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25 Baby Names For Earth Signs That Are Eco-Inspired & Naturally Wonderful

If you're expecting a little Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you're about to become a proud parent of an Earth baby. I'm the mother of a little Cap, and let me tell you, having an Earth sign kid is so rad. In addition to the many respectable personality traits linked to this elementary group, there are also so many baby names for Earth signs that sound natural and eco-friendly, and perfect for 2019.

Before diving right into the names, let's first talk about what it means to be an Earth sign. Compared to the other elements — Fire, Wind, and Air — Earth tends to be the most "grounded" elementary group, and the one that "brings others down to earth," according to Astro Style. My two-year-old Capricorn daughter is all about routines, and is generally not having it if I decide to do something "crazy" like skip her evening bath. That desire for consistency seems to be a common trait for those born under Earth signs. "Earthy people react quietly and slowly. They apply themselves with endurance. Emotionally they are deeply rooted and slow to change," explains Astro Dienst.

If you look at famous "Earth" people, you'll see that their practicality is part of what makes them great. Take Michelle Obama (Capricorn) and Mark Zuckerberg (Taurus), for example — both incredible leaders who know how to get stuff done.

Ok, now to the names! Below you'll find 25 eco-friendly, nature-inspired, organic-sounding names for your little earthy bambino.



The name Terra is Latin in origin and actually means "earth," according to Nameberry. Seems like a perfect moniker for an Earth baby.



Bryn is the Welsh word for "hill" or "mound," according to Behind The Name, and while it's traditionally been used as a masculine name, it's now considered unisex, especially with spelling variations like Brynne and Brinn.



If you're into names inspired by trees, you'll love Idra. The name is Armaic and means "fig tree," according to Nameberry, which notes that in ancient times, fig trees were a symbol for learning, peace, and prosperity.


Marlow or Marlowe

The name Marlow is English in origin and means "from the hill by the lake," according to SheKnows. It's a unisex name that is slowing gaining in popularity, reaching the 981st spot in the Social Security Administration's (SSA) list of popular names in 2017.



Some names mean exactly what they sound like, and Leaf is one of those names. It means, "tree/flower leaf," according to Parents, and it has several cool spelling variations, including Leife and Laif.



Rowan is a kind of mountain ash tree with white flowers and red berries, according to The Bump, which notes that the unisex name in Gaelic translates to "little red-head."



This earthy moniker comes from the Old English word, 'eorthe,' and means "worldly," according to SheKnows.



If you love one-syllable names, you might want to consider Jett, a name derived from a "velvety black mineral," according to Parents.



The English name Haven means "safe place," according to BabyCenter. Celeb mom Jessica Alba has a daughter named Haven, now six, as Hello! reported.



Sage is a kind of plant "regarded by many to have special healing and cleansing properties," according to Baby Name Wizard. It's a trendy unisex name that, as of 2017, was in the top 300 most popular girl's names, as per the SSA.



Like the branches of a willow tree, the name Willow means "slender, graceful," according to SheKnows.



The name Cedar is English in origin and is an "umbrella title for trees of a certain species," according to Parent24. It's definitely a name with some seriously woodsy vibes.



Dahlia is one floral name with multiple meanings, according to Oh Baby Names. In Hebrew, the word 'Dalyah,' means "flowering branch," and in Swedish, 'dal' means "valley."

One of my OB nurses was named Dahlia and she was an absolute saint, so I'm a huge fan of this name.



The name Slate is American in origin and means "gray-green rock," according to Baby Names.



Clover is one adorable, flowery baby name that feels perfect for the nature-loving set. The plant also has a "long association with good luck, via the four-leaf clover, and through the shamrock symbol," according to Nameberry.



The name Canyon might conjure up images of the Grand Canyon, but the name is actually Spanish in origin, and means "footpath," according to The Bump.



An aviary-inspired moniker, the name Wren comes from the diminutive bird of that name, according to Baby Center.



If you're looking for a clever name, you can't go wrong with Fox. The name is old English in origin and comes from the animal bearing the same name, according to The Bump.



The name Fern is a nod to the non-flowering plant, according to Baby Name Wizard. Ferns are some of the oldest plants in the world, noted Just Fun Facts, so it's a name with some seriously ancient roots.



This is one cute and quirky name with some pretty varied meanings. Juniper is a "small evergreen shrub," according to Nameberry, but the Saint of Comedy also bears the name.



Fans of the Today Show will recognize the name Vale, because it's what host Savannah Guthrie named her daughter. The unisex moniker means "valley," according to Parents.



The name Sienna is an "Italian place-name for orange-red color clay," according to Nameberry. The SSA notes that it was the 222nd most popular girl's name in 2017.



If you're seeking a name with deep roots, you'll love Forest, which is a surname (de Foresta) that dates back to the 13th century, and means "of the forest," according to Baby Name Wizard.



The name Eden is Hebrew and means, "place of pleasure, delight," according to Nameberry.



This moniker might be most commonly associated with the indie singer, Bjork, but the name actually means, "birch tree," in Icelandic, according to Behind the Name.