24 Movies To Watch On Vacation, Because You Deserve To Relax Too

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You may have noticed that going on a family vacation as a parent doesn’t feel much like going on vacation at all. Sure, it’s rewarding to see your children joyfully experience new things like salt water taffy or a roller coaster for the first time, but taking a trip loses that "sit-on-the-beach-and-sip-frosé mentality" once you’re a parent. Fortunately, there are some great movies to watch on vacation, because you’re holiday really begins when the kids are in bed, and you find yourself with a few blissfully uninterrupted hours (until someone wakes up and can’t find the bathroom). What better time to watch a feel-good flick, or at the very least, a movie that’s been on “your list” for years?

I know you probably haven’t been to a movie theatre in quite some time; date night is precious and with millions of things to talk with other adults about, it can feel counterproductive to spend your free evening in a cold, dark room (plus you might end up taking a nap). Fortunately, streaming services exist, and movies can come to you, wherever you are.

Below, I've rounded up 24 of the best movies to watch on vacation, because even if you don’t get much of a break (laundry doesn’t do itself, unfortunately, and kids still need to eat) you owe it to yourself to take two hours off, pour a glass of wine, and pop some popcorn — *quietly* people; you’ll wake a kid up.

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