21 Gifts For 5 Year Olds That Will Keep Them Entertained Long After Christmas

In case you missed it, 5 year olds have a lot of opinions. Of course, their precociousness is part of what makes them so gosh darn adorable, but it also means you get a lot of feedback when it comes to holidays gifts. Fortunately, there are gifts for 5 year olds that are sure to please even the most fickle among them. And don't worry — you don't have to spend a million bucks to get presents the 5-year-old set will actually want to see under the tree.

What's fantastic about shopping for this age range is that the world is really opening up for them. You don't have to be nearly as mindful of toys with tiny parts. Kids this age are reading and writing (or learning to), so their sponge-like brains enjoy being challenged. Not to mention the fact that 5 year olds are just fun.

My daughter is five, and she's one of my best friends. Sure, I'm partial because I gave birth to her, but she also happens to be an incredibly cool human. So in searching for gifts for her this year, I made it my goal to seek out toys she would truly enjoy and that would elicit a "wow" reaction. If you're shopping for a super-cool little human too, check out these 21 gifts for 5 year olds.


Spin Master Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station

Spin Master Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station, $24, Amazon

If you've ever taken a child to a Build-A-Bear Workshop, you know the sheer joy creating their own special toy from scratch brings. Now, thanks to the Spin Master Build-A-Bear workshop stuffing station, you can bring that happy experience home for the holidays.


UltraGlow Air Power Soccer Disc

UltraGlow Air Power Soccer Disc, $20, MindWare

What do you get when you cross air hockey and soccer? It may be a strange question, but the answer is brilliant — the UltraGlow air power soccer disc ($20) turns any smooth surface into a sports court.


Little Girl's Personalized Garden Fairy Book

Personalized Garden Fairy Book, $35, Uncommon Goods

Every little girl should be the star of her own story, and you can make sure she sees herself as the hero with a personalized garden fairy book. The precious tale will be modeled after your child, complete with thoughtful details like her name, hometown, and much more.



Hatchimals, $54, Amazon

Inside each speckled shell is a magical creature just waiting to be discovered by your little explorer. Arguably one of the hottest toys of the 2016 holiday season, it's gonna be hard to avoid buying one of these Hatchimals if, like me, you have an oh-so-eager 5 year old at home.


Little Patient

The Little Patient, $55, Uncommon Goods

At first I was worried this toy might be too "scary" for my 5 year old, but she happened by as it was on my screen and immediately asked if we could add it to her Christmas list. As for me, I love how the Little Patient encourages kids to ask questions about their body and how it works.


Pie Face!

Pie Face!, $13, Toys 'R' Us

Nothing is funnier to a 5 year old than watching Mom or Dad get creamed in the face with a pie. A fun, interactive game, Pie Face! pits players against time in a race to turn its handle before you get splatted.


Monster Trucks Custom Shop

Monster Truck Custom Shop, $35, Fat Brain Toys

When you put monster trucks and a paint set together, it's kismet. Can you think of a 5 year old who wouldn't want to sit down and custom paint their very own monster truck. Not only is this gift fun, but it's also practical — creating intricate monster truck decals with a paint brush could improve fine motor skills.


FurReal Friends Torch Doll — My Blazin' Dragon

What's cuter than a tiny dragon? One named Torch that can breathe flame-colored mist, respond with more than 50 sound and motion combinations, and gobble up a color-change treat . . . that's what. This My Blazin' Dragon toy will be your 5 year old's furry best friend in no time.


Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose With Backpack

Super Soaking Fire Hose Backpack, $13, Fat Brain Toys

The hero worship little boys and girls have for firefighters will only burn brighter when they open up this super soaking fire hose backpack. Plus, since they'll get the opportunity to spray Mom and Dad with the pack's up-to-35-feet water blast, it's sure to be a hot pick during playtime.


