'Trolls: The Beat Goes On!' & 21 More Kids Shows On Netflix Your Little One Will Love

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Although Netflix is typically on top of its game in adding new content daily, sometimes you might hit a lull in your favorite TV shows. Or, more specifically, your kids might suddenly grow bored after watching Boss Baby: Back in Business for the upteenth time. Sometimes the trick is something simple like watching the shows with your kids to give them a renewed interest. And there are at least 22 kids shows on Netflix that you and your family can watch together.

That’s a lot of Netflix to cover, but sometimes, it’s a nice break from the hustle and bustle of being a busy parent. Personally, I am guilty of sometimes relying on Netflix or my son’s iPad to keep him occupied while I get a few moments of peace after a long day of being on the move nonstop. Instead of sending him off to the living room with Netflix while I bury my face in my phone to unwind, however, it’s always nice to marathon watch some of his favorite Netflix kids shows together.

Not only does it give me the chance to see what weird new cartoons are suddenly of interest to him, but it gives us something to bond over. I’d be lying if I said we don't randomly quote Cupcake and Dino: General Services to each other as an inside joke. And if I may say so myself, it's kind of adorable.

There are kids shows on Netflix that are appropriate for all ages that you and your family can bond over right now. So whether you have a bunch of toddlers running around or your kid is verging on those awkward teen years, Netflix is here to bring you together.

Pinky Malinky

Pinky Malinky originally started out on Nickelodeon years ago, but recently found its permanent home as a Netflix Original. It’s about a talking hot dog navigating his way through the preteen years with an overabundance of confidence. It’s rated TV-Y7, so kids of almost all ages will be down with the animated series and there are enough borderline adult jokes to keep parents interested, too.

You Vs. Wild

You vs. Wild is one of Netflix’s interactive series. It follows legendary outdoorsman Bear Grylls and gives viewers control over how he survives in different outdoor elements. Officially, it’s rated TV-PG, but it seems like a reality show that most kids can enjoy with their parents nearby.

No Good Nick

Premiering in April 2019, No Good Nick is one Netflix's many original kids shows. It’s about a mysterious girl who shows up on the doorstep of a family she claims to belong to. But as the family gets to know the girl, her ulterior motives become clear. It’s rated TV-PG, so it’s totally up to you to decide if your younger kids can handle it, but it’s a mystery that you can try to figure out together with each passing episode. Although the show was canceled in September 2019, the series is worth the watch.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power

If you were a kid whose own eyes were glued to the TV for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe back in the day, there’s no time like the present to introduce She-Ra and the Princesses of Power to your own kids. It’s an empowering animated series about He-Man’s sister coming into her own power and strength, and since it’s rated TV-Y7, you won't have to worry about any unexpected animated gore.

One Day At A Time

Netflix can rarely do wrong when it comes to reboots and its take on One Day at a Time is definitely a modern version of the original from the '70s and '80s. It’s more of a family show than anything, so kids can enjoy some of the lighter aspects while parents can enjoy the nostalgia and occasional adult humor. In 2020, the show moved to PopTV where fans can watch Season 4 and future episodes of the show, but the first three seasons are still on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

Fuller House

Another Netflix reboot, Fuller House picks up a couple of decades after Full House left off. But you get a lot of the same heartfelt storylines and almost the entire original cast has shown up at some point. Even if you never got your kid to enjoy the original show that started it all, they will no doubt take to the modern version of the family sitcom. Get caught up on the series before the final season airs on Netflix on June 2.

Carmen Sandiego

Netflix definitely knows how to hit you with the nostalgia factor. Parents who might have watched the original Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? can appreciate Netflix’s new animated series based on the mysterious character. It’s rated TV-Y7 and follows Carmen as she travels the world and fights crime.

