Etsy's 2019 Color Of The Year Prediction Is A Far Cry From Millennial Pink

by Cat Bowen

It feels as though 2018 just began, but here we are in December, talking about the trends for next year. This year was dominated by ultraviolet hues and shades of soft rose. There was a resurgence in accepting a certain amount of cozy clutter, and chokers were all the rage. For 2019, some of this 2018's preferences are predicted to stick around, but definitely not all. Etsy's prediction for color of the year, for example, is is a sharp turn from "millennial pink" (the reigning champion).

Say goodbye to floral palettes: This year, Etsy is predicting that burnt orange will dominate the design world in clothing, housewares, and accessories, according to a press release. It's a bold call for Etsy to make, but once you see the beautiful ways that the shopping site's artisans are using this warm color, you'll understand why they've chosen it. Looking for some new lingerie? This cute little bralette ($35, Etsy) also works as a yoga crop top or sports bra (or, honestly, a top to wear with cut-offs).

If you're not keen on wearing the striking sunset shade, consider adding it as a home accessory. This terracotta linen throw ($95, Etsy) works as a table cloth, a wall hanging, or even a beach blanket.

Yes, it is a statement-making color, but when you pair it with neutrals or even deep navy blues, the overall effect is nothing less than stunning. It is a color that will instantly warm whatever room it's in, from your bathroom to your kitchen.

The new trends don't end with burnt orange, of course. Etsy is also predicting a year of maximalism (as in, clashing patterns, styles, and colors). Personally, I can imagine a wall of trendy gorgeous floral wallpaper in dark colors with plenty of burnt orange accents (or a white wallpaper covered with colorful splashes, burnt orange among them). Using that as the base of a room, you're free to play. (I would recommend a rich velvet sofa covered with textured pillows and soft blankets.)

Southwest-inspired decor is another predicted "trend," though the Southwest has long been an inspiration for home designers, for so many reasons: The colors of the landscape, the art of the indigenous people, and the overall feeling of warmth that emanates from the architecture. And the wonderful thing about Etsy is that you have the opportunity to support indigenous artisans and their beautiful designs. There is no shortage of working artists on Etsy, as well as shops that specialize in awesome vintage work like Pendleton blankets, which are a staple of modern Southwestern design.

Layering these vintage finds with newer, trendier pieces gives a room a sense of wholeness and completion. For several years, minimalism has been the name of the game, but no more. Personally, I'm grateful for this. While I am not a keeper of knick knacks, I have thousands of books everywhere, as well as a healthy love of a gallery wall. It's nice to be once again on-trend. (But honestly, books never go out of style.)

Another thing I'm personally excited about? Etsy predicts that for 2019, the resurgence of '70s and '90s trends will still be going strong. Thank heavens, because I just bought the velvet sofa and papasan of my dreams this past year, and I can't imagine giving them up. There's just something about a 1970's den that really appeals to me. And Etsy's prediction for 2019's color of the year fits right in with that trend.

I remember my mom had all this really cool burnt orange Corningware that she bought when she was flying it as a free and single nurse in the 1970s. I loved it, and was so sad when she got rid of all of it. I knew when I saw those come out, meatloaf was headed my way. Now meatloaf is made in muffin tins and I have an existential sense of loss. At least Etsy still sells this vintage 1980s "Autumn Harvest Wheat" Pyrex casserole dish ($13, Etsy).

There is one thing that could pull me from my melancholy, and that's a good animal print. Etsy is predicting that the sloth is the new unicorn, and llamas are hotter than ever. As a mom who's read Llama Llama Red Pajamas, more times than I care to admit, I'm going to say they're right. I guess I'll just keep reading it over here in my burnt orange alpaca sweater.

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