20 Photos Of Royal Kids In School Uniforms That Deserve An A+

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While kids may not love getting dressed up in stuffy uniforms for school, there's no denying that the photos that come from these outfits are downright adorable. British royals attend private schools rather than state-funded schools, so that means they've worn plenty of uniforms over the years. From Prince William and to his own children, these 20 photos of royal kids in school uniforms will have you wanting to pinch their little cheeks.

For generations, members of the British royal family were educated at home by a governess for their early learning years. But that all changed when Prince William and Prince Harry became the first generation of royals to attend a nursery school. In 1985, Prince William began attending Mrs. Mynor’s — a nursery school right around the corner from Kensington Place — at the age of 3, and Prince Harry joined him there two years later.

Years later, Prince William's own children would also attend schools, with Prince George starting at Westacre Montessori School when he was 2 years old before going on to primary school at Thomas's Battersea. When Princess Charlotte was the same age, she began attending Willcocks Nursery School. Princess Charlotte has since began attending Thomas's Battersea with her big brother Prince George and it has made for plenty of cute photos of the pair in their uniforms.

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