20 Weird But Genius Baby & Toddler Products Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

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Where would parents be without utterly weird, but genius baby and toddler products that solve a host of problems we never dreamed we'd encounter?

Think about it — you probably haven't considered how you'd teach your little boy to go potty in a urinal, right? No worries — there's a product for that. Suspicious of that underarm thermometer, but have zero clue how to get a 1 year old to keep an oral thermometer in their mouth for longer than 10 seconds? There's a pacifier thermometer out there with your name on it. Random and genius products like these help to get you safely from the newborn stages to preschool without too many tantrums (sorry, I can't promise it will always be smooth sailing).

From baby products invented by genius moms to weird products that always seem to be trending on Amazon, a number of baby and toddler products are quickly becoming modern essentials because they work well and solve any minor or major parenting dilemma.

And what do many busy parents do when they've found the product of their dreams? They add them to an Amazon Wish List so that kind and generous relatives and friends needn't even ask what they need — the answer is a lot — and the weirder and more genius the product, the better. If you're in need of a little product inspiration, here it is: these 20 weird, but genius, baby and toddler products have proven so helpful that they're at the top of Amazon Wish Lists.

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