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These 21 Memes For National Sister's Day Are Painfully Hilarious

National Sister's Day is kind of a tough holiday to celebrate. There isn't as much fanfare around it as there is for Mother's Day or Father's Day, and you might not have any festivities planned. But you can send your girl one of these National Sister's Day memes so she knows you're thinking of her. It's the least you can do.

National Sister's Day is designed as an opportunity to think about all the great things sisters bring to your life, but the reality of sisterhood isn't all holding hands and wearing matching outfits. Even the closest of sisters fight (my sister and I are a great example), and those disagreements are part of what makes your bond with her so special. You can scream at her, pull her hair, tell her you hate her, and she'll still be your fiercest protector. Your sister is one of the first and only people who will love you unconditionally no matter what you do, and she should know how much that means to you.

These memes capture the realities of having a sister and show how the daily annoyances she brings are also the reasons you love her. Read on to pick a few you can send to your sis for National Sister Day, and keep a few handy for her birthday.


When Your Younger Sister Was Born

She betrayed your luxurious only child lifestyle the second she came on the scene, and this is how you'll be feeling about her existence for all eternity.


When Everything Becomes A Competition

At least you don't have to share a shower as adults. (Hopefully.)


Showing Up To Family Functions In The Same Outfit

Maybe this wouldn't happen so often if you didn't shop at the same places.


The Second You're Done Fighting

No one can make you angrier than your sister, but at the end of the day, you're on the same team — the Don't Tell Mom team.


When You Borrow Each Other's Clothes

She won't even notice it's gone, okay?


Working The System

True story, my sister once screamed at my mom, and mom scolded me for it. Sigh, the wonders of sisterhood.


When You Go To The Bathroom During A Movie Marathon

A saved seat means nothing in the world of sisters.


And The Oscar Goes To...

Holding in the giggle of triumph as your sis gets scolded for not doing the dishes you were supposed to wash.


And On The Flip Side

See, this is why you and your sister have to stick together.


When You Post A Pic Together

People either think you look exactly the same or like complete opposites. There's no in between.


What's Mine Is... Hers?

She'll be walking out of your house in the new outfit you just bought before you even have time to stop her.


The Ultimate Back Up

But she's always on your side.


Caught Redhanded

Time to whip out those shower sprinting skills.


When She Comes Through For You

You think of her every time you settle in to rewatch Friends for the millionth time.


She Knows You Too Well

Her knowledge of your middle school years is dangerous and should not be underestimated.


When Your Parents Force You To Hang Out

Going to the drugstore really isn't a big deal, but it suddenly becomes the coolest thing in the world when your sister doesn't want you to go.


The Ultimate Betrayal

There is no worse combination than being hangry and being baited by your sister.


But Then You Get Your Revenge

Tit for tat, phone charger for leftover theft. I don't make the rules.


When They Find Out Your Dirt

You'll be at their beck and call for a few days, until you find out some dirt on them or your parents find out your secret. It all evens out.


When They Come Through For You

The purest expression of love.


And When You Realize How Much They Actually Mean To You

She really is your oldest and best friend, so make sure to tell her come National Sister's Day.