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These Winter Solstice-inspired baby names are perfect for your little one.
25 Winter Solstice Baby Names For Your Magical Little One

Bright, cheery, and festive names abound.

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December 21 marks the winter solstice. Officially the shortest day (and longest night) of the year, the first day of winter is also known to be one of the most magical. Interested in an ethereal, celestial or ancient name for your baby born on the winter solstice, or with a due date around this enchanting time? These winter solstice baby names may be just what you're looking for.

While the start of winter might fill some with dread, many people believe the winter solstice is a spiritual day filled with meaning. Ancient cultures viewed the “turning of the sun” during the winter solstice as a time of death and rebirth, and by lighting fires, it was symbolic of welcoming back the light, and many still celebrate around the world today.

Whether you’re religious or not, there's no coincidence that the winter solstice is close to Christmas. Much like Christmas celebrations, the winter solstice is cause for joy and festivity — a time of renewal, of rebirth, and looking forward toward a brighter horizon. Many of the winter baby names on this list evoke the same feeling and spirit of the entire season, all kicked off by the winter solstice.

Pretty magical, right? See if one of these winter solstice-inspired baby names is right for your December-born bundle of joy.



Short for Demeter, Demi is a name steeped in both Greek mythology and the winter solstice. When Hades abducted Persephone, her daughter and the goddess of spring, Demeter went into mourning, causing the earth to die for six months, thus giving us the winter season. Also, there's Demi Moore, of course.



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A sacred tree of the winter solstice, it is the first month in the Celtic tree calendar after the winter solstice, and has long been associated with rebirth and regeneration.



Holly is a traditional plant of the winter season, and wreaths made with holly are a huge part of the winter solstice tradition, said to bring good luck and protection. The name Hollis is a celebratory homage to the seasonal plant that has long been considered a special part of holiday celebrations.



The beautiful name Neva is of Spanish origin and means “white snow," so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a snow baby name for your little one. With any luck, you’ll see some snow this winter season.



Odin was the god of wisdom and poetry in Norse mythology. With roots that trace back to the Yule celebration in Scandinavia, Odin was a Norse gift-bearer who some believe originated the story of Santa Claus. Also, for Marvel fans, this winter baby name is a subtle nod to Thor.



Here's a short and sweet winter solstice baby name for a little girl that's also a stunning vine, often used in festive decorations during the holiday season. Ivy has all the ethereal vibes of the winter solstice.



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The name Orion is of Greek origin and means "dweller on the mountain.” It's also the name of the brightest constellation in the night sky, alluding to calm and bright winter skies.



Lucia comes from the Latin word Lux meaning “light.” St. Lucia's Day on Dec. 13 is also a major Swedish tradition that occurs each winter, right before the winter solstice. Girls and boys in white gowns sing in celebration of the mythical Saint Lucia, the bearer of light.



For anyone looking for a snow baby name with a sense of humor, there's Jack — after Jack Frost, of course. Jack means “God is gracious,” so there’s also a Christmas connection there as well.



Celeste is of Latin origin and means "heavenly." Of course, if you're looking to pay homage to the celestial aspect of winter solstice, relating to heaven and the skies overhead, then Celeste is a perfect tribute.



Skye is a unisex name of Scottish origin. Since winter solstice is a celebration of the longest night of the year, which for many includes viewing the stars overhead, then Skye is a fitting name for this occasion.



Aurora means "dawn." This is a powerful and radiant name that evokes the spirit of awakening associated with winter solstice. It’s the perfect winter baby name for your little goddess.



If you love floral names, Laurel is another suggestion fitting for a winter baby. The evergreen shrub has aromatic leaves with clusters of small, yellowish white flowers, and is used frequently in holiday decor.



Looking to spice things up? Sage is an herb often used in winter solstice blessings, and is also associated with easing into transitions. Sage is a unisex baby name that means “wise.”



Fire plays a big part in the winter solstice, as celebrations "welcome back the light" on the longest night of the year. Ash gives a subtle nod to the Yule log, which is burned to ashes during these celebrations.




Once again following the winter solstice theme of rebirth, the baby name Hope is a fitting choice. This virtue name truly encompasses the spirit of the season.



Winter solstice is the longest night of the year, so there’s ample time to gaze at the twinkling balls of fire in the sky. Of all of the celestial baby name options out there, Star is a sparkling choice.



For a winter solstice baby name that points to the ancient celebrations of the season with fire, Blaze is a unique option. This name is of Latin origin and means “fire” or “flame.”



When you picture an icy-cold winter day, you may imagine snowflakes and icicles that glitter and glisten like fine crystal. If winter solstice and snow baby names live in your heart, Crystal is a top contender.



For a snow baby name that’s unique and not too obvious, consider North. OK, I know this is also the name of Kim Kardashian’s daughter, but North is fiery in her own right, so it totally works for winter solstice. (The wintery connections are there, too: North Pole, North Star, etc.)



Eira is a Welsh baby name that means “snow,” so it’s perfect for your little snow baby. It’s also got a winter solstice connection, as the name is similar to the name of the Norse goddess of childbirth, Eir.



A nod to the burning of Yule logs during winter solstice celebration, the winter baby name Cole is associated with the word “coal,” the combustible sedimentary rock that is often used to ignite flames in the dead of winter.



Another winter solstice baby name that has a fiery vibe is Ember. Of British origin, Ember means “spark,” and is similar to the name Amber, which means “glow.”



The winter baby name Whittaker means “white field.” The name’s meaning just brings to mind a wide open plain, filled with fresh snow. Whittaker itself is very proper, but Whit is a cute nickname to use.



The connection to the season for this winter solstice baby name should be quite obvious. Could it lead to your little one’s name being forever misspelled? Perhaps, but it’s also especially unique and gender neutral.



Hans is a traditional German name that has connections to the germanic celebrations of Yule, the festival associated with the winter solstice. Hans means “God is gracious,” which is also fitting for the winter solstice.



Want a celestial baby name that people will recognize? Try Luna. It’s currently in the top 10 baby names for girls, but that doesn’t make it any less special.



Since winter solstice is the longest night and the shortest day, why not pay homage with a baby name that literally means “light”? Lucy is a great choice, and it also ties into Saint Lucia Day, but with a little more subtlety.



The baby name Audrey is classic, but its meaning really fits winter solstice: “noble strength.” Since the start of winter was always such a hard time for people, it required a lot of resilience and strength to get through, and Audrey has a nice connection to those vibes.



Penelope is both an ancient name and a classic name, and is often associated with faithfulness (which you need a lot of during winter)

Whether you’re looking for a cute snow baby name for your wintery newborn, or just want to pay homage to the festivities that mark the turning of the season, these winter solstice baby names are a great starting point.

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