20 Weird But Genius Baby & Toddler Products Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

by Lisa Fogarty

Where would parents be without utterly weird, but genius baby and toddler products that solve a host of problems we never dreamed we'd encounter?

Think about it — you probably haven't considered how you'd teach your little boy to go potty in a urinal, right? No worries — there's a product for that. Suspicious of that underarm thermometer, but have zero clue how to get a 1 year old to keep an oral thermometer in their mouth for longer than 10 seconds? There's a pacifier thermometer out there with your name on it. Random and genius products like these help to get you safely from the newborn stages to preschool without too many tantrums (sorry, I can't promise it will always be smooth sailing).

From baby products invented by genius moms to weird products that always seem to be trending on Amazon, a number of baby and toddler products are quickly becoming modern essentials because they work well and solve any minor or major parenting dilemma.

And what do many busy parents do when they've found the product of their dreams? They add them to an Amazon Wish List so that kind and generous relatives and friends needn't even ask what they need — the answer is a lot — and the weirder and more genius the product, the better. If you're in need of a little product inspiration, here it is: these 20 weird, but genius, baby and toddler products have proven so helpful that they're at the top of Amazon Wish Lists.

1. A Whale Of A Training Urinal

Joy Baby Generation II Urinal Potty Training, $20, Amazon

If you have a little boy, you might have wondered how to teach him to use a public urinal after he has learned to sit and go on your bathroom toilet. Problem solved: This adorable whale urinal potty trainer is 40 percent larger than the original and comes with a spinning water wheel to keep your toddler focused. It's portable, lightweight, and easy to clean.


2. A Spout-Free Sippy Cup

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup (Pack of 2), $10, Amazon

The Miracle 360 sippy cup is a dentist-recommended spoutless cup that delivers the water or juice no matter which side your little one tilts back — without spilling. Once your child stops drinking, the cup automatically seals and it's easy to clean and can be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher.


3. A Pacifier Thermometer For Oral Readings

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer, $6, Amazon

Oral thermometers often provide a more accurate reading than other methods, but try telling that to a fussy, sick toddler who has no interest in keeping one under her tongue. This infant pacifier thermometer is perfect because your little one can easily use it to self-soothe, it beeps in seconds after registering a temperature, and glows if your child a has fever.


4. A Bath Toy Organizer That Is Resistant To Mold

Tub Cubby Bathtub Organizer, $11, Amazon

At first, it may seem odd to hang a huge mesh bathtub organizer bag in your shower. But if it means never again slipping on a bath toy and being able to organize all of your child's water toys and cleansers in a massive, three-pocket bag that is resistant to mold, it begins to feel a whole lot less weird and a whole lot smarter.


5. A Tear-Free Shampoo Experience

Munchkin Rinse Shampoo Rinser, $5, Amazon

Most babies and shower heads simply do not mix — that swift cascade of water on their heads and faces can be frightening. Of course, you'll need a way to rinse your little one's hair of shampoo, and the Munchkin shampoo rinser is a simple, elegant solution. This product actually hugs your child's forehead and makes it super simple to deposit just enough water to get rid of soap — without causing your toddler to melt down.


6. A Baby Formula Dispenser That Makes The Perfect Bottle Every Time

Gerber BabyNes Baby Formula Dispenser, $200, Amazon

Similar to how K-cups brew the perfect cup of coffee, this Gerber baby formula dispenser works exclusively with the BabyNes brand formula to make one bottle for your baby. And it takes the guesswork out of how much water you'll need for a specific amount of formula.


7. A Bath Designed To Resemble The Womb

The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath, $49, Amazon

The womb is a comforting and safe place for babies, so it makes sense that this was the setting in mind when they designed the Tummy Tub baby bath. With an anti-skid base and a snug, secure tub, the bath has been endorsed by physicians, midwives, and nursery professionals for its ability to calm and soothe babies with indigestion, gas, and colic. It can be used for children up to 35 pounds.

8. An Interactive Pillow That Keeps Wiggly Babies Focused

Snuggwugg Infant Toddler Pillow, $35, Amazon

If you've got a wiggly baby who considers diaper changing time a Houdini-like challenge to break free of your grip, the Snuggwugg pillow is a lifesaver. The pillow can be worn around baby or toddler's waist and features loops for teethers and toys, crinkly pockets that are fun to manipulate, and a flex pocket that can fit a smartphone. The pillow can also be used in grocery carts or for tummy time.


9. A Buzzy Bee That Alleviates Pain From Injuries And Shots

Buzzy Mini Personal Pain Relief, $40, Amazon

Take the pain out of vaccine shots or minor injuries with the Buzzy mini personal pain reliever. The hand-held device is made of medical grade plastic that naturally and quickly minimizes sharp pains using a combo of ice, vibration, and distraction.


