Julia Forsman/Stocksy
23 Adorable Flower Girl Dresses On Etsy That'll Make You Melt

by Kristina Johnson

Picking out a wedding gown may be one of the most important items on a bride's to-do list, but the wardrobe choices don't end there. There are bridesmaids to dress, groomsmen to outfit, and of course, a flower girl to deck out in something cute. There's a good chance you'll find the perfect look for the littlest member of your bridal party among the gorgeous flower girl dresses on Etsy.

The great thing about picking out a flower girl dress is that you probably don't have to consider too many opinions — as long as her parents are OK with your choice, your flower girl will probably be happy to wear whatever you want (bridesmaids, of course, can be a totally different story). Most people probably picture a giant ball of tulle when they think of a flower girl dress, and if that's what your heart is set on, you can definitely find something that works for you on Etsy. But there are lots of other fabrics and silhouettes to choose from as well. Many of the options on this list are handmade and totally customizable with little details that will help your flower girl match the rest of your bridal party perfectly.

These 16 adorable dresses will look amazing on flower girls of any age.