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31 Sweet Names For Your Capricorn Baby Girl

For future leaders and wise souls.

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Parents looking for a Capricorn baby name befitting their stubborn yet sensitive little girl should know there are plenty of ways to draw inspiration from their birth sign. There are some absolutely gorgeous Capricorn girl names out there that will pay tribute to your little goat in both subtle and obvious ways.

If you’re expecting your baby to arrive between Dec. 22 and Jan. 19, you have yourself a little Capricorn baby. Consider yourself lucky, too, because based on the sign’s profile, Capricorns are known to be hardworking, responsible, diligent, and to have some amazing self-control. Seriously, what parent wouldn’t want a touch of these traits in their child? Also, Capricorns love their family and value traditions, so you can be sure that no matter how successful they become, they’ll always make time for you as they grow up.

Between their admirable traits and the little details of the Capricorn sign (like their earth sign ties and stunning birth stone), there is no shortage inspiration to draw on for the perfect Capricorn girl name. Read up on the characteristics of Capricorns you want your daughter to embrace most, the sign’s lucky colors, and famous Capricorns’ legacies, and you’re sure to find the perfect moniker.



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Capricorn’s flower is the pansy, which is a hybrid of a few different flowers, including the violet. Naming your little one Violet is a sweet and sneaky way of honoring her astrological sign. Besides, purple just so happens to be one of Cap’s lucky colors.



The name Sage is growing in popularity, and it also happens to be a fantastic choice for intelligent little Capricorns, because it’s a Latin name that means “wise.” It’s an earthy girl name (and Capricorn is an earth sign) that also calls to mind the light green hue of fresh herbs.



Mita is an Indian baby girl name that means “grounded,” which is one of Capricorn’s most commonly cited traits. If you want a little one with a steady temperament, might as well try and instill it in their name too.



If you’re leaning toward Capricorn girls names, does that mean you’ve already thought about Christmas baby names? Considering the time of year, choosing a seasonal name to remember the feeling of your baby’s early days makes sense, and Winter is a lovely option.



Capricorn’s lucky colors are black, purple, and blue, particularly the deeper hues, so Navy is a unique name option that subtly hints at your baby’s sign. There are countless baby names that mean blue, so if Navy isn’t your speed, don’t discount the color idea altogether.



Speaking of purple, the name Lavender is a beautiful homage to the sign’s lucky color. Like Sage, it also feels earthy and natural.



Want to name your little girl after other Capricorn trailblazers? Dolly Parton herself just so happens to have been born under the same sign, and aside from her legendary country music career, she’s also a businesswoman and philanthropist.



Capricorn’s stunning red birth stone, garnets are said to be healing, and inspire those who wear them to accomplish great things. Who wouldn’t want those same things for their precious little gem?



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Ramona is a name with Spanish origins meaning “wise protector.” Because the star sign is known for being both naturally intelligent and loyal to family, Ramona is a fitting Capricorn girl name.



Another name choice for earth sign babies: Terra, which means “earth.” Symbolically, Terra has associations with characteristics like stability because of the Latin phrase terra firma, the dry land you return to after a rough journey at sea.



It’s earthy, it brings images of blue to mind, and it’s the perfect Capricorn girl name for parents who feel most at ease near the water. The name River has been slowly rising in popularity since 2008, according to the Social Security Administration, so hop on it while it’s still unique.



An attorney, author, activist, and First Lady. Any parent would be proud of their daughter for becoming one of those things, but Capricorn Michelle Obama has done them all. Your little Cap already shares the same astrological traits, so maybe sharing a name will give your girl an extra leg up.



Felicity means “good fortune,” something your Capricorn girl is likely to experience thanks to her amibitious nature and strong work ethic. It also means “happy,” a wonderful thing to wish for your daughter to be.



Capricorn is an earth sign, so consider naming your daughter Jade, which translates into “earth” or “stone of the side.”



Livia is a name with Spanish and Latin roots that means “blue.” Since dark blue is one of the sign’s spirit color, Livia makes for an excellent Capricorn girl name. It’s also perfect for parents who like the sound of Olivia, but want something less popular.



A little different, yes, but Saturn is the ruling planet for Capricorns, so it’s definitely appropriate.



One of the primary traits of a Capricorn is their hardworking nature. The German name Amelia means “work,” making it a perfect choice for your ambitious baby girl.



Though it doesn’t have an overly obvious connection to Capricorns, Florence means “flourishing,” which is certainly what your little Capricorn will be doing thanks to all of her self-discipline and hard work.



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You can channel your inner Beyonce and name your little girl Blue as a nod to Capricorn’s spirit color. The fact that it’s a celeb-worthy name is just a little icing on the cake.



Great for parents who want to celebrate their Capricorn baby and who have a healthy love for all things Harry Potter, Hermione is a name that means “earthly,” which is perfect for a baby with an earth sign.



Not only will you get to call your little girl “Millie” for short, but you’ll also be giving her a name that means “strong in work,” which is a major part of her personality as a Capricorn.



Amina is an Arabic name that means “trustworthy” and “faithful.” This is perfect for little Capricorns since they’re not only responsible, but they also value family and the people they love.



Not only is Sapphire just a beautiful name in general, but it’s also great for a Capricorn since it references a deep blue color, a signature of this astrological sign.



Another gorgeous name that has an earthy meaning. In Latin, Gemma means “precious stone,” and your baby girl is certain to be the crown jewel of your life from now on.



If you’re into unique names, Lapis may be the one for you. Capricorn’s lucky stone is the lapis lazuli, so this is a fun, subtle way to celebrate your little girl’s sign.



Minerva is a Latin name that means “intellect.” This is a great choice for any smart little girl, but is especially fitting as a Capricorn girl name since they are known for being inherently intelligent.



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It doesn’t get much earthier themed than this name, which literally translates into “earth mother.” It’s a Greek name that’s gaining popularity, so you should get on it quickly before everyone else does.



Indigo is another deep shade of blue, Capricorn’s spirit color, that would make for a beautiful Capricorn girl name. Calling her Indi for short? It’s too cute.



A gorgeous Sanskirt name that means “knowledge,” any Capricorn girl would be lucky to be named Veda.



Avani is another great name for earth signs, as it’s Hindi for “good earth.” It’s a name that’s often used in India and has been steadily growing in popularity in the U.S.



Alaska is a Native American name that means “great land,” which could be a nod to your daughter’s earth sign. Given its origin, this name is extra special for someone with indigenous heritage.

If you’re looking for something unique, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful Capricorn girl names for your baby. And if you’re into the movements of the planets and stars, perhaps a winter solstice baby name might be worth considering too.

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