20 Times Twitter Got Way Too Real About Pregnancy

While pregnancy is beautiful and miraculous and downright amazing, it can also be every single unholy shade of awful. And even though many women experience the not-so-fun sides of pregnancy, many are made to feel less than or defective if they voice their disdain for those things. It's like we're told that we're bad women — or worse still, bad mothers — if we don't love being pregnant. In fact, many women hate pregnancy, but are bombarded with the idea that their negative feelings towards gestation somehow manifest into an eventual disdain for their future child and/or motherhood in general. And even those of us who love being pregnant still have days when it's hard and kinda sucks, so...we need to ease up.

Here's the thing: You can dislike pregnancy and all of the nasty side effects that go along with it, and still love being a mother. So really, it's time for us to stop holding up pregnancy as the end all, be all of womanhood while simultaneously depicting pregnancy as a beautiful stroll through a majestic meadow as a crown of flowers are lovingly placed on the head of a glowing woman, abundant with child. Because, well, that's just not what pregnancy looks like.

Pregnancy can look miserable. It can look like an all-day hangover, except you probably haven't had a drop of alcohol in months. It can look like constipation and insomnia and hormonal rages of epic proportions. It can look like odd food cravings and uncomfortable tests and aching joints and engorged breasts. In fact, pregnancy can look like these 20 tweets, because Twitter can get a little too real about pregnancy and remind us all that while it's beautiful and miraculous and downright amazing, it's also kind of the worst.

You're Too Uncomfortable To Sleep

Whether you're suffering from pregnancy related insomnia or you're incapable of finding a position comfortable enough to warrant the sweet release of unconsciousness, it can be hard to sleep for a substantial period of time (or at all) when you're pregnant.

The Relentless Hormones

When you're pregnant, your body produces more estrogen and progesterone. The increase in hormones comes with a "fun" set of possible side effects; anything from nausea to anxiety (and a plethora of other intense emotions), an increase in uterine size and an increase in body hair. Thanks, science.

You're Constantly Peeing

As the fetus continues to grow, a woman's internal organs are pushed on, squished, and shifted around to make room. Couple that with an increased blood flow, which makes a pregnant woman's kidney's produce 25% more urine, and you'll find yourself having to pee far too often for your liking.

The All-Day Sickness

The increased level of pregnancy hormones account for a constant state of nausea and vomiting for the majority of pregnant woman. In fact, 90% of pregnant women will experience some sort of nausea, and 33% will find themselves vomiting during the course of their pregnancy.

When You Can't Stop Nesting

While not all pregnant women experience the natural instinct often referred to as "nesting," many do experience the urge to clean and organize their surroundings before their baby arrives. Sounds wonderful and even maternally magical, but it can be a downright pain, as it's less of a choice and more of an annoying itch that you absolutely have to scratch.

Relentless Pregnancy Cravings

No one really knows why pregnancy cravings occur, but they are very real and very serious and should be tended to with great care. Some scientists suggest that pregnancy cravings are the body's way of getting nutrients it may be lacking so, yes, that pickle and ice cream combination is absolutely necessary.

Pregnancy Brain Is So Real

Some people believe pregnancy brain to be a myth, but I'm convinced "some people" are individuals who have never experienced pregnancy and, therefore, have no idea what its like to try and put deodorant on your toothbrush, instead of toothpaste. The truth is, science knows very little about the effects pregnancy has on a woman's brain, but that doesn't mean pregnancy brain isn't very real.

The Self-Improvement You Experience

This tweet is just gorgeous, and proof-positive that not every change a woman experiences during pregnancy, is physical. There are many psychological and emotional changes a woman experiences during her 40+ weeks of baby incubating, some positive and some potentially debilitating. Some women experience depression, anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness. Others feel in-tune with their body and hopeful about the future. Just like every woman, every pregnancy is different, and the changes a woman experiences are still wonderfully unique.