24 Sheet Pan Dessert Recipes Guaranteed To Please

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True life: I have a sweet treat after almost every meal, something quick and easy like a piece of chocolate or a handful of yogurt-covered pretzels. It probably goes without saying then that I love dessert; it’s the small indulgence I look forward to each day. But I'm admittedly not much of a baker unless it's an easy sheet pan dessert recipe. These 23 quick and delicious recipes make enough sweet and sugary goodness to feed a crowd, so they're great for a big birthday bash or when it's your turn to provide snack for the entire class.

You may already be familiar with sheet pan dinners, so why not try desserts? When I think of sheet pan desserts, I think of snow days as a kid; spooning ping pong-sized balls of cookie dough onto the pan and turning on the oven light every other minute to see their progress. And while cookies are always a good option, these recipes go far beyond the obvious and include everything from chocolate bark to slab pies, and even Fruity Pebble rice crispy treats. They look and taste like you spent all day in the kitchen and only you have to know that sheet pan baking isn't much more complicated than spooning a few scoops of ice cream into a bowl.

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