a toddler boy eating eggs in his high chair
Your Kids Will Eat These 12 Sheet Pan Egg Recipes Right Up

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to gather our families around a gorgeous breakfast table on the daily. But this isn’t the 1950s. Most of us are busy racing to get kids dressed, fed, and out the door to the school before the first bell rings. Enter your salvation: sheet pan egg recipes your kids will love. Thanks to the miracle of baking sheets, easy, beautiful, crowd-pleasing breakfasts can be yours.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Just a tray of eggs? My kids won’t buy it. Fear not, dear mamas. These are no ordinary egg recipes. We’re talking creative entrees where eggs play more than just the starring role; they’re the glue that binds myriad other healthy ingredients (think: peppers, potatoes, chicken and even tomatoes) into easy-to-make dishes the whole fam will love. Better yet? Most of these recipes look banging. We’re talking wow-your-friends-on-Instagram beautiful. That’s right. These will get your kids to eat an inexpensive A+ source of protein and make for pretty pictures.

All you need to do is a tiny bit of planning the day before — get your mise en place ready — and come that 6 a.m. alarm you’ll be thinking, “No sweat, I’ve got breakfast in the bag” while your kids are cheering “Eggscelent work!”


How To Cook Sheet Pan Eggs

Now, if you have picky eaters who do just want a simple egg, read the sheet pan egg tutorial from Family Fresh Meals on how to cook sheet pan eggs. Her play-by-play spells out the steps to produce 12 eggs in 5-6 minutes. Think of all the extra time you’ll have to, you know, actually have a sip of your morning coffee?! Miracles do happen.


Sheet Pan Steak and Potatoes

Have a tiny meat eater on your hands? Welcome the Sheet Pan Steak and Potatoes recipe from Damn Delicious. This protein-packed meal is perfect for a slow Saturday morning and will keep your kiddos full for hours of play.


Baked Eggs In Stuffed Peppers

When it comes to getting kids to eat new things, it always helps if you can make the meal intriguing. Foodie Crush’s Baked Eggs in Stuffed Peppers is one way to turn a simple dish into something of a surprise. A little prep in a skillet is required to cook the butternut squash, but once you’re done with that it’s just 20 minutes in the oven.


Sheet Pan Breakfast Fajitas

Looking to get more of the great Vitamin K, C, and E nutrients of avocado into your kids diet? Check out Damn Delicious’ Sheet Pan Breakfast Fajitas. Essentially a baked batch of peppers, avocados, and eggs, these can be served as is or wrapped in a tortilla.


Breakfast Gallette

Looking at a gallette, essentially a free-form savory pastry, you might not think it’s a sheet pan dish. Au contraire, mon ami. With Domestic Fits recipe for this Breakfast Gallette, the crust, crumbled sausage, eggs, parmesan, and spinach all bake together. Twenty minutes later you’ll have a perfect breakfast pie even your kids will love.


Sheet Pan Egg in a Hole

"Egg in a hole" is a classic breakfast item, but it can get messy and time-consuming when prepared on the stove. Cut the time in half by cooking them up on a sheet pan. Damn Delicious’ Sheet Pan Egg-in-a-Hole recipe ups the appeal by adding bacon and parmesan.


Meat Lovers Breakfast Bake Slab

Gotta love a breakfast recipe with the word slab in it. This Family Fresh Meals Meat Lovers Breakfast Bake Slab is the definition of hearty and will fuel your troops for a full day of school, soccer practice, homework, and beyond.


Sheet Pan Breakfast

Who doesn’t love breakfast potatoes? Your kids? Well, give your them enough ketchup and they’ll get on board. Especially when you serve them Damn Delicious’ Sheet Pan Breakfast. Tender red potatoes paired with eggs is a no-brainer especially when you consider it takes only 18 minutes to bake.


Breakfast Tater Totchos with Sunny Quail Eggs, Avocado & Chicken

This may be the end all be all of sheet pan egg recipes. Why? Two word: tater tots. The cafeteria classic takes center stage in this fancy take on Quail Egg Tater Tatchos from I Am A Food Blog. Even better? You get to introduce your kids to quail eggs. They’ll love the Lilliputian look of them while enjoying the thrill of having their favorite dinner potato for breakfast.


Egg, Chicken, and Veggie Tartlets

When you’re attempting to serve a horde of hungry children it’s next to impossible to treat yourself in the process. But Mama Harris Kitchen blog may have figured it out. These sheet pan Egg, Chicken, and Veggie Tartlets aren’t just pretty enough to serve for date night, your kids will love them AND she’s coupled the recipe with instructions for a killer sangria. Boozy brunch, anyone?


Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake

Like a Denny’s Grand Slam on a sheet, this Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake from Damn Delicious has it all: hashbrowns, eggs, cheese, bacon. Put it all together and what have you got? A complaint-free breakfast in a matter of minutes.


Christmas Baked Eggs

So this recipe from Mel's Kitchen Cafe is called Christmas Baked Eggs, but it could be made any time of year. And while it’s not technically a sheet pan recipe, you’re using the same principle with a muffin tin. It’s the ultimate poached egg hack and cooks a dozen darling little eggs faster than you can say bon appetit.