If You're Wondering When Winter Will End, Just Relax — Spring Equinox Is On Its Way

Are you over what seems like a never-ending winter? After being stuck inside with my kids day after day due to uncharacteristically cold winter temperatures that reached all the way down here to South Texas, I know I'm ready for spring. But, when is spring equinox 2019? The answer to the question of warmer temperatures arriving may differ based on where you live, but the official point in time when winter turns to spring will happen on Wednesday, March 20.

Also referred to as the March equinox (because it happens in March, obviously) or vernal equinox, the spring equinox occurs all over the world at the same moment, according to Calendarpedia. Because of how time zones work, this will mean that each location will experience the spring equinox at a different time, but it will all be happening at once. I know that is a bit confusing, but some nice people over at put together a handy calendar to help pinpoint the exact moment in time that the spring equinox 2019 will happen for you based on your location.

Astrologically speaking, the beginning of spring marks the emergence of love and growth, according to Daily Horoscope. "Equinox literally means 'equal night.' At the spring equinox day and night are the same length with light ascending," wrote Simone Butler in an article for Daily Horoscope.

So, does ascending light mean more sunshine? Probably. With spring equinox looming, I know the possibility of finally enjoying some much-anticipated spring weather is close, which for me is cause to celebrate.

For parents, springtime is notoriously synonymous with a welcomed break from having to entertain wiggly toddlers and appease bored preschoolers with hour after hour of indoor play. I always look forward to spring as the time when I will no longer be bound to the confines of my home because of cold weather. I can finally stop depending on our limited craft supplies for entertainment, the amount of which have mysteriously dwindled during the dreary months of January and February.

When the calendar turns to March, I look forward to spring, well... springing. The sun starts to shine, temperatures rise, and it's finally time to head outside to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities with the whole family. While I thought that's what the spring equinox was about as well, it turns out that I am just slightly mistaken.

According to History, the spring equinox is definitely about the sun — but it is less about how much it warms up our air temperatures and more about where the sun is located in relation to the equator. The website reported that during the spring equinox, the sun passes directly over the center of Earth's equator because at that moment in time, Earth's axis is not tilted in any direction toward or away from the sun.

So, should you be pulling out your shorts and flip-flops in preparation for March 20 here in the United States? Maybe. According to the 2019 Farmer's Almanac, it really all depends on where you're located. Farmer's Almanac reported that cooler spring temperatures are expected in regions including the Pacific Southwest, Appalachians, Northeast, and Upper Midwest. The rest of the country will likely experience a big warm up in temperatures through April and May, so moms in areas like the Pacific Northwest where it's usually still cool in late spring can look forward to plenty of outdoor play in the near future.