2018 Is The Year Of The Dog So Here Are 25 Adorable Photos Of Babies & Pups

There is one thing we can all agree on: Nothing is cuter than a baby with a dog. And as we are approaching 2018, the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac, it only makes sense for us to share these adorable photos of babies with dogs with you. How can you resist tiny humans interacting with furry, slobbery, four-legged animal friends? Thankfully, the Internet has no shortage of such wonderful content.

Besides, there are just so many benefits to letting a baby hang out with a dog. Studies show that it lowers the risk of allergies, especially during the first few months of life, according Today's Parent. Plus, the adorable interactions can pave the way for building and maintaining emotional bonds, even if it is a relationship between a pet and a baby, as reported Parents. Finally, you can snap millions of sweet and cuddly photos that will get you all the likes on social media. And if you get them printed and framed? Hello, perfect nursery decor.

To top it off, looking at photos of babies and dogs is the best way to get that warm and fuzzy feeling after one rollercoaster of a year. Se we won't hold you up any longer: Here are 25 adorable photos of babies and dogs to remind you that there is still goodness in this world.


Got Your Nose

When so many adults pull the "I got your nose" joke on you, it only makes sense to do pass it on to your favorite pup.


Stare Down

They may not speak our language just yet, but it's pretty obvious that these two cuties are having some intense conversation.


Eye To Eye

How can you resist humans and pups that are basically the same size? Actually, they look like they might be the same age as well.


Stop Crying

Don't worry, mamas. Even dogs don't understand those random temper tantrums, but they will try to soothe the baby just the same.



When your kid is so sweet that you can gobble him up, you'll probably end up with a photo like this one, especially if your pooch agrees with you.


Forehead Kisses

Forehead kisses are already cute, but when it's given to a dog by a baby, how can you not die a little inside?



Honestly, few things are cuter than a baby and dog napping together. And OMG they're practically holding paws/hands.


Eskimo Kisses

Nothing beats an Eskimo kiss from the one you love, especially when it's furry and has a wet nose.



If you don't smother each other, does the love even really exist?


Sloppy Kisses

Sometimes, you just have to focus on getting a big ol' sloppy and wet kiss from your other half.


Dog Pony

Who needs a rocking horse when you have a dog? It doesn't hurt that it is comfortable and does tricks, too.


Christmas Memories

This is prime holiday season material, you guys.


More Smothering

Like I said, true love doesn't exist without a healthy dose of smothering. Extra points when you turn into a sandwich.


Feeling Cheeky

Something tells me this little one is an aspiring dentist. The dog, on the other hand, probably thinks — and hopes — otherwise.


Look Of Love

Nothing is better when you find a friend that you can see eye to eye with, especially if they're a tiny human or a tiny pup.



But seriously, why do some dogs have tongues that are half the size of their head? I can relate to this kid's confusion.


Couch Potoates

Watching television just isn't the same without your best friend by your side.


Dog Sofa

Who needs a pillow when they've got a trusty bulldog? When you're still a tiny human being, few things are comfier than a cuddly dog.


Beauty Sleep

I can't handle all of this sleepy cuteness.


Sloppy Kiss

The more kisses, the better. It's a sign of true friendship, so keep 'em coming, pup.


Travel Buddies

Not sure where these two are going, but where ever it is, I'd like to come along.



Between the fluff and the cute, nearly bald baby, this photo is just too adorable for words.


New Friends

Fact: Baby humans and dogs are really just meant to be together.



Like I said, dogs make the most comfortable friends, and you can tell that this babe knows that she's found a keeper.



This precious little lady is basically all of us when we see a dog. The excitement is real, people.

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