23 Punny Secret Santa Gift Ideas For The Dad Joker In Your Group

Everyone knows it is better to give than to receive, but trying to come up with killer gift ideas for a Secret Santa gift exchange can snap the joy right out of the giving process. How can you be sure the recipient will like what you choose? Will it ultimately be a waste of money and time? Here's the good news — everyone likes puns. If you want to be the talk of your Secret Santa circle (and, you know, spread cheer and all), there are some punny Secret Santa gift ideas you should consider. The brilliance of puns, you see, is that even when they're bad they're good. So, all things considered, you just can't go wrong with a punny gift.

Fortunately, puns have become so prevalent that you don't have to search too hard to find some perfectly puntastic presents. On a budget? No problem. The sheer abundance of witty people on the internet selling pun-inspired products ensures that you'll score something appropriately silly no matter what your price point is. And really, what more could you ask for than a well-priced pun?

Seriously, I'm not kitten around — you need to check these gifts out right meow. (See what I did there?)


Carpe Diem Tote Bag

You should definitely carpe diem and snap up one of these "Seize the Day" fish pun tote ($24) before they sell out.


"You Can't Sip With Us" Mug

This mason jar tumbler is based of the cult movie Mean Girls, and you'll be considered anything but when you wrap this "You Can't Sip With Us" cup ($18) up for Secret Santa.


Mud Pie Olive Bowl

This Mud Pie olive bowl ($29) works for someone you adore or simply someone who adores olives. And, really, who doesn't? If green isn't your thing, the sister set to this one has a tiny "olive the black ones" fork.


"Drinks Are On Me" Coasters

This cheeky coaster set ($10) is too cute for words — which is to say, the words "drinks are on me" are pretty frickin' clever on coasters. Bonus? The coasters are made in a self-described one-woman print shop run by artist Kylie Durrie.


Breaking Bad Christmas Ornament

If you know someone who is dreaming of a White Christmas — as in Walter White — you'll look like a total hero when you gift them this Breaking Bad Christmas tree ornament ($12).


Sassquatch Mini Art Print

What sassy lass wouldn't dig this saucy Sassquatch mini art print ($22)? It's perfectly on point. And hey, look at the way Bigfoot sashays.


"Chop It Like It's Hot" Cutting Board

Give your gift recipient some kitchen cred when you wrap up this "Chop It Like It's Hot" cutting board ($24). Bonus points if you include some gin and juice for sipping while they slice.


Purrmaid Notebook

Get it? It's a cat that's a mermaid — a purrmaid. That never gets old, and neither will scribbling your thoughts in this watercolor-style, lined Purrmaid notebook ($11).


"Namast'ay In Bed All Day" Clock

Perfect for that friend who lives life at a leisurely pace or love yoga, this "Namast'ay In Bed All Day" wall clock ($30) will give them the only way to keep time they really care to know.


Manatea Tea Infuser

It's team time — mana-tea time ($10), to be precise. You won't catch this cute guy cruising around lagoons in Florida, 'cause he'd much rather be infusing a cup with the lovely taste of loose tea leaves.


"All That Glitters Is Goldblum" Print

If this "All That Glitters is Golblum" illustrated print ($14) doesn't bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it, well, those people obviously need a hug.


"Check Meowt" Necklace

A hand cut, hand stamped copper necklace on its own is a good gift. When it's a hand cut, hand stamped copper necklace with a cat pun ($18), it's something you need to buy right meow.


Cactus Mug

You could give this "Don't Be A Prick" mug ($15) to a friend who appreciates your sharp sense of humor. Or you could go for passive aggressive gold and give it to your office frenemy.


Pineapple Duvet Cover

Dare we go there? Oh yes, let's do. You'll be the pineapple of your gift recipient's eye when you hand them this punny pineapple duvet cover ($95).


'Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails With A Literary Twist'

A book that combines cocktails and classic literature? Yes, please. It doesn't hurt that the Tequila Mockingbird $9) (cover is so pretty you'll want to pull it out and show it off any time company comes over for a literary-themed libation.


Framed Fox Print

The ideal amount of fox were given when the artist created this oh-so-adorable framed print ($26) featuring clever phrasing centered around a foxy fellow.


Song Lyric Tea Towels

A set of lyrically inspired food pun tea towels ($20) will likely have two immediate effects on their recipient: cause them to burst into song and make 'em crave brinner.


Monet Art Poster

There could be no better gift for the starving artist on your Secret Santa list than this "It's Not About The Monet" art poster ($15).


"I'm Gonna Guac Your World" Apron

The mere act of giving this tongue-in-cheek guacamole apron ($25) to someone could give them the confidence to get in the kitchen and guac the culinary world.


"Bae Watch" iPhone Case

Want to make a splash with your Secret Santa gift? This "Bae Watch" iPhone case ($25) will go over swimmingly — no running down the beach in slow-mo or hassling the Hoff required.


"Let's Taco Bout It" Emoji Throw Pillow

Is the taco emoji your love language? If so, well, you're not alone. But also, you should seriously consider snagging this taco emoji throw pillow ($20) to give another crunchy shell connoisseur in your life.


Waffle Drawstring Bag

If affection came in food form, it would be the waffle. So what better way to express your affection for someone on your gift list than giving them this sweet "I Like You A Waffle lot" drawstring bag? ($38)


"Whiskey Business" Flask

Baby, it's cold outside — why not wrap up something that'll heat your gift recipient up from the inside? This "Whiskey Business" flask ($18) is functional, fun, and pleasantly portable.