Prince George and Princess Charlotte are the cutest royal duo yet.
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20 Adorable Times Prince George & Princess Charlotte Were The Ultimate Royal Duo

I am old enough to remember when Prince William and Prince Harry were pretty much the cutest thing about the royal family. Maybe it was their British accents that, let's face it, make them sound a bit more refined than kids on this side of the pond, but man were they charming. Not as charming as this next generation, though. Truly, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are the cutest royal duo, no offense to Prince William and Prince Harry but it's their own fault for growing up.

Prince George, who's now 6, and Princess Charlotte, 4 years old, are of course the oldest children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Now let me be clear here, I'm not saying their 1-year-old brother Prince Louis isn't adorable. And truth be told, I have high hopes for some sweet cousin moments in the future between Prince Louis and 6-month-old Archie, son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But there is just something about Prince George and Princess Charlotte as a brother-sister team that is so magnetic. Maybe it's their outfits which tend to be a bit on the old-fashioned side or maybe it's their emerging personalities which seem so different from each other.

Whatever it is, the world cannot get enough of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And here are 20 times they proved just that.

Adorable Origin Story

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When Princess Charlotte was christened back in July 2015 at St. Mary Magdalene's Church at Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham Estate, Prince George looked pretty excited. In his little red short set, he was seen peeking into her pram and I like to think he knew he was getting a future partner-in-crime.

Little Christmas Cherubs

Please enjoy this first family of four photo where Prince George is wearing knee socks and Princess Charlotte looks like a cherub. It's the best.

Party Time

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Prince George and Princess Charlotte were party animals at Government House in British Columbia, Canada in 2016. The balloons alone were enough to overwhelm them, especially little Charlotte.

Double-Breasted Charm

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate the dressy coats Prince George and Princess Charlotte wore at the 2016 royal family Christmas at Sandringham Estate? They look like tiny adults.

Helicopter Love

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Prince George could not get enough of his helicopter tour during a family visit to Germany in 2017, and this is the sort of moment that makes him such a great duo with his little sister. He is the picture of charm and delight here, right?

Not Having It

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Princess Charlotte, however, was not having any of it and enjoyed a little meltdown on the tarmac. I love this moment more than anything, because we are starting to see their personalities emerge.

Color-Coordinated Wonder

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The tiny dynamic duo are clearly in awe of the planes flying overhead for the annual Trooping The Colours in 2017, but more importantly they are color-coordinated. Sundresses and suspenders, amazing.

Bridesmaid & Page Boy For Hire

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Prince George and Princess Charlotte stole the show at aunt Pippa Middleton's 2017 wedding to James Matthews; little did they know this would become an ongoing gig.

Flowers For A Princess

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Princess Charlotte showed signs of loving that sweet, sweet limelight in 2017 in Germany, apparently dropping into a great curtsy and accepting flowers from fans. Prince George was still undecided, from the looks of things.

A New Baby Brother

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Prince Louis' arrival in April 2018 was simply another opportunity for Princess Charlotte to wave to her fans, while Prince George looked tired in his school uniform. I'm worried he's already over it.

A New Theme Emerges

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At the 2018 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Prince George hid behind his father while Princess Charlotte enthusiastically waved to fans. They are each other's perfect foils, obviously.

Savannah The Wild Card


At Princess Eugenie's 2018 wedding, Prince George and Princess Charlotte looked like they got a little more spirited than usual. Why? Their cousin, Savannah Phillips, was there to add her own unique element to the group. Because she is Queen Elizabeth's oldest great-grandchild and therefore a natural leader who can bring out the silliness in her cousins.

Fun On The Balcony

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Even Kate Middleton looked a little relieved to see her kids getting silly at the 2018 Trooping The Colours with Savannah Phillips.

Cambridge, Party Of Five

Prince George and Princess Charlotte look incredibly happy and relaxed in their casual clothes at the family's country home of Anmer Hall with their parents.

Letting Loose With The Family

When Prince Charles celebrated his 70th birthday in 2018, he shared a sweet family photo of the entire clan laughing. Especially Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who looked in their element surrounded by people who love them.

Football Fans Unite

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So here's a change in pace for Prince George and Princess Charlotte; when the two joined their parents to cheer on football team Aston Villa recently, Prince George could barely contain his excitement. Princess Charlotte looked like she might be just there for the snacks.

All About The Snacks

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They might be royal but when it comes to finding the best snacks they are both willing to climb through the trunk of the car to get the job done. Let's assume it was their mom's car they were ransacking during Prince William's polo match this summer, shall we?

Fun At The Regatta

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Maybe it's just my interpretation, but I think Prince George is getting more lighthearted all the time. I think his little sister might have something to do with it; she always looks to be having a great time, like at the King's Cup Regatta this August, and I think her brother is catching on.

School Days

Look at these two on their first official day of school today. Matching uniforms for Thomas's Battersea in London, matching grins and their arms around each other. I can't even.

Getting "Back To Nature"

This picture of Prince George and Princess Charlotte dangling their bare feet off a bridge at Kate Middleton's "Back To Nature" display for the Chelsea Garden Show says it all. That these two are pals. That they understand each other in a way I suspect few people can understand them.

That they will emerge as a dynamic duo.