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Give a Capricorn name to your baby born in December or January.

These 35 Capricorn Baby Names Are The G.O.A.T.

What do you name a kid who's already the Greatest Of All Time?

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If you're into astrology, then it's only natural to tap into the zodiac for help naming your child. And as these baby names for Capricorn babies go to show, this hardworking sign inspires a whole range of powerful names. Your kid will get a moniker that's as unique as they are.

Choosing a name for your unborn child is a process. After all, how will you know what fits them before you know them? Astrology, that’s how. Knowing your baby’s sun sign might help you have a general idea of some key traits of their personality. An earth sign, Capricorns are known for being hardworking and ambitious, the goal-seekers of the zodiac signs. They’re focused on success and are typically thought of as the “boss type” of the zodiac. They’re also one of the four cardinal signs, which makes them leaders, self-starters, visionaries, and go-getters.

TL;DR, your Capricorn baby is undoubtedly destined for greatness. Although these traits may take a little time to present themselves in your kid (what do the trappings of success mean to a newborn?), the sign of the Capricorn is a great source of name inspiration for your kid. So looking for the names that embody the earth sign’s vibe is an ample place to start.

When Are Capricorns Born?

Before you get to naming, it's helpful to know a little more about the details associated with Capricorn. Individuals born between December 22 and January 19 fall under the sign of Capricorn, represented by a goat symbol with the tail of a fish. It's one of four cardinal signs of the zodiac, and it’s the sun sign of legendary leaders like Michelle Obama, Greta Thunberg, and Martin Luther King, Jr. When it comes to choosing the perfect Capricorn name, anything that has to do with hard work, strength, patience, stability, discipline, or wisdom are sure to embody the person your little one grows up to be. Here are a few of the best to get you started on your search.




Emmet is derived from English, German, and Hebrew origins. The name has several meanings, one of which is “powerful,” which makes it perfect for a Capricorn kid. One And if you’re a Twilight fan, you know how fitting this name’s meaning is.



Since Capricorns are born leaders, opt for a name that communicates exactly that. Alufa is a Hebrew name that means “leader.” If you’re going for uncommon or unique baby names, this one’s for you.



Saturn, the planet associated with Capricorn, is another great source of inspiration. Dione is the name of one of Saturn’s moons (yes, there are multiple). In Greek mythology, it’s also the name of the Titan goddess, which makes a pretty powerful namesake in itself.



Speaking of naming your baby after a goddess, Cybele is an ultra-fitting Capricorn name. Other than the fact that it simply sounds beautiful, this Greek name means “goddess of the earth” — absolutely perfect for an earth sign child.



This is a beautiful Celtic name with many variations. One of its meanings is “blessed,” which makes a lot of sense for a successful and ambitious Capricorn. Plus, just look at Gwyneth Paltrow — by all standards, she’s pretty successful.




The name Amelia means hardworking, so it’s already an obvious choice since this trait is so strongly associated with Capricorns. In Latin, the name Amelia means industrious and striving, which also makes total sense for a Capricorn name. Think Amelia Earhart — now there’s a striving, hardworking woman.



As an earth sign, Capricorns are associated with the color brown, like the earth’s soil. As a strong neutral color, it plays right into the sign’s traits — and it can inspire some amazing names. For instance, the name Bruno is of German descent and means “brown.”



For a more directly inspired name, go with Capria. Not only does it sound lovely, but the name Capria comes from the Italian word for goat. Could there be a more fitting name for a Capricorn baby goat?



The name Cornelius means “horn.” It's super appropriate for a kid born under the sign of the goat, which, of course, has horns. Plus, it also starts with a C, but is a less obvious association to the zodiac than Capria.



Another one of Saturn’s many moons is named Helene, which makes a beautiful name for a baby girl or boy. And while there are tons of moon-inspired names out there, this one is extra unique. Plus, it makes for a Capricornian twist on the name Selene, which is a common earth moon-derived name.




The name Emiliano is of Spanish and Italian origin and means “work.” It's ideal for the workhorse of the zodiac. It’s also related to the German name Emil, which means “to strive or excel” — also oh-so-fitting for a Capricorn.



A name meaning “strong,” Evander is another solid choice. Capricorns are known to be sturdy and strong, after all. And this one is particularly unassuming yet distinctive.



