These Classic Kids' Shows On Hulu Will Probably Make You Feel Super Old

The time has officially come for all that you loved as a legitimate '90s kid to be considered "classic." I know, I dreaded this day too, where I would feel like I’m on the older end of the millennial age range and everything I grew up with is now dated beyond belief. But if you have kids, you can at least introduce them to all of the great TV shows and movies of yesteryear. And there are plenty of classic kids' shows on Hulu right now to help you do just that. Side note: I hate that I had to use the word "classic" in reference to something from my childhood.

Nothing makes you feel old like having kids who look at you like you have two heads if you mention a show called Pinky and the Brain. There are even some things you might have loved from the early '00s which are now considered way past their prime. It’s a dark time for some of us.

Once you’re done dwelling on the fact that though you might be an *old* millennial, you can take advantage of reliving your youth with all of the kids’ cartoons and TV shows from the '90s and early '00s which are available on Hulu right now. I dare you not to get sucked down the rabbit hole of early Boy Meets World episodes.

And without further delay, these are all of the best classic kids’ TV shows on Hulu right now.


Animaniacs is one of those classic cartoons you can appreciate more now, as an adult. It’s a variety cartoon full of pop culture references and adult humor that likely went over your head as a kid. If you watch it now, try not to be shocked when you realize all of the adult jokes you missed before.

Tiny Toon Adventures

Instead of featuring the classic Bugs Bunny character at its forefront, Tiny Toon Adventures follows a younger generation of cartoon characters as they learn all about comedy at Acme Acres Looniversity. They’re not like regular cartoon characters — they’re cool cartoon characters.


Whether or not you loved the movie and spin-off series inspired by the original, Rugrats is a timeless Nickelodeon treasure. It has talking babies, clueless parents, and a psychiatrist whose name allowed you to say the "s-word" when you were a kid.


There are some episodes of Doug I still remember as an adult and laugh about. Like the one where Doug tries to develop an affinity to livers and onion, thinking it will appease Patty Mayonnaise, or one of the countless episodes that features Quailman, Doug’s superhero counterpart.

Barney & Friends

Barney & Friends premiered in 1992 and ran until 2009. If that doesn't make you feel old, I don't know what will. Because of its educational value and the fact that literally everyone knew the "I Love You" song by the time they hit the first grade, it’s definitely a bona fide classic.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

I love the Netflix reinterpretation of Sabrina on its own, but I will always have a special place in my heart for Melissa Joan Hart and the way she brought the quirky teenage witch to life in the TGIF series.

Pinky And The Brain

The Brain and his dim-witted sidekick, Pinky, originated on Animaniacs, but got their own show in 1995. Each episode focuses on their failed attempts at taking over the world, despite being caged lab rats. Totally believable, right?

Hey Arnold!

There have been rumors and hopeful social media posts for years about a potential Hey Arnold! live action movie. But in case that never happens, Hulu has the original animated series for you to watch on repeat. You might even find yourself understanding Helga a little better as an adult. Maybe.

That’s So Raven

When there is a spin-off of the original series 10 years after it last aired on TV, that’s grounds for considering a TV series a classic. And although you might be fighting tooth and nail to convince yourself you are too young to have watched a show like That’s So Raven which is now considered a classic, you're better off admitting to it.

Sesame Street

These days, Sesame Street is more current than ever with skits revolving around popular adult TV shows to keep parents interested in it. Add to that the educational value and it’s still a legitimately important show for kids.

Boy Meets World

There are few things more ‘90s than kicking back with TGIF and watching Cory and Shawn get into all kinds of mischief on Boy Meets World. The hijinks continue into adulthood, though, and honestly, that’s where things get even more ridiculous and hilarious.

The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

This one aired in the early '00s, so it isn't quite as classic as some other kids' shows on Hulu. It is, however, a classic to those of us who might have grown up absentmindedly singing the theme song in our heads after hearing it on TV after school. I sincerely apologize if it is now stuck in your head.

Invader Zim

Nickelodeon aired Invader Zim for two seasons before it was cancelled in 2006. For some shows, that’s hardly enough time to gain a following, but Invader Zim is still considered a classic to its more hardcore fans today.

Drake & Josh

Before Josh Peck became a Vine and YouTube personality and lost touch with his on-screen step-brother, played by Drake Bell, they were the TV duo you never knew you needed. Although their schemes were often thwarted by their younger sister, they were like the new Cory and Shawn.

Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter’s Laboratory was part of the influx of ‘90s cartoons on Cartoon Network which weren't really for younger kids, but still too immature for older kids. And it still provided several seasons of entertainment before it ended in 2003.

Dragon Ball

Anime was on the rise in the '80s and '90s and American television took advantage of that with Dragon Ball. It was part of a multi-faceted franchise which kids of varying ages found themselves obsessed with. Me, not so much, but I remember tons of kids in school wearing backpacks with the show’s logo slapped on them.

Danny Phantom

Everyone loves the story of a secret superhero who has to lead a double life as a high school kid at the same time. Danny Phantom introduced kids to an accidental superhero they could relate to, but also wanted to be just like. I don't know if I would want to become a ghost-hunting superhero after blowing up a science lab, but it worked for the show.

The Powerpuff Girls

Although the idea of ass-kicking crime-fighting little girls is as timely as you can get, The Powerpuff Girls is still fairly dated. It doesn't mean you can't introduce your kids to these superheroes as soon as possible, though.

Hannah Montana

I feel like a desperate older stage millennial by admitting that Hannah Montana is a classic kids’ show. Technically, though, it has been off the air for years and Miley Cyrus is light years away from the character she played on the beloved series.

The Baby-Sitters Club

The Baby-Sitters Club TV show aired on TV for less than a year, but if you ever loved the books, then chances are, you also loved seeing the sitters in live action on their own show, if only for a little while.

Garfield And Friends

Garfield never spat out any adult humor like the characters of Animaniacs and he wasn't about causing a ruckus like the babies on Rugrats. Instead, the cartoon offers more of the same lazy lasagna-loving cat from the famed comic strip. And as a kid, it was enough to pull me in, even if I did feel bad for Nermal the cat every time Garfield tried to ship her to Abu Dhabi.

Some of these shows being considered classics makes me feel a lot older than I thought I was. But if you have kids or just want to relive a different golden age of television for a little while, you can go back and take a walk down memory lane with literally all of these shows.

I can't promise you won't be a little sad there are no longer new episodes of Hey Arnold!, but nothing takes you back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons like some of these totally classic kids’ shows on Hulu.