20 Sheet Pan Chicken Recipes The Whole Family Will Ask For Again & Again

If you consider yourself a semi-regular cook, you know that on especially long days characterized by screaming and tantrums and flooded inboxes, the sweet call of take-out can seem all too alluring. But when you find yourself stuck in a Chow Mein coma and your drawers become inexplicably crammed with ketchup packets and rogue fortune cookies, it might be a sign to start looking for new solutions. Enter these easy sheet pan chicken recipes.

Chicken has a reputation for starring in such meals as: “I’m just really trying to impress my in-laws,” “Yes, I’ve been watching Food Network all day,” and my personal favorite, “I actually had more than 30 minutes of free time today.” But in this new role, chicken proves that it doesn’t actually have to be a part of a full length production. In fact, it can be easy! We’re talking throw-it-on-a-baking-sheet-and-call-it-a-day easy.

After all, when it comes down to it, these recipes are really just healthier, more delicious departures from the drive-through chicken nuggets you would otherwise be eating... so why not go for it? They’re quick, they’re simple, and they’re delicious, plus they’re perfect for leftovers and meal prep (if you have the self control). So the next time you’re craving a hot meal but are unwilling to commit to stacks of dishes, twelve different trips to the grocery store, and a whole playlist of YouTube tutorials, resist the urge to chicken out and give these chicken recipes a try instead.

1. Chicken Fajitas

No. 2 Pencil

These sheet pan fajitas from No. 2 Pencil are an act of pure genius. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also pack a punch, proving that chicken dinner doesn't have to be boring. Add a few warm tortillas, and dinner is served!

2. Balsamic Chicken With Potatoes & Carrots

Creme De La Crumb

Tiffany of Creme De La Crumb says the smell of this balsamic chicken reminds her of an autumn day. Recreate that same moment in your own kitchen with this family friendly recipe, and you'll be wishing for fall to get here faster.

3. Lemon Chicken Dinner

Tastes Of Lizzy T

Looking for healthy dinner options in a pinch can be difficult, but recipes like this one from Tastes Of Lizzy T fit the bill. Full of bright citrus flavor, this lemon chicken is light, refreshing, and delightfully easy to make.

4. Chicken Shawarma

Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen

This Middle Eastern inspired meal is a great way to break up your everyday routine and cut down on clean up time. According to Bobbi of Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen, this chicken shawarma is so delicious, her family asked if she would consider delivering it. Follow in her footsteps, and you might get a few similar reactions yourself.

5. Honey Mustard Chicken And Vegetables

Joyful Healthy Eats

With a special honey mustard glaze, this dinner from Joyful Healthy Eats will have you drooling. Not only is the chicken full of caramelized goodness, but it takes a mere half hour to make. What are you waiting for?

6. Baked Chicken Parmesan

The Cookie Rookie

Listen, chicken is great. But chicken slathered in cheese and tomato sauce is on a different level, as proven by this chicken parmesan from The Cookie Rookie. Cooking this recipe in a sheet pan also makes it a healthier version of the fan favorite, so you and your family can enjoy guilt-free.

7. Chicken Tinga Bowls

Pinch Of Yum

It's no secret that taco and burrito bowls are all the rage, but now you can skip the lines and make your own at home, thanks to this recipe from Pinch of Yum. No mess no fuss, just piles of saucy goodness, perfect for lunch or a fast pick me up after a long day.

8. Chicken Puttanesca

The View From Great Island

This is hands down some of the most beautiful chicken I've ever seen, and it's equally delicious. Taking inspiration from pasta puttanesca, this sheet pan recipe from The View From Great Island gives a classic meal a modern twist. Perfect when you're looking to get creative or impress your guests without spending the whole day in the kitchen.

9. Hot Honey Baked Chicken Dinner

Sweet Phi

Phi, the writer behind the Sweet Phi blog, is all about making recipes that are as sweet as she is, and this chicken is no exception. Add her easy hot honey to the mix for tons of unexpected flavor you'll fall in love with. Bonus points: you can totally use the leftover honey for whatever your heart desires (veggies, dressings, etc.).

