20 Weird But Genius Things On Amazon Moms Swear By To Make Pregnancy More Comfortable

One day you may miss being pregnant, morning sickness and all. But, for now, you just need relief — and you need it fast. These weird but genius things on Amazon moms swear by to make pregnancy more comfortable are truly life-saving gifts you probably never predicted you'd need until now.

Some pregnancies go off without a hitch, and that’s lucky for you if you aren't experiencing many side effects of pregnancy. But for many, hemorrhoids, vomiting, back pain, stress, and sleepless nights are a fact of life when you're pregnant. If there's a tool, gadget, oil, or Dead Sea bath salt that can make it all better — or at least provide temporary relief — well, get that product ASAP, because as far as I know there's no reward doled out for suffering in silence during pregnancy.

Even Kate Middleton — who suffers from Hyperemesis Gravidarum — knows pregnancy is no walk in the park. If being a princess can't save you from nausea and one of a million other strange things that happen while you wait to give birth and have your life changed in the most spectacular way imaginable, why not take advantage of products that can help? These 21 weird, genius things will bring you comfort, pleasure, and even a few laughs from your first trimester to the day you give birth.


An Inflatable Pillow With An Adjustable Ring Cut Out For Your Bump

When you're in the late stages of pregnancy, getting any kind of quality sleep at all is a challenge, and sleeping on your stomach is downright impossible. For devoted stomach sleepers who can't change their ways, this inflatable pregnancy pillow is genius: it features an adjustable raised ring strategically cut out in the middle that fits your growing baby bump. It's got a wide headrest that can be used with or without a pillow, it's easy to inflate with an air pump, and it's also got a raised central bump to help out with back pain. This pillow is an OB-GYN and chiropractor-approved pregnancy pillow that was described by one reviewer as "ahhh for back relief."


A Monitor That Lets You Fall Asleep To The Sound Of Your Baby's Heartbeat

There's no greater comfort to an expecting mother than the sound of her baby's heartbeat, but we often have to wait a month or more for a doctor's appointment that lets us hear that sweet sound. This heartbeat baby monitor includes two sets of earbuds so that you and your partner can listen in and hear your baby's heartbeat, hiccuping, and kicks. And the best part? You can record these precious sounds and save them as keepsakes. Of course, never use this monitor as a substitute for regular prenatal care by a licensed doctor. A lubricating gel to reduce static is recommended, but not included.

One mom reviewing this product writes: "We got the monitor when we were 12 weeks pregnant. We were able to find the heart beat without a problem. Amazing experience. Puts your mind at ease between Dr. appointments because you can listen to your baby whenever you want."


An Acne Treatment That's Safe For Pregnant Women And Targets Hormonal Breakouts

Given the many hormonal changes that occur in your body during pregnancy, acne is a reality for many pregnant women, but far too many chemical-laden acne treatments are off limits. This toxin-free treatment, recommended by dermatologists and OB-GYN experts, is unlike any other: it uses natural ingredients like colloidal sulfur, tea tree oil, and chamomile to dry out pimples and sap excess sebum from your pores without turning your sensitive skin into the Sahara. It's also good for nursing moms, and is free of allergens.


A Belly Band To Lessen Hip And Pelvic Pressure And Pain

Aches and pains pop up in unusual places when you're pregnant, especially in areas of your hips, pelvis, and back that you never paid attention to before. This maternity belt can be worn under or over clothes to help ease the pressure and pain in these areas, correct your posture, and support weakened abdominal muscles. It's made from breathable, soft material and even holds up during physical activity, according to reviewers. It's also adjustable, so it will grow with you during your pregnancy.


A Chemical-Free Lube That Puts The Hot Back Into Pregnancy Sex

The name says it all: Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lubricant is the safe lube you use when your pregnancy hormones are saying "yes!" but your health concerns are keeping you from using most lubricants. There are times during pregnancy when you can feel unusually dry, but as I mentioned, your hormones haven't gotten the message. A cruelty-free and 100 percent vegan lube with no petrochemicals, parabens, or synthetic fragrances, you can feel good about using this on latex condoms, sex toys, and all throughout pregnancy.


