These 20 Children's Books About Spring Will Help You Celebrate The Happy Season

Spring has officially sprung! This is the perfect time of year to get out and enjoy the fresh air, spring blooms, and sunshine. Watching all of the great outdoors come to life during this season of new beginnings is extra exciting through the eyes of a child, and reading children's books about spring can help create a connection to the new season.

Consider taking reading time outdoors to soak up some sun and connect with nature. Kids have been stuck inside all winter and will love stretching their legs and running around on sunny spring days. Aside from reading, catching ladybugs cruising across a freshly-planted garden plant, jumping in muddy puddles, and collecting wildflowers are just a few of my own children's favorite pastimes when the calendar finally flips to the spring months.

But there will definitely be days when April showers are helping prepare for the abundance of May flowers. When that happens, kids can curl up indoors with these great books about spring and enjoy learning about all of the newness and life being created right outside. From rainy days to gardening, and rainbows to hatchlings, this list features a variety of springtime topics that are perfect for kids to explore.


'Lola Plants A Garden' by Anna McQuinn

This adorable children's book follows main character Lola as she plans and plants a spring garden with her mom. Lola Plants A Garden is a treat for any child who wants to learn about gardening.


'And Then It's Spring' by Julie Fogliano

And Then It's Spring tells the wonderful story of a boy and his dog as they learn patience and friendship while waiting for the end of winter so that they can plant a spring garden.


'I See Spring' by Charles Ghigna

This bright and colorful story book features a rhyming pattern and is easy-to-read, even for beginning readers wanting to learn about springtime. I See Spring celebrates the emergence of flowers, plants, robins, and butterflies during spring.


'Feel The Wind' by Arthur Dorros

Feel the Wind allows kids to discover the science behind what happens when the wind blows and why it happens. It's perfect for reading on windy spring days and a great tool to use for a science lesson at home.


'Fletcher and The Springtime Blossoms' by Julia Rawlinson

Fletcher the fox loves the springtime, but is not prepared for an unexpected spring snowfall in the midst of enjoying butterflies and flowers blooming. Read Fletcher and The Springtime Blossoms to see what other surprises spring has in store for the curious fox.


'The First Egg' by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Award-winning children's book The First Egg features beautiful die-cut illustrations and easy-to-follow examples of growth in nature such as an egg hatching, a tadpole growing into a frog, and a seed growing into a flower.


'Spring is Here' by Will Hillenbrand

After sleeping all winter, a mole attempts to wake his bear friend up from his long winter snooze in Spring is Here. Kids can enjoy learning about hibernation and the power of friendship in this charming book.


'It's Spring!' by Linda Glaser

This beautiful picture book features bold colors and illustrations of spring that come to life with the turn of each page. In It's Spring! kids can discover the exciting beauty of the birds, plants, and animals that springtime brings.


'Worm Weather' by Jean Taft

Worm Weather is a poetic rhyming book featuring children exploring rainy weather, jumping in puddles, and seeing earthworms crawl out of the mud. This is the perfect choice to explain rainy spring days to young children.


'When Spring Comes' by Kevin Henkes


When Spring Comes explores all of the beautiful and wonderful things that happen when the snow melts away and flowers start to bloom. This bright and fun children's book is available in both a paper version and a board book for younger readers.


'Planting A Rainbow' by Lois Ehlert

With step-by-step explanations of how to plant seeds and bulbs, Planting A Rainbow is both educational and enjoyable for children. Brightly-colored illustrations and an enchanting story about a mother and child planting flowers will keep kids hooked page after page.


'On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects' by Tish Rabe

What better time for kids to learn about insects than springtime? On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects is part of The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library collection and features everyone's favorite Dr. Seuss character, The Cat in the Hat, teaching children about all types of creepy crawly insects and why they're important.


'What Will Hatch?' by Jennifer Ward

What Will Hatch? introduces children to a variety of animals that hatch from eggs. Because spring is the time of year when many baby animals are born, this adorable book pairs perfectly with this time of year.


'A New Beginning: Celebrating The Spring Equinox' by Wendy Pfeffer

While I didn't learn what the spring equinox is until I was an adult, I will for sure be introducing the concept to my children with A New Beginning: Celebrating The Spring Equinox, which explains the longer days and sunshine that the spring equinox brings.


'Spring in the Forest' by Rusty Finch

This interactive lift-a-flap book is great for younger children. Spring in the Forest follows the journey of a fawn wandering through the forest encountering new friends, a pond, raindrops, and even a rainbow.


'Welcome Back Spring!' by Flitzy Books

Celebrate the return of the spring season by reading Welcome Back Spring! with your children. This delightful rhyming book offers text that is simple enough for emerging readers to read on their own, as well as brightly-colored pictures of springtime flowers and animals to keep readers engaged.


'Let It Rain' by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Kids can learn why rain is good for plants and animals in Let It Rain. The rhyming text is great for young kids and offers perfectly succinct snippets to explain the illustrations of new flowers blooming and gardens growing as the seasons change.


'Everything Spring' by Jill Esbaum

Part of the National Geographic Kids series, Everything Spring explores all of the wonders of springtime with real photographs of nature. Learning really comes alive through the beautiful photographs and simple explanations of the emergence of new life during the spring season.


'We Are The Gardeners' by Joanna Gaines

If you love HGTV superstar Joanna Gaines, this is the perfect book for you and your kiddos to read together this spring. Written with the help of her own children, We Are The Gardeners takes readers on their journey of planting a spring garden together.


'A Little Book About Spring' by Leo Lionni

This board book, A Little Book About Spring, takes the youngest readers on a journey about all of the things that happen in the springtime. The classic collage-style artwork of award-winning author and illustrator Leo Lionni makes this book about spring an instant classic.