You & Your Kid Are Going To Want All 22 Of These Cheap Unicorn Finds From Target

When life gets a bit dreary, I lean on simple pleasures. A Starbucks coffee, a Vampire Diaries binge session, or a Michelle Branch song I haven't listened to in years have all been known to brighten my day. I also lean into the world of fantasy when I get a little blue, which is why I've been all about the unicorn trend that has taken over the market the last few years. Nothing cheers you up like buying a unicorn-themed blanket, too, here are the 22 awesome unicorn finds at Target for under $15.

Unicorn products have come a long way since Lisa Frank's heyday in the '90s. The fantastical creatures used to only be depicted in coloring books and posters for teens; now, there's things like unicorn Frappuccinos and unicorn nose rings. I'm not sure what led to the rise of unicorn chic, but the public has embraced it with open arms. Even North West and Penelope Dissick had a unicorn-themed birthday party this year, and I've never been more bummed to not be invited to a kids' event. Because of how popular the trend is, most superstores have a generous offering of unicorn-line products these days, but Target's is especially robust.

Whether you're looking for a unicorn toy for your little one or a fantasy treat for yourself, Target's got you covered at an affordable price. Read on for some of the cutest products under $15, and get your shop on.