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These Earthy Boy Names Were Inspired By The Great Outdoors

Declare your passion for climbing trees or scaling mountains.

Did you and your partner meet thanks to your mutual love of the outdoors? Maybe you got into hiking after you met, or you grew up camping with your family, and being in nature makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Whatever the reason you’re considering earthy boy names for your new baby, rest assured there’s a perfect fit out there for your little woodsman.

When you’re choosing your ideal earthy baby name, think about your favorite aspects of nature and draw inspiration from them. Do you love the sense of adventure you feel when you’re on the hiking trail? Atlas or Everest might appeal to you. Or, if you love being near the water, Loch or River could be the names that steal your heart. But if camping under a green canopy of leaves is what really does it for you, Aspen or Alder could be your top picks.

As you narrow down which earthy boy name you like best, consider factors like the name’s popularity and country of origin, too. Try writing it down and saying it aloud with the your baby’s last name, and any middle name options you may be considering. Weighing all those little details can help break a tie between your top contenders, leaving you with the absolute best earthy boy name for your new babe.



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For all those who’ve never had to use one on a school project, an atlas is a book of maps and topography charts. If you’re hoping to raise a child who loves to explore, travel, and see uncharted lands, Atlas is a strong name to give him. It was also the name of a titan in Greek mythology who carried the earth on his shoulders, which is also pretty cool.



River is a unisex name that obviously refers to a body of water. It has steadily risen in popularity and, in 2020, was the 129th most popular name in the U.S. That means it’s just common enough to not sound odd, but unique enough to stand out in crowd.



Fans of River will also like Rowan — it’s got the same R sound and two syllables, and an equally earthy meaning. A rowan tree has delicate green leaves and grows tons of bright red berries (which may be why it also means “little redhead”). For parents who prefer a name of Scottish or Irish origin, Rowan checks that box too.



Another unisex option, Ash could be short for tons of other names (think Asher, Ashton, or Ashley), or could stand on its own. This name brings to mind images of campfire coals burning hot and the leaves of ash trees blowing in the breeze.



The name Fox has all the wildness you could want in an earthy boy name in one short syllable. Foxes are known for being clever and quick-witted, which may push you to your limits as a parent, but would benefit any child in the long run. This name ranked No. 916 in popularity in the U.S. back in 2020, and has been steadily decreasing since 2018.



An alder is a type of tree whose wood just so happens to be used to manufacture electric guitars, so musically inclined parents might gravitate toward this name. If you like Alder but it’s not quite right, Calder (a Scottish name meaning “stream” or “rough waters”) might be the perfect fit.



This name needs no explanation, and is the perfect choice for parents who love the water or have special memories by the sea. Ocean is an earthy baby name of Aboriginal origin, and while it’s within the top 1,000 most popular baby names, it’s still nowhere near overused.



A Welsh name, Dylan means “born from the ocean” or “son of the sea.” It’s certainly more common than Ocean — it ranked in the 40s on the U.S. popularity charts in 2020 — it still sounds dreamy and tranquil no matter how many times you’ve heard it before.



Wilder means exactly what it sounds like — “wild” or “untamed.” While that might be how you like your landscapes rather than your toddler, you have to admit, it’s about as earthy as a name gets. It’s most commonly seen as a surname, as was the case for actor Gene Wilder.




If you’re torn between old-fashioned and earthy baby names, you can have both with Heath. It’s an English name meaning “land of heather and grass.” The name most famously belonged to actor Heath Ledger, but maybe your little adventurer will be the next notable Heath.



If you love long walks in the woods, Forest might just be the perfect baby name for your little one. It’s currently not too common in the U.S. (it took spot No. 1,450 on the charts in 2020), and your child will appreciate its well-known meaning and straightforward spelling for a lifetime.



If your brand of earthy is all about grounding, herbal remedies, and crystals, Jasper should definitely be on your name list. Jasper is a stone that comes in tons of colors and patterns depending on where in the world it originates. It’s believed to offer a sense of tranquility and wholeness, two feelings your new baby will definitely bring into your family.



Hikers and climbers will have a special appreciation for the name Canyon, but anyone who loves the outdoors can appreciate this earthy baby boy name. Since it’s a well-known word it will always be spelled and pronounced correctly, but since it’s less common as a name, your kiddo will probably be the only Canyon in his class.



Loch is a Gaelic name meaning “lake,” and can make a standalone first name or be short for Lochlan (“land of the lakes”). It sounds strong and masculine, but the water-related meaning gives it just enough softness to be perfect for a baby and young child.



Like River or Forest, the name Leaf is pretty obviously earthy but almost unheard of, so it’d be a bold choice. It sounds the same as the Scandinavian name Leif, which translates to “heir.”



One of the most notable mountains in the world, Everest would make a striking first name for a little boy. It’s been steadily climbing in popularity since the 1980s, though it still falls outside the top 1,000 most common names right now. A name like this sets up your little dude to tackle any challenge that comes his way in life.



Clay was originally an English surname that was given to someone who worked with clay as a profession (kind of like Baker, Cooper, or Smith). While clay is obviously found in the earth, this name may resonate a little extra with parents who are artistic or appreciate working with their hands, just like potters and clay workers do.



Flint is a type of quartz that has historically been used to start fires and make certain tools. Naming your baby Flint would definitely be a rare choice, with the name currently ranked in the 4,000s on the popularity charts. But if you want an earthy boy name, this one feels rugged, resourceful, and timeless.



Beckett may not be the first name you think of when you’re imagining your perfect earthy boy name, but if you want something a little more subtle, it’s a great option. It’s an English name meaning “little brook” or “beehive,” so it’s got two nature-oriented meanings. And the nickname Beck? Super cute.



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Though it sounds just like the familiar name Reid, Reed has roots in nature, and may have extra appeal for music lovers. Reeds grow in wetlands and have those signature brown tufts on top. They were used to make flutes in Ancient Greece and are still a major component in most woodwind instruments.



Slate is a type of rock that splits into flat, smooth pieces, and usually has a grey, green, or blue color. It has been used for centuries for making tools and weapons, and if you’re into crystals and gemstones, slate is believed to provide a sense of balance and calm. It’s not even ranked in U.S. births, so your little guy will be the only Slate in his class, most likely.

So, what will you call your nature-loving lad? Any of these timeless, earthy boy names would suit him well in every stage of his life.