Famous Capricorn Finn Wolfhard, known for his role as Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things, is another great source of name inspiration. This Irish name means “fair” or “white” and is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, Finn is among the most popular baby names of 2021.



Channel that earth sign energy with Gaia, a name meaning “earth.” In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of Mother Earth herself. Plus, it just sounds lovely.



The name Gretchen means “focused.” This is another common trait of hardworking Capricorns. Your little Capricorn will likely be responsible and focused on success, so this name is ever fitting.




The number four is lucky for Capricorns, so name your kid after the Roman numeral for four, IV. It's kind of a stretch, sure, but then your kid could share a name with one of Beyoncé's children.



A Germanic name, Jordanes means “land.” It's another perfect moniker for this earth sign, and it’s a surprising take on the more common version, Jordan.



Need some famous Capricorns for inspiration? Steady and disciplined Kate Middleton is a textbook Capricorn. Plus, naming your baby after royalty has to be good luck, right?



The Japanese name Kiko means “glad,” which is reason enough to consider it. Kiko is not only an extremely cute name, but it's also a breed of goat. Checkmate on the perfect Capricorn name.



The name Lance came from the Germanic name Lanzo, meaning “land.” It's another fitting name for an earth sign. If you want to instill a love of the outdoors from an early age, you can give your kid a head start with this nature-inspired name.




This beautiful-sounding name is perfect for kids born under this sign. As it turns out, lapis lazuli is considered a lucky gemstone for Capricorns. It’s a great stone for people with leadership goals — total Capricorn move.



Any name meaning either “work” or “strength” is perfect for Capricorns. Meaning both, Millicent is doubly perfect — and as a longer name, there is no shortage of nickname potential. You could call them Millie, Lisa, Lissa, Penny, or Milzie for short.



Because the Capricorn is half-goat, half-fish, aquatic names are in the mix as well. In fact, the name Mina means “fish” in Sanskrit. And it’s a relatively uncommon name — there won’t be a classroom full of other Minas to worry about in the future.



Capricorns are renowned for their patience; they’re a slow and steady earth sign, after all. This trait on its own makes a great moniker. They could even go by Patty or Pat for nicknames.



Roderick is another name inspired by the color brown, a total Capricorn color. The name comes from the Old Welsh name Rhydderch, which translates to “famous ruler” and also relates to the color red. This iteration just brings it up to the 21st century.




Want some inspiration from the world of celebrities? Ryan Seacrest is another famous Capricorn. Plus — this is a coincidental stretch — his last name has the word “sea,” perfect for the sea goat.



Sage is a name that means “wise” and “knowing.” It's a great fit for this wise sign. And as the name of a delicious herb, it’s a name fitting for earth signs.



Shameeta is a Hebrew name that means “disciplined” and “peacemaker.” Self-discipline is another Capricorn trait, and this name just sounds delicate and beautiful.



The name Sophia, or Sophus, is of Greek origin. Both have a Greek meaning of “wisdom.” As such, this is an obvious selection for the super-smart Capricorns.



Maybe go for a more general astrology theme. The Dutch name Stella means star. Your baby will have a whole birth chart with all kinds of zodiac constellations to take into account, after all, not just their sun sign.




Consider this name for the earth sign. Appropriately enough, the name Terra means earth or land. Think “terrestrial” or “terrain” — it’s a perfect fit.



Capricorns are known for their strong desire for success. Likewise, the Indian name Thanisha means ambition. If there’s one sign that embodies this trait, it’s Capricorn hands down.



Hardworking Capricorns love success. So go with the Latin name Victoria, which means “victory.” Or, for the masculine version — not that it matters — go with Victor.



Purple is another color associated with Capricorns, so use the color as an inspiration for a name like the Latin Viola, which means “violet.” Alternately, Violet makes a beautiful name as well.



Capricorns are associated with the season of winter, as those born under this sign have birthdays in late December to late January. So choose a name such as Yuki, a Japanese word that can mean “snow.” It also can mean “happiness,” which is all the more reason it makes a great baby name.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a name for the newest member of your family. But if your goal is to pick something that embodies your little one’s character, looking to the stars is a tried and true place to start.

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