top view of man blue jeans and squared shirt thrown on the wooden floor

These 20 Memes About Guys Taking Their Pants Off Are So Spot-On It's Creepy

You walk in from a long day of work and raising children, and what do you find? Your partner's pants strewn about the entryway and him sitting sans trousers in the living room. (Couch covers exist for a reason, people.) The naked life just calls to him, and these memes about men taking off their pants at home prove it's a universal experience.

Men removing their pants as soon as they're home is truly a phenomenon. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into my house to find my cousins roaming about in their boxers, totally unaware some might find it odd they aren't fully clothed. But I can't really blame them; it is incredibly comfortable to go bottomless. The pants-free life allows you to relax without itchy jeans or belts digging into your skin; you won't get too hot if you decide to cozy up with a blanket; and it makes running to the bathroom between episodes of Stranger Things way more efficient.

But that doesn't make it any less funny to find your partner not wearing any bottoms when you get home. Read on to see some memes that point out just how funny his commitment to not wearing pants is, and good luck trying not to giggle next time he derobes.


When They Get Home

It's good to know there are some things you can count on in life. The sun coming up, flowers blooming in the spring, and your partner ripping his pants off as soon as he walks into the house.


How They Feel Most Of The Time

There's nothing like the high of getting that "can we reschedule" text and realizing you won't have to clothe yourself.


The Sweet Release

After he has a long day of doing nothing, rewarding himself with a pantless veg out is just the ticket.


You're Just Minding Your Own Business And Then

He could at least announce he's taking them off before he does it.


This Is Pretty Much His Constant Mood

He may look cheerful in that middle of the day Facetime check-in, but you know he's really just thinking about the second he gets to go pants-free again.


When He Notices Your Pants Are Still On

Listen, leggings are just as comfortable and they keep you warm. It's his loss.


When You Ask Him To Run An Errand After The Pants Have Come Off

Discovering he can get almost everything he needs delivered to the house was the best thing that ever happened to him.


When He Has A "Sick" Day

Every rose has its thorn, every cloud has its silver lining, and every sick day has no pants.


His Bedtime Routine

In his defense, we can all agree that sleeping with no pants on is the best way to sleep.


When You Ask Him If He Knows Where His Pants Are

That settles that.


When You Buy Him Some Sweatpants

If it's good enough for Pooh, it's good enough for him.


Finding Him Cleaning Naked Like

At least he's cleaning at all.


Movie Night Vibes

It is a scientific fact that Netflix marathons are better sans pants. I don't make the rules.


When You Go Out Of Town For The Weekend

He'll be glad when you're back, but he'll miss that naked weekend of wonder.


Pizza Night, Again?

More pizza, less problems.


When You Ask Him If He Wants To Go To A Party

Well, I guess you'll never see your friends again. You win some you lose some.


His Best Argument

Points were made.


Those Big Weekend Plans

The sloth has spoken.


Seriously, Don't Make Sunday Plans

It is his last day of weekend freedom. Let him have it!


And Finally, When Monday Morning Rolls Around

Maybe he'll be able to work from home next week. Whatever it takes to have one more no pants party.