it comes to commemorating one of their baby’s first major holidays, but there's no right or wrong way to do it. Get inspiration from these 20 photos and maybe even book your trip for next year’s reindeer farm experience.


You Can Actually Visit A Reindeer Farm

You may be just as shocked as I was when I found out there is a live reindeer farm in Washington state. @megnewtonphotography mentions in her caption that the farm has a cocoa/ cider bar, bon fire area, and plenty beautiful spots to capture holiday photos. This is probably one of the most festive ways to capture your child's first Christmas photo. (If there's not a reindeer farm in your area, there might be a local "reindeer festival," which is basically a seasonal petting zoo, or other similar type of event.)


Is This An Ad?

@afamilysworld captured their daughter Selah’s face lit up from the glow of the Christmas tree as she’s reaching for her “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament. At a glance, you might have mistaken this photo for a classic Hallmark holiday ad due to the lighting and Selah’s perfect pose.


Christmas Costumes Are A Thing Too

Probably the cutest snowman you will see this season, @sarahcdove’s son Everett is definitely dressed for his first Christmas in this snowman outfit. Although Everett seems to enjoy his ensemble in the first photo, the caption reveals he’s not too keen on the idea of staying in this outfit for much longer. This photo will probably have you rushing to order a costume for your own baby.


Matching Pajamas For The Entire Family

Is it really your child’s first Christmas if you don’t all have matching pajamas? @allisonmathisjones and her husband matched their daughter Harper in what seems to be a super comfortable collection of reindeer-patterned pajamas. According to the caption, these matching sets will become a tradition from now on.


A Softer Approach

@mrsroxyknox posted this photo of her daughter Aubrey resting in front of a Christmas tree. The blurry background creates a softer effect and brings all of the attention to Aubrey styled in a red bow.


A White Christmas

Sometimes an entire set is required to commemorate baby’s first Christmas: @jadetraceyphoto captured @lollbourne’s son, Oakley, in an all-white Ralph Lauren outfit accompanied by some glimmering presents and a toy truck.


Holiday Sous Chef

If your child is too young to contribute in the kitchen, just take cute pictures of them as if they could and it will make for an adorable Christmas card. @blocurto92 posted this photo of her son, Joey, dressed as a little baker for his first Christmas.


The Rustic Route

@eliza_milagros styled her kids in complementary plaid outfits for her daughter’s first Christmas photo shoot. The two are sitting on an festive, rustic set decorated with oversized ornaments, garland, and fluffy, fake snow.


Amazon Has The Answers

@mrsriddle_ purchased a changeable letter board, plush blanket, and her daughter’s festive pajamas from Amazon that she accessorized with an oversized knit hat in order to complete this Christmas picture. Isla Mae seems to be super excited to celebrate her first Christmas given her big smile.


Make Use of Household Items

When you’re the child of a blogger, you’re going to have a super cute festive holiday picture to grace the feeds of your parent’s followers. @tina_shines sat baby Miles in a basket she usually uses to store their blankets for a cozy holiday set.


Double The Adorable

@hannililly’s page is full of the cutest photos of her twin sons, Ralph and Teddy. You can find them constantly matching together, but especially during the holiday season in their fluffy beanies, robes or Santa hats.


It Happens

Not every child is down for the holiday photo shoots set up by moms to commemorate their first Christmas. @kakes360 makes it known her son was not having this festive moment as she captions this cute photo with “Bodhi’s first unimpressed shot… ” The set is decorated with colorful gifts flooding the background complete with a sleigh, but he doesn't seem up for it and that's totally okay.


Christmas photo or gym workout?

Kudos to not only Kohl’s for this adorable Santa outfit for babies but @ginabelle22 for holding out her child to take this aesthetic holiday picture. In the caption, Gina remarks on how this was a great arm and core workout in an attempt to get the best picture in front of the tree.


The Glam Approach

Some babies are more into glitz and glam than other babies, or at least their parents are. @yourstrulymandy dressed up her daughter in a glimmering Santa dress complete with sequins and tool complete a giant bow headband.


When Posing Isn't An Option

If your child can't sit up on their own yet or they're just so content laying down but you need a holiday Christmas picture, decorate around them with some garland, string lights, and ornaments like @infernoemmy did.


Making Sure Everyone's Included

@kellokiddy included photos of their baby, Kellen, totally in sync with their dog Mochi for this Christmas. It's only appropriate to include all of your children in a holiday photo, especially the furry ones.


Switching Up The Focus

Out of focus yet super artsy, this picture from @vibrantlifearmywife draws attention to a Santa mug as she holds her baby in the background making for a subtle way to capture this holiday moment.


The Onesie That Says It All

@chicckss proves all you need to commemorate your child's first Christmas is a t-shirt that quite literally says "my first Christmas ever." Styled with fuzzy booties and a dark green head band, she nailed this festive look.


Your Own Gift

You don't have to leave the house to capture a holiday picture of your children. Taken in @gabyccbb's living room, Gabriela placed her child in a box with a blanket and set her own gift right in front of their tree.


A Minimalistic Approach

If you don't want to wake them and need a photo, dress them in some reindeer booties and a Santa hat like @lindsaykooser_ did for her son. The minimalistic approach can be just as adorable.