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These 23 Hilarious GIFs Of The Royals Will Make You Say 'It Me'

The royal family obviously lives a very different life than you do. They travel the world, live in modern-day castles, and every move they make is documented. But sometimes it really does seem like they're just like everyone else, especially in these GIFs of the royal family.

The royal family has been blessing the public with more relatable moments than ever lately, with the kids showing us the sillier side of the monarchy and new dad Harry, Duke of Sussex, admitting that, like every commoner parent, he is not sleeping like he used to since the birth of little Archie. Gone are the days when the fam felt unattainable and cold; the tide started to change when Princess Diana became part of the family, and William and Harry have continued her legacy. The British monarchy seemingly appears to be a warm, tight-knit family for the most part.

Just because we have more access and exposure to the members of the royal family more than ever, it doesn't make them any less fascinating, especially when they're acting just like anyone else. Keep reading to check out some of the best GIFs that show the monarchy knows how to keep it real.


When Your Kid Isn't Having It

One day the mouse is their favorite toy, and the next they can't stand it. No one can predict the moods of a tiny human.


When You Find Out You're The Favorite Grandchild

You aren't surprised, but it feels like a win all the same.


When Your Partner Cleans The House For You

Getting engaged to a prince and coming home to a spotless kitchen probably about feel the same, right?


When Your Mom Tells You To Go Say Hi To People You "Know" At The Holiday Party

When will she learn that you don't remember the third cousin twice removed you met when you were 12?


When You Hear Some Hot Gossip In The Carpool Line

The carpool line truly is like Big Little Lies, minus the murder. Queen Elizabeth gets it.


When Your Mother-In-Law Says She Wants To Move In With You

If you pretend you didn't hear that, I won't judge.


When It's Time To Hang A Painting And You Turn Into An Architect

No matter how many times you use the balancing tool, the picture will inevitably turn out crooked.


When Your Child Hands You A Drawing They Made

Just make sure the banana with legs is supposed to be funny before you let that giggle out.


When It's Karaoke Time And You're Three Drinks In

You may not look as cool as Taylor Swift and Prince William, but the mood is the same no matter who you are.


When Mom Leaves You Home With Dad For The Day

These are the faces of two people who will be totally fine, right?


When Your Grandma Catches You Slipping

If your grandma doesn't correct your posture every time she sees you, is she even your grandma?


When You And Bae Have The Night To Yourselves

'Nuff said.


When You Remind Your Sibling You're The Best

A friendly reminder of the status quo does everyone some good.


When You Meet Up With Your Partner's Friend To Plan Their Surprise Birthday Party

Nothing makes you feel quite as sneaky as surprise party planning.


When The Dad Joke Gene Kicks In

It's like the second they're born the dad joke part of the brain activates. Scientists should really be examining this.


When Someone Asks You If You Like Reality TV

There's a reason there's a show within The Bachelor franchise for every season of the year. Give the people what they want!


When It's Your Turn To Pick The Netflix Movie, And You Actually Make A Decision

It's time to stand before the family and make your announcement. It's the thrill of the choice, as I like to call it.


When A Non-Parent Asks You To Stay Out Past 9 p.m.

A truly hilarious request.


When You're The Queen Of The Family Reunion Intramural Games

I've been training for this all year, Aunt Susan.


When Your Kid Doesn't Trip During Their First Dance Recital

They deserve a standing ovation and to get to listen to "Baby Shark" as many times as they want.


When You Tell Your Kid 'No'

They will never forgive you.


When You Have To Pretend You Like Your In-Law's Cooking

At least you and your sister-in-law have each other. Strength in numbers.


When It's Pay Day

And you just can't help yourself.