The Delicious Lollipops That Help Ease Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is no joke — contrary to the name, it can last all day and night and makes you feel so queasy that keeping food down and even working become a challenge. These morning sickness lollipops are a natural, drug-free solution (and treat) made with nausea-relieving plant botanicals and essential oils. They come in sour raspberry, green apple, sour lemon, and sour tangerine flavors. Pack them in a bag and enjoy one anytime that sick feeling sneaks up on you.

"Got these in today and they taste amazing. Also noticed relief after about 10 minutes," one nauseous reviewer writes.


The Acupressure Wristbands That Can Help Relieve Morning Sickness

These acupressure wristbands are a drug-free morning sickness alternative that are said to help relieve nausea by applying pressure to the P6 point between the two central tendons near the wrist. It works similarly to a band you might wear when you get seasick, and most reviewers say it doesn't eliminate morning sickness, but does lessen the effects. And when you're experiencing the torture that is morning sickness, it never hurts to try a natural solution that has no side effects.


A Seamless Maternity Band That Extends The Life Of Your Pre-Pregnancy Jeans

One day you're wearing your regular jeans and wondering when your belly is going to pop and the next, you can no longer button those jeans but aren't ready to spend a small fortune on a whole new maternity wardrobe. The Bellaband is a seamless maternity band that is worn over your pre-pregnancy pants to extend the life of them just a while longer. You can wear it folded over or full panel and it even comes in handy after you've given birth for comfy belly coverage. A stay-put silicone strip helps it keep your pants in place, they're machine washable, and there's even an option made for those pregnant with multiples.


A Hilarious Activity Book To Keep Your Pregnant Spirits Up

Pregnancy doesn't have to be so serious all of the time. If you appreciate humor and can find the funny in being pregnant, this pregnancy activity book provides the perfect way to pass the time. You'll find quizzes, funny anecdotes, mazes, and journaling pages that will keep your spirits up and remind you that you aren't alone in this scary, amazing journey. Reviewers say it's great as a gag gift, but also fantastic if you're pregnant and on bed rest.


A Water Bottle That Tracks How Much Water You Drink

From the second you announce your pregnancy, you begin to hear from everyone how important it is that you drink enough water and stay hydrated. They're right, of course, but it can be a drag trying to chug water all day long. This water bottle with intake markers provides an easy system for tracking how much water you drink each day, which can reduce pregnancy symptoms like nausea and constipation. The BPA-free bottle helps you get the 90-ounces of water per day you need and even comes with cute, waterproof motivational stickers to help keep you on track.


A Mother-To-Be Yogi Tea With Soothing Ingredients

When you get tired of all of that water you're required to drink or are on the hunt for a soothing herbal tea that is caffeine-free, Yogi Mother To Be Tea provides a calming cup that may even alleviate morning sickness. Its natural ingredients include raspberry leaf and spearmint, and reviewers say it relaxes them, promotes sleep, and taste better (and not as strong) as medicinal pregnancy teas.

One mom writes: "I drank 2 cups of this a day during my pregnancy. It kept me hydrated and gave me a welcome break from plain old water! It has a delicious delicate taste and provides a very calming feeling. I highly recommend it."


'Healthier' Underwear That's Free Of Chemicals And Fit Your Bump

Your bump is probably going to get in the way of your pre-maternity underwear, and when it does, these highly-rated maternity panties are there to cover you. The low-waist, crossover design is respectful of your bump and lets it freely exist, while a combination of cotton, spandex, and cotton gusset provide stretch and comfort. This eco-friendly underwear is also designed without AZO or phthalates and they're machine washable.

"This is a pregnant lady savior," one reviewer writes. "No more waistband rolling down. The breathe great and have a wide enough crotch to hold a pantyliner or pad if needed. I was a bit worried that these would be flimsy fabric with no stretch and weak elastic but they're exactly what I was looking for."