The Boss Baby: Back In Business

Even though the original Boss Baby movie is leaving Netflix in May, Boss Baby: Back in Business lives on as an easy to watch and re-watch spin-off series. If you enjoyed the movie with your little ones, then you would probably have just as much fun watching the precocious baby in his suit and tie continue to run Baby Corp.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Watching The Magic School Bus Rides Again will take you back to the days of a substitute teacher who wheeling in a TV on a rolling cart. Only this time the cartoon is a little more HD and you will get to know the new Ms. Frizzle, Fiona Frizzle, voiced by Kate McKinnon. Plus, it gets bonus points for being secretly educational and kids as young as toddlers can definitely get into it. All four seasons of the original Magic School Bus series are also available to stream on Netflix, just in case your kids can’t get enough of “the Frizz.”

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events, based on the book series of the same name, just premiered its third and final season on Netflix in January 2019. But that just means you can space out all three seasons as you and your family catch up on the adventures of the Baudelaire children. It’s a TV-PG series and if your kids like fantasy elements at all, they will likely get into A Series of Unfortunate Events.


The Goosebumps series isn't a Netflix Original, but you can find all four seasons of the anthology, plus some additional TV specials, on the streaming platform. It’s the perfect first "horror" series to introduce to your kids, especially since it’s rated TV-Y7. My son’s obsession started when he was four and we have watched the entire series together no less than five times.

Lost In Space

Lost in Space is based on the 1965 series of the same name and once again follows the Robinson family on their space travels. So far, Netflix has released two seasons, with the last and final season premiering on Netflix sometime in 2021, according to Variety.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

If your kids are obsessed with the two Trolls filmsTrolls and Trolls World Tour — then they’ll love the animated Netflix series. Netflix has released eight seasons of Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, which focuses on Queen Poppy as she celebrates a time of peace in Troll Village with plenty of parties, competitions, celebrations, and songs.

Cupcake And Dino: General Services

If you have been waiting for a cartoon about a talking dinosaur, his BFF talking cupcake, and their grandmother, Grandma Steak, then you will kind of love Cupcake and Dino: General Services. It’s more silly than anything with no real *lessons*, but sometimes watching TV shows with your kids doesn't have to be about the educational value.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Watching The Big Family Cooking Showdown with your own family will either make them appreciate your meals more or make them want to cook with you afterward. Either way, it’s a total win-win.

The Hollow

The Hollow is an animated fantasy adventure series about three teenagers who find themselves in a mysterious magical realm and have to find their way home together. It’s rated TV-Y7 with the only warning being for fantasy violence, but overall, it’s pretty tame.

Total Drama

Netflix has five seasons of the animated spoof reality series and something tells me you will easily power through all of them with your kids. If you have ever watched a reality show in real life, you will be able to appreciate all of the little jokes and jabs at reality TV.

The Worst Witch

The Worst Witch is based on the children’s books of the same name and centers around a young witch who struggles to find herself in an academy for witches. It’s like a super scaled down version of Harry Potter and stars Bella Ramsey, who most recently played Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones.

Haters Back Off!

The Netflix series based on YouTuber Colleen Ballinger's character Miranda Sings was cancelled after two seasons, but those two seasons were pretty hilarious. The show follows the outrageous Miranda as she works on her YouTube career and thanks to its PG rating, there are some adult jokes hidden throughout the show with enough kid-friendly themes to make it appropriate for the whole family.

Degrassi: Next Class

I’ve lost count of the number of times Degrassi has been rebooted at this point, but Netflix’s Degrassi: Next Class offers more of the same coming of age teen storylines. It’s more appropriate for teen viewers than younger kids, but that just means you can totally enjoy the drama with them.

Alexa & Katie

Alexa & Katie is about a girl who is battling cancer but still trying to live out her normal high school experience with her best friend by her side. It’s like a Disney Channel tween comedy with some important storylines peppered in.


Brainchild is a variety show filled with fun skits and colorful sets that answers all kinds of scientific questions about the world. It’s suitable for kids of all ages and you can even learn something in the process.

These days, watching TV with your family is less about tuning out the outside world and more about bonding over entertainment. You don't have to watch every single one of these kids shows on Netflix to properly bond with your family, but some of them will definitely help.

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