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24 Spooky Baby Names For Your Little Pumpkin – If You Dare

Perhaps you love all things Halloween, October is your favorite month of the entire year, and/or you love scary and spooky movies. But if you're looking for spooky baby names for your little pumpkin, you've come to the right place.

Parents come up with baby names from all sorts of different things, so if you're inspired by all things spooky, then you'll enjoy browsing names from your favorite horror movies, and also the campy creepy movies from childhood, like Ghostbusters and Casper. Though I wouldn't personally recommend naming your child Ecto 1 or ZUUL.

If scary movies aren't your thing and you just want to name your child something creepy, you could always go with Arachna (spider woman), Banshee (screaming spirit), or Betelgeuse (scary spirit, which you definitely shouldn't say three times). But if you don't want your kid to be mercilessly made fun of in school, perhaps a humble, slight nod to your favorite spooky movies is the way to go. As long as you don't name them Fester, Hannibal, Lurch, Morticia, It, or Lucifer that is. Though if I'm being honest, I could possibly get behind Morticia, because she's amazing, couldn't you? Maybe she could go by Tish.



From the Stephen King novel, Carrie, this name can't get much spookier. Let's hope that if you name your child Carrie they will use their telekinetic powers for good, and that they aren't bullied in school. Nameberry also noted that Carrie means "free man."



Hopefully if you name your kid Norman after Norman Bates, the antagonist in Psycho, they won't murder people and dress up as you like a creep.

Norman is a viking name that means "northman," according to SheKnows.



Oh, Michael Myers. No, not the Austin Powers actor, the Halloween villain. I guess if you aren't going for too spooky, you can feel pretty good because Behind the Name says Michael means "who is like god." So not so evil after all.



Though some women may feel like Rosemary from Rosemary's Baby while they're pregnant (especially if they have HG), hopefully if you end up naming your child Rosemary, they won't be the spawn of Satan. Creepily, Rosemary means "dew of the sea" or "bitter rose," according to SheKnows.



From Edgar Alan Poe, the grandfather of creepy, Annabelle Lee is one of his most famous poems. But bonus: Nameberry noted that Annabelle means "loving."



Poor Dana from Ghostbusters. Not only did she have to deal with being possessed, but at the beginning, she also had to deal with advances from creeper Peter — but I guess that's OK since they got together anyway. Dana means "God has judged, God is judge, or God will judge," according to SheKnows. But don't forget — there is no Dana, only ZUUL.



Misery is a super underrated Stephen King novel and movie in my opinion. Can we talk about the scene with Kathy Bates as Annie when she's torturing him? Yikes. Annie means "grace" according to Nameberry, ironically enough.


Danny or Dani

Whether you're going for Danny from The Shining, or Dani from Hocus Pocus, the name definitely tends to lend itself to spooky movies, no? Like the name Dana, SheKnows says Danny also means "God has judged, or God is judge."



Even though I kinda hated him at first, Peter became one of my favorite characters from Ghostbusters. I mean, you can't dislike Bill Murray no matter what, right? Derived from Greek "Petros," Peter means "stone," according to Behind the Name.



The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the perfect kitschy, creepy movie to enjoy during Halloween season. Even better if you go to the live performance in costume and shout and sing along with the actors portraying the scenes in front of the big screen. SheKnows says Frank means "free one." Though it was my favorite thing to do in college, I'm not sure I'd name my kid after Frank(N Furter).




If you name your kid Gomez, one can hope that they'll be as suave, smooth, quick on their feet, romantic, and handsome as Gomez from The Addams Family. Gomez means "son of man," according to ThoughtCo.



I wanted to be Wednesday so much I was a kid. May your child be as intelligent, creepy, and mysterious as Wednesday Addams if you choose to name your child Wednesday. According to Nameberry, Wednesday "is taken from the name of the day dedicated to the Anglo-Saxon god Woden, who relates to Mercury."



Who wouldn't love Ray from Ghostbusters? Dan Aykroyd is amazing in the movie, and hilarious of course. Nameberry says Ray means "wise protector," so that makes sense, don't you think?



The moon is always magical and spooky, but even spookier in October, in my opinion. Luna means "the moon," according to SheKnows, and it would be the perfect tribute to such a beautiful satellite.



According to Behind the Name, Lilith means "of the night," and was also the name of a demon in ancient Assyrian myths. Enough said.



The scary little boy from The Omen's name is also commonly thought to be related to the devil. Damien means "to tame," according to Baby Name Wizard.



My other favorite character from spooky movies when I was a kid — other than Wednesday — was Cat from Casper. She was the epitome of cool to me, and I loved her style. Maybe I just loved Christina Ricci? The name Cat means "pure," according to Nameberry.



Though he didn't get a ton of play in the first Ghostbusters movie, he was pretty front and center in the second one. And I too hate Jell-O, Winston. Winston means "wine's town," according to Nameberry.



If you name your child Freddy, you better keep your razors and gloves hidden, and never fall asleep again. According to Oh Baby! Names, Freddy "is an English diminutive of Frederick ... Frederick originated as a Germanic name, from the elements 'frid' meaning 'peace' and 'rīc' meaning 'ruler, power.'"



Whether Blair as in the The Blair Witch Project, or Linda Blair from the actress who played the little girl in The Exorcist, Blair can potentially be a pretty creepy name. Blair means "dweller on the plain," according to Baby Name Wizard.



Wasn't Winona Ryder just the best in Beetlejuice? Lydia means "kind," according to Baby Name Wizard. Makes sense to me, since she was so kind and compassionate to Adam and Barbara.



May your child have as beautiful of a voice as Sarah Sanderson, but not be the dopiest Sanderson sister. SheKnows says Sarah means "princess."



Ironically, Mary means "wished-for child," according to SheKnows. I smell children.



According to Nameberry, Winifred means "blessed peacemaking." Though I don't think Winifred was into any peacemaking, if you name your kid after Winnie, I bet they'll have confidence and put a spell on everyone they meet.