10. Sticky Chicken With Pineapple Salsa

How Sweet Eats

First of all, I'm not drooling, you're drooling. There's something so tropical about this sticky chicken from How Sweet Eats, and that fresh pineapple salsa makes me want to go on vacation ASAP. So if you're looking for a little taste of paradise, this is that all on one plate (or pan, to be exact).

11. Maple Apricot Chicken

Carlsbad Cravings

The lovely thing about this maple apricot chicken from Carlsbad Cravings is that the only real work is in the prep, making it the perfect recipe to set up on the weekend and enjoy during the week. Its sweet glaze looks simply mouthwatering, but there's also a little spice to keep things balanced. Perfect for when you know there's a chaotic week ahead of you.

12. Herb Grapefruit Chicken With Roasted Vegetables

The Forked Spoon

For families with smaller children, sometimes you may want to switch things up at dinner, only to realize your kids are still stuck on the same old familiar meals. However, this herb grapefruit chicken from The Forked Spoon promises to be both kid friendly and full of flavor. Finally, a solution where everybody wins!

13. Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken

The Creative Bite

This pineapple teriyaki chicken recipe from The Creative Bite is a great way to help your children experiment a little more with their fruits and veggies. Plus, the savory taste of the teriyaki sauce paired with the sweet pineapple is a match made in heaven. It's truly a dinner that checks all the boxes, minus the hassle.

14. Mediterranean Chicken Dinner

The Café Sucre Farine

The Café Sucre Farine is known for its elegant recipes, and this Mediterranean inspired meal proves it. However, you don't have to spend a ton of time or money just because this particular recipe looks so fancy. Despite appearances, this whole dish can actually be made in less than an hour, and your family will never know. It's a dish that's made to impress, only without the usual time commitment.

15. Garlic Chicken And Veggies

Eazy Peazy Mealz

Whenever you're in doubt about how to make a simple meal ten times for delicious, just think garlic garlic garlic. This chicken and veggies recipe from Eazy Peazy Mealz is full of it, which is another great way to make vegetables (and healthy eating in general) seem appealing to kids.

16. Pesto Chicken Dinner

Budget Bytes

The homemade pesto in this picture is already making me hungry, but its price tag is even more appetizing. This pesto chicken from Budget Bytes highlights yet another wonderful aspect of sheet pan cooking, which is its affordability. Spend less, clean less, and eat better-- what's not to love?

17. Chicken With Rainbow Vegetables

Well Plated

Here's yet another stunning creation by Well Plated that is just as enjoyable to eat as it is to look at. This chicken and rainbow veggies recipe draws inspiration from Italy and keeps things simple by giving the traditional Italian flavors their time in the spotlight. All the gorgeous colors in this meal also indicate that this meal is not only tasty, but nutritious as well. You really can't go wrong!

18. Greek Chicken With Peppers And Potatoes

Kelsey Nixon

For Kelsey Nixon, a great meal has a lot to do with a great sauce, and this Greek chicken recipe delivers on that end. This meal keeps it simple and sticks to classic flavors, yielding a refreshing yet flavorful meal you'll want to have on deck at all times during the week. Skip the trip to Mykonos and get a taste of all this Greek goodness in your own home.

19. Moroccan Chicken And Potatoes

Nutmeg Nanny

Don't be afraid to dig into your pantry for this Moroccan chicken recipe from Nutmeg Nanny. This is a meal that will likely put a lot of what you already have to good use, making it a convenient but exciting option for dinner time. Plus, the sweet and spicy flavor combo makes for a great departure from the traditional chicken dinner.

20. Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs

Wry Toast

In a brilliant symphony of seasoning and deliciousness, this honey garlic recipe from Wry Toast Eats acts as the perfect sheet pan finale. Perfectly crispy and golden brown, this is the kind of chicken that will come close to melting in your mouth. There's just no beating it, and these friendly flavor combinations will be loved by everyone in the family.

Cooking can be a joy, but on a busy weekday filled with stress, it becomes more of a pain. Some of the biggest cooking gripes center around dishes, clean up, and time, so why not consider a dinner that takes care of these woes and more? Baking proteins like chicken is also a smart and affordable way to get kids to eat clean, while leaving enough leftovers to pack in the next day's lunch. It's truly the solution you've been searching for, which means there's no better time to add sheet pan cooking into your family's routine.