The Pregnancy Birthing Ball That Helps Alleviate Back Pain

You may be super familiar with an exercise ball and the many ways it can strengthen your ab muscles when you're not pregnant, but did you know it's an absolute life saver that alleviates pregnancy back pains and can provide comfort during labor? Made from professional grade PVC material, this ball (which comes in three sizes) can be used as a tool to help strengthen your core, help with balance, and even encourage your baby to take on a position that's conducive to natural childbirth. Many balance on the ball to reduce pain during labor and it can be used after you give birth to strengthen your ab muscles.


A Wraparound Pregnancy Pillow You'll Take Everywhere

Pregnancy is a time when you begin to rethink the purpose and shape of a common pillow — because you won't want to do anything ever again without this U-shaped body maternity pillow. This soft cotton pillow will make side sleeping easier, will help reduce pain and discomfort you may feel in your back, hips, and knees, and is a great way to prop yourself up when reading a book or watching bad TV. Don't toss it when you're about to give birth — it's also handy when nursing or bottle feeding your baby.


Baby Face Maternity Panties You'll Actually Want To Show Off

These maternity panties are as much a fashion statement as they are comfy underwear. These cotton and spandex panties feature a comfortable, very high waist and a very cute baby face print that makes them fun to wear with jeans and a crop top. They boast an adjustable drawstring so you can wear them throughout your pregnancy and you'll get three pairs with each order. Pregnancy dressing isn't always fun, but these weird, amazing panties make it a pleasure.


A Sitz Bath For Hemorrhoid Relief

Not all pregnancies come with a side of hemorrhoids, but, given the added strain our bodies deal with when we're growing a human inside of us, these painful, itchy swollen and inflamed veins aren't uncommon. This sitz bathtub kit comes with a non-toxic tub that fits over your toilet bowl. When filled with warm water and antibacterial agents like baking soda (check with your doctor first), it can go a long way toward relieving the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Word to the wise: Save it for after childbirth, as well.


Some Dead Sea Bath Salts To Help With Sleep And Morning Sickness

A daily bath during pregnancy is an excellent self-care ritual that can relax your body and mind, and adding this pregnancy bath salt with flakes derived from the Dead Sea can make it all the more healing. These flakes contain magnesium to address any deficiencies that may contribute to nausea and morning sickness and moms swear they helped take their pregnancies to a whole new level of comfort.

"Helped me with my severe pregnancy nausea/vomiting," writes one mom reviewer. "I soaked my feet with these bath salts nightly and I slept better. There were nights when I was so exhausted that I fell asleep without soaking my feet in the bath salts, and on those nights, I woke up in the middle of the night with violent vomiting."


A 'Mommy Coffee' That's Organic And Lower In Acid

It's hard for anyone to give up their morning cup of coffee, and that goes for pregnant coffee lovers, as well. But too much caffeine isn't good during pregnancy and the high acid content in some brands can give you wicked heartburn. This half-caffeinated, low-acid organic coffee just for moms-to-be is a thoughtful solution that lets you enjoy a cup a day without ill side effects. It's water-processed, which means there are no harmful chemicals added in order to decaffeinate the beans, and this product is Fair Trade Certified. If you've talked to your doctor and decided some light caffeine ingestion is for you, then try this out.


A Pregnancy Wedge To Prop Your Bump

Place this soft pregnancy wedge under your bump, behind your back, or between your knees to provide an extra layer of comfort that supports side sleeping and comfortable rest. The wedge is firm and features a removable and washable soft jersey slipcover. Unlike full-body pregnancy pillows, this one is portable and perfect if you travel and want relief on car, train, or plane trips.


Organic Pregnancy Cookies That Are Rich In Vitamins And Minerals

Got a sugar craving? You're not alone — hormone changes have many of us scrambling for a sweet fix, but you can indulge and promote a healthy pregnancy with these pregnancy cookies, which are organic and free of preservatives and dairy. They contain natural ingredients like rolled oats, ground chia seeds, wheat germ, and minerals like folic acid, which is recommended during pregnancy.

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