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21 Earthy Baby Girl Names For Your Little Force Of Nature

Outdoorsy parents, gather ’round.

Choosing your baby’s name can feel like a lot of pressure: it’s how everyone will know them throughout their life, so it needs to be cute enough for a baby, strong enough for an adult, and distinguished enough for someone in their old age. Earthy baby girl names can do all of that, combining a sense of strength, serenity, and timelessness thanks to their natural inspiration.

Nature-related names have been gaining popularity in recent years thanks to parents wanting to turn the focus away from technology and return to their roots. Trends aside, maybe you’re considering earthy girl names because you and your partner enjoy being outdoors together, whether that means casual walks through your local park or full-on camping excursions in the mountains. The good thing is that no matter the reason you’re looking for earthy baby girl names, there are plenty to choose from, and one that’s bound to make you say: That’s the one.

When you start making a list of baby names you love inspired by nature, be sure to think of all its elements: flowers, trees, bodies of water, mountain ranges, valleys, animals, weather, and more. The inspiration is truly endless, but if you need some earthy girl name ideas to spark your creativity, feel free to start here.



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The only thing softer and sweeter than your baby girl might be a baby deer, also known as a fawn. It feels classic and fairytale-like, while still being rooted in nature. It’s also a great choice for parents who like the name Dawn, but want something less common.



The mental image of a meadow includes all the best parts of nature: green grass dappled in sun and shade, vibrant flowers here and there, and maybe a cute critter or two passing through to stop at the pond. As a name, Meadow has been in the U.S. top 1,000 since 2001 thanks to a character on The Sopranos by the same name.



Of course this name immediately brings to mind the Garden of Eden in the Bible, but an eden is defined as any “place of pristine or abundant natural beauty” according to Merriam-Webster. It’s more popular in the U.S. now than it has ever been, but don’t let that stop you from using this gorgeous moniker. Besides, the nickname Edie is just too cute.



Close in sound to Tara, Terra is the Latin word for earth. It was also the name of the goddess of the earth in Roman mythology. This name peaked around 1980 but is extremely uncommon now, so your little girl will likely be the only Terra in her school. A similar name is Gaia, goddess of the earth in Greek mythology.



If your brand of earthy is less REI and more cottagecore, Faye should definitely be on your radar. It’s an English name meaning fairy, and also brings to mind Morgan le Fay, a powerful sorceress from ancient folklore. It’s currently climbing the popularity charts but is still outside the top 1,000.



Whether the Sierra Nevada mountain range holds special memories you hope to honor, or you want a name for your daughter that will evoke strength and majesty, a mountain-inspired moniker like this does both. Similar earthy girl names include Savannah, Sky, and Summer.



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The willow tree has tons of symbolism, and are known best for their long branches that bend instead of breaking and their ability to grow in harsh climates. What more could you want for your little girl than that sort of resilience? Celebs like Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and Pink have chosen the name for their own baby girls.



If you’re searching for the perfect earthy girl name, chances are you’ve considered some flower names as well. Lavender is one of the more grounded floral names since its also an herb used in early medicines, and dates all the way back to the 1700s.



While you have botany on the brain, Sage is another herbal, earthy girl name to consider. It means “wise,” and in various cultures, sage leaves were believed to provide immortality and wisdom. It currently ranks as the 223rd most popular name for girls in the U.S.



Laurel peaked in popularity in the 1950s, so not only is this name great for parents who want a natural vibe for their baby name, it’s got throwback appeal too. Laurel shrubs were used in ancient Greece to make crowns for athletes or champions of musical contests, and their leaves are still used today as a popular seasoning (hello, bay leaves).



A wren is a little brown bird with a beautiful voice that tends to make its nests around human homes. As a name, it currently ranks #474 on the popularity charts, but has potential to become a major favorite in the next few years. Millennial parents will love this name as a subtle reminder of their Even Stevens-watching days.



If you want a nature name that hasn’t been done, Cove is for you. It brings to mind the peaceful image of a small inlet with waves lapping the shore, and its short, sweet spelling makes it both strong and simple. Chances are you’ve never met someone with this moniker before, so as far as rare earthy girl names go, this one is a great option.



Sweetbriar rose is a flowering bush with a signature apple-like scent and delicate pink blooms. But this flower name isn’t as overtly girly as other flower names (think Daisy or Poppy). It has a grounded feeling to it that might appeal to parents seeking the perfect earthy girl name.



Does fall have a special place in your heart or childhood memories? Or, does the season bring to mind all the beauty of leaves changing and crisp breezes blowing? No matter why you love it, Autumn is a timeless earthy girl name option. Winter and Summer are two other seasonal names that never go out of style.



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If your favorite places in nature are all about water, River may be the perfect earthy baby name for your little girl. It’s a gender neutral option that flows well with most middle names, and is on the verge of breaking into the top 100 names in the U.S.



Everyone recognizes a fern plant when they see one, but do you know everything they symbolize? In Japanese culture they represent hope for the future generations, while in the indigenous Maori culture, they’re associated with new beginnings. It’s a down-to-earth, not-flowery botanical name for a baby girl who is, after all, bringing new life to your family.



In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of the sunrise. Aurora means “dawn,” and also brings to mind the Northern Lights (aka aurora borealis). With all of those connotations, your little Aurora is sure to be a ray of light, too.



While most people think of the college, this spelling of the name Berkley refers to a meadow of birch trees. The name originates in Scotland, where birch trees symbolize growth and stability, aside from being known for their beauty.



Aspen trees have their own special meanings too — in Greek mythology, heroes wore crowns of aspen leaves to give them courage and the power to visit the Underworld and return safely. Aspen currently ranks #224 on the popularity charts, and may climb higher as earthy girl names gain traction.



Actress Lake Bell is probably the most famous person with this first name, but maybe your baby girl will take over the top spot one day. Lake is currently nowhere near even the top 2,000 most popular names in the U.S., so it’s definitely an uncommon choice, and will appeal to parents who like one-syllable or gender neutral names.



No forest scene would be complete without a babbling brook. Dropping the E off of the name Brooke returns the feminine name back to its original spelling and meaning of “small stream.” It also sounds fairly gender neutral — perfect for parents who prefer unisex monikers.

Did any of these names feel like the one? Whether you choose an option from this list or just got ideas flowing, know that whatever earthy girl name you choose for your baby will be perfect.