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You've Never Seen Postpartum Pooches As Cute As These Before

Most dog mothers don't get the credit they deserve for bringing puppy perfection into the world since humans adopted the "dog mom" label. So I'm gifting you with 21 beautiful pictures of dog moms post-birth to help you fully appreciate how amazing these fierce creatures are. And before you ask, yes, there are puppies in the pictures too.

I think part of the reason society doesn't recognize dog moms is because we don't often see puppies with their actual moms. You may catch a glimpse of the canine momma when you pick up your new fur baby, but if you're getting your dog from a shelter, you most likely won't even lay eyes on your new baby's birth mother. But these biological moms are important even though they're only in your dog's life for a few weeks, especially when you think about how many babies they have at once. Most dog breeds have about five to six puppies per litter, but the record for largest litter ever is 24 puppies (thanks to a Neapolitan Mastiff named Tia, according to Vet Street). Imagine if humans had to do that.

Dog moms should not be trifled with, and it's time we start showing them the respect they deserve. So check out these 21 adorable photos of postpartum pooches, and good luck restraining yourself from getting another puppy after your look through.


Corgi Cuteness

This smile says, "look what I made!"


Post-Birth Feels

I'm pretty sure all new moms can relate to this image.


A Mother's Glow

This mommy dog is oozing parental pride while her pups nap by her head.


Cuddle Time

Babies or neck pillows? Both is the best answer.


The Look Of Love

These little ones are safe as long as their mom is nearby.


Sittin' Pretty

Oh, you wanted a picture? I guess I can pose perfectly while nursing, nbd.


When Dad Says He Wants More Puppies

I've never seen a dog mom, or any mom for that matter, look so majestic. Guinevere is killing it.


When You Have All The Babies

This pooch seems shocked she was able to bring all those puppies into the world, but in a good way. Dinner time is a family affair for sure.


Am I Hungry Or Tired Or Both?

Half the babies are sleeping, half are eating, and mom is all joy.


Official Puppers

These little ones will be on duty soon, but right now their mom is on diaper duty. Please excuse me while I weep.


Proud Mama Energy

Mommy dog Sandy was left at a kill shelter when she was injured (see her casted paw) and pregnant. But the New York Bully Crew rescued her, and now she and her little ones are thriving. Just look at that smile.


Puppy Overload

This giant doggo had 19 babies at once, and she's somehow still looking adorable. Goals.


The Happiest Mom

Look how proud she is!!


Golden Girl And Crew

Guide dog puppies are the purest thing in the world, aside from their sweet mommy.


Smooch For A Pooch

If this doesn't warm your heart, you don't have one. Sorry, I don't make the rules.


Guard Duty

A mom's work is never over.


Bonus Babies

Are the cats being babysitters or becoming two more babies? Either way, I'm totally on board.


Pack Pride

She's looking good for someone who just had 11 babies.


Exhausted But Excited

Can we all just appreciate that this momma's nose is shaped like a heart?


Baby's First Selfie

This is the only image I want to see when I open my front camera.


Stay Golden

Kodie's maternity shoot went viral after her parents posted it online according to ABC, but I think the postpartum shot is even cuter. You be the judge.