Little Tikes My First Flyer

Little Tikes Control Helicopter Toy, $34, Toys 'R' Us

Gifting a kid anything that flies will earn you some serious cool creed, so give your 5 year old's imagination wings with the Little Tikes remote control helicopter toy. A one-touch remote makes it easy even for the littlest hands, and a hover mode allows it to stay suspend in mid-air for major wow factor.


Two Bros Bows Kid-Friendly Archery Set With Quiver Bag

Kids Archery Set, $47, Two Bros Bows

The animated movie Brave gave a new generation of kids a new kind of Disney princess to look up to — and that wild-haired, arrow-slingin' archer princess named Merida was precisely the inspiration behind young brothers Duncan and Hayden creating this kid-friendly archery set.


Avigo Range Rover 6 Volt Powered Ride On

Avigo Range Rover Power Vehicle, $200, Toys 'R' Us

Real talk: You'll kinda be jealous of your kid when they're cruising around the yard in this Avigo Range Rover power vehicle. If only you had a fairy godmother who could bippity-boppity-boo this mini SUV into life. Alas, you'll have to settle for seeing the joy on your kid's face when they see it.


Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven

Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, $45, Toys 'R' Us

Let your little budding chef impress you with their confection-creating skills when they whip up treats in the Easy-Bake ultimate oven. In addition to something sweet, you'll be served up a nice slice of nostalgia. Remember playing with these when you were a kid?


Electric Light Blocks

Electric Light Blocks, $30, Uncommon Goods

Kids love blocks. Kids love things that light up. Heretofore, kids will really love blocks that light up. A shoo-in for the 5 year old who has been asking for a night light, this bright idea can be connected to create any shape your child's heart desires. The light kicks in whenever blocks are connected to the base.


Fairy Triad Dome Terrarium

Make your little nature lover's heart flutter when you gift her this fairy triad dome terrarium. The lore of fairies is alluring enough to make this a prized pick, but the fact that she'll be able to grow four flower varieties pushes it over the top. Pair this with the personalized fairy book for extra points.


Verdie Chameleon Beanbag Toss

My 5-year-old daughter loves to play cornhole with the grown-ups at backyard cookouts, but the boards are simply too big and spread too far apart for her little arms. Enter this Verdie Chameleon beanbag toss — with eight beanbags perfect for tiny hands and two options for play, it's a no-brainer to buy now and set up alongside the cornhole boards later.


Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table

Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table, $200, Toys 'R' Us

With six cool destinations, an underground train station, a 360-degree helicopter crane, seven trains, two vehicles, nine trestles, five figures, three cargo bundles, a two-level mountain, and so much more, this Imaginarium Metro Line train table adds up to a whole lotta fun.


Melissa & Doug Order Up! Diner Play Set

Melissa & Doug Diner Play Set, $30, MindWare

Cook up a present that will keep your kiddo entertained for hours on end when you wrap up this Melissa & Doug diner play set. The box full of fun contains a double-sided diner scene, utensils, and all the other fixin's your little one might need to serve up tons of smiles.


Bioluminescent Dino Pet With Storybook

Bioluminescent Dino Pet, $70, Uncommon Goods

Hounding parents about getting a pet is a universal specialty of 5 year olds, so why not give 'em what they want? Distract them from the dog, cat, or rabbit debate with this amazing bioluminescent dino pet with storybook. Made of thousands of dinoflaggelates that illuminate the dino casing when it's dark, it's a gift that is equal parts fun and fascinating.


Hang-A-Fort With LED Lights

Hang-a-Fort with LED Lights, $48, MindWare

Whether your child needs a bit of quiet time, a safe space, or just somewhere to play with friends, the Hang-a-Fort provides a parent-free zone kids will think is the best thing ever. UV- and mildew-resistant polyester make it safe for outside, while LED string lights up the cool quota.


Super-Me Backpack

Superhero Backpack, $40, Uncommon Goods

Turning five marks a major milestone in a child's life: the start of kindergarten. Since change can be daunting, give your little one the gift of courage with this superhero-inspired backpack. The hidden attached cape and coordinating eye mask will help your sweet student feeling invincible walking the halls of their brand new big kid school.