10. A Stuffed Animal That Holds On To Pacifiers

PullyPatz Pacifier Holder, $20, Amazon

By the time your child turns 3, there's a good chance you'll find at least 200 lost pacifiers under couch cushions and in dresser drawers. The PullyPatz pacifier holder, which was featured on Shark Tank, prevents binkies from visiting the land of the lost by providing a cute stuffed animal that can be attached to a stroller, bouncer, or car seat and that holds most pacifiers.


11. A Blanket/Sleeping Bag/Swaddle If You Don't Have Swaddling Skills

Oenbopo Newborn Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket, $13, Amazon

We can't all be swaddling masters. If you have enough trouble folding a blanket in half, this multifunctional wool baby wrap swaddle blanket is all things: a sleeping bag, blanket, or swaddle that can be used for newborns up to 12 months and sits perfectly in a stroller, car seat, or sling. Always ask your pediatrician before using a blanket or swaddle in a crib.


12. A Snotsucker That Will Clear Up Your Baby's Nose

FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator, $17, Amazon

For such little people, babies can develop some pretty sizable boogers in their noses — and just try removing them with a tissue alone (it's impossible). The FridaBaby nasal aspirator was invented by a doctor as a sterile and hygienic way to quickly and efficiently rid your child's nose of clogs. Secure one end inside of baby's nostril, put the other one in your mouth, and use your own suction to draw the mucus out.


13. A Nipple That Turns Water Bottles Into Baby Bottles

Refresh-A-Baby Baby Bottle Adapter, $7, Amazon

It doesn't get more convenient than this: keep a few Refresh-A-Baby baby bottle adapters in your diaper bag and use them on most water bottles to instantly turn it into a baby bottle. The adapter also fits over most formula bottles.


14. An Adorable Whale That Fits Over Your Bath Spout

Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover, $13, Amazon

Ouch — a sound you'll often hear as your toddler or older baby slides across the slippery tub and accidentally bangs his or her head against the bath spout. Solve that problem with this adorable Moby bath spout cover, which is made from BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free rubber and fits perfectly over the spout. The conveniently placed blowhole gives you easy access to the shower diverter.


15. A Zipper-Free Pram For Quick, Painless Dressing

Magnificent Baby Unisex Hooded Pram, $50, Amazon

It's heartbreaking to dress baby and realize you've snagged his skin or hair in a zipper. The Magnificent line of clothing, which includes this adorable unisex hooded pram, features technology that replaces the zipper with a safer magnetic closure. This machine washable outer garment is made with 100 percent sherpa fleece and has built-in mittens.


16. A Portable Toddler Bed For Daycare Naps

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed, $25, Amazon

Keep your toddler from dropping those all-important naps while at daycare by packing this portable toddler bed which is a fold-and-go bed that can easily be constructed and deconstructed. The bed frame is made with durable stainless steel and beds come with a washable fitted sheet and matching travel case.


17. A Solution For Up-The-Back Poop Blowouts

Blowout Blocker Diaper Extension, $13, Amazon

If you have just one more product to add to your Amazon Wish List, do yourself a favor and make sure this diaper extension is on it. Baby poop is unpredictable — and often ends up extending all the way up the back or stomach and even chest. This diaper extension secures firmly around your baby's diaper and keeps your little one's clothing from getting soiled.


18. A Banana Training Toothbrush And Teether

Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush, $4, Amazon

The now iconic bendable banana training toothbrush is both a teether for babies and a mini toothbrush that will get your little one excited about brushing his teeth. This non-allergenic toothbrush is made from 100 percent silicone and can be placed in the dishwasher and freezer.


19. The Diaper Cream Applicator That Keeps Your Fingernails Clean

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush, $10, Amazon

I'll do whatever it takes to make sure our babies are healthy and happy], but I wouldn't be honest if I didn't complain just a little bit about the yuckiness of getting sticky diaper cream stuck under your fingernails. The BabyBum diaper cream brush is a BPA-free silicone applicator that applies cream for you, can be easily cleaned with a baby wipe, and features a suction cup base that attaches to your changing area.


20. A Fast-Acting Gas And Colic Reliever

The Windi Gas and Colic Reliever for Babies, $15, Amazon

It's difficult watching babies struggle with gas and colic and feeling helpless and not able to do anything to relieve their suffering. The Windi gas and colic reliever is a 10-piece set of BPA-free and latex-free applicators that you glide in and out of your baby's bottom to help naturally relieve gas. Parents say the product is deceptively simple — and fast and effective.

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