21 October Dog Names That Are Inspired By Fall


What’s in a name? Well, a lot. Much like naming your baby, much thought and consideration has to go into what you’ll name your new dog. After all, this is the name you’ll be calling again (and again) for many years to come, whether it’s to get him to eat, take a bath, or to simply stop peeing on your plants. If you’re planning on welcoming a furry new friend to your family this month, you’re going to need to come up with a name... fast. And these 21 October dog names just might help make the pooch-naming process easier.

Dog names have definitely come a long way from Rex and Fluffy (not that there’s anything wrong with those.) All of our dogs have had two names, a first and a middle name. And much like when one of the kiddos is acting naughty, both names are called if I catch someone chewing on a table (the dog, that is, not the kid).

I was only slightly excited to write this story, as my family is planning to adopt a new dog this month, too. I’m not sure what kind of breed we’ll wind up bonding with. My 16-year-old has her heart set on a Shar-Pei, while my son is trying to bamboozle me into getting a Bulldog. All I want is a rescue dog to love, and October feels like the right month to bring a new pet into our lives.

(Plus, I really want to dress our new dog up in a Halloween costume. Is that so wrong?)

So why not score some inspiration from the season and give your dog an October-inspired name? It’ll remind you of the beautiful time you brought your four-legged friend home and welcomed him or her into your family.

1. Autumn

I’ve always loved the idea of naming someone Autumn. It's already a popular girls' name. It showcases the season, and I think that it’s much better than calling your kid Fall for, you know, obvious reasons.

2. Apple


Apples are abundant during the fall. You can go apple picking and make pies. You can have an apple-scented candle. Or you go the Gwyneth Paltrow route, and name your pup Apple. I mean, she’s the apple of your eye, anyway.

3. Cinnamon

For me, there is no scent more synonymous with the chillier fall months than cinnamon, so naming your dog after the spice is a no-brainer. You might name her that based on the color of her coat, especially if it's ginger-colored (like an Irish Setter or a Vizsla).

4. Toby

If you’re looking for a fun twist on the word October, why not try on Toby for size? It’s a sweet boy’s name, and it’s a wink and a nod to the month you brought your doggie home in.

5. Opal

Opal is one of the birthstones for the month of October. It’s old-fashioned (doesn’t it make you think of the name Pearl, or is that just me?), honors October, and is quick and easy to say. And it sure isn’t a mouthful to say, unlike Tourmaline, the other October birthstone.

6. Columbus

Show off your patriotic pride and name your dog Columbus. Whether you agree with his behavior or not, it's a powerful name for your pooch.

7. Pumpkin

He’s already your little pumpkin. So why not name your new pet after the season’s most engaging gourd? Bonus points if your dog has similar shading to a pumpkin, or is, ahem, a little round like a pumpkin.

8. Latte

Autumn is the season of PSLs. Latte is such a cute name for dogs that might have a similar colored fur, and will always give you a warm feeling when you snuggle with them.

9. Coraline

Coraline is a classic children’s Halloween movie. So to acknowledge that your puppy’s arrival in October, Coraline could be a cute name for whatever darling dog breed you welcome into your tribe this month.

10. Eleanor


I love old-fashioned women’s names, and Eleanor ranks right up there. If you want to give your girl a strong name to live up to, name her after Eleanor Roosevelt. Born on October 11, 1884, Roosevelt was the First Lady of the United States, during her hubby President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four terms in office. She advocated for civil rights as well as women’s rights in the workplace, reported.

11. Rosemary

Love horror flicks? There’s almost none more terrifying than Rosemary’s Baby. While you don’t necessarily have to say what inspired you, Rosemary (or Rosie) can work for your dog’s new name.

12. Raven

If you want to channel your inner Edgar Allan Poe, you can call your dog Raven. This unisex name works especially well for dogs with a jet black coat. And if your puppy does a lot of peeing around your place, you might find yourself saying, just like the Raven, “Nevermore.”

13. Hazel

Take inspiration from the beautiful fall foliage outside to name your dog Hazel. Since hazel is a combination of green, brown and gold, it perfectly reflects the changing leaves outside. Plus, Haze is a sweet nickname, too.

14. Lennon

If you can’t “imagine” not having a dog in your life, then Lennon might be a good pick for your pet. After all, English singer (and former Beatles member) John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940. Or you might want to name your dog Jude, after The Beatles' popular hit.

15. Demeter

Opa! Get your Greek on by naming your woofie Demeter. She’s the Greek goddess of grain, agriculture, harvest, and growth, according to Greek Gods & Goddesses. And Demeter can work for any dog, but it would be super cute to call your dog Demi, too.

16. Dahlia


You might not have to look past your garden to glean some inspiration for your dog’s name. Dahlias are big beautiful flowering plants that are both hardy and colorful, and would make a perfect name for your dog.

17. Casper

Is there a cuter name for an October doggie than Casper? Yes, it’s a wink and a nod to Casper, the Friendly Ghost, which makes it not so overtly Halloween-inspired. It's especially fitting for a pup with a white coat.

18. Calla

Calla is a creative name to call your dog. It also celebrates the Calla Lily, which boasts beautiful blooms well into the fall. They come in a wide variety of shades, including autumnal yellow and orange.

19. Bella

Sure, your puppy is pretty, making Bella a fitting name. But you might have also named your pup after Bela Lugosi, the actor who portrayed Count Dracula in the 1931 film version. Lugosi was born on October 20, 1882.

20. Pablo

If you absolutely love Pablo Picasso’s paintings, you can name your dog after the famous Spanish painter. Known for his work in the cubism and surrealism periods, Picasso was born on October 25, 1881 in Spain.

21. Teddy

With all his fur, your dog might look like a big ol’ teddy bear. Or his name might be an homage to Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt served as the 26th U.S. President and served two terms. His favorite proverb was “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” A sentiment your new dog will probably appreciate.

Bringing your new dog home in October means that you have the beauty of the season, special birthdays, (and Halloween!) to inspire you as you come up with the perfect name for your perfect pooch.