What Type Of Toddler Your Baby Will Be, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

As parents, we frequently wish we could gaze into a crystal ball and see what the future holds for our kids. When I was pregnant I wondered what my kid would look like, and when he was a baby I wondered how his personality would form and evolve. My son is a toddler now, so I’ve got a better idea about the kind of fully-formed human he will be. Kind of. But if you're impatient, like me, you can bypass the waiting game and figure out what type of toddler your baby will be based on their zodiac sign.

So I know that astrology isn't for everyone. I get it. As an agnostic atheist, I'm not one to believe in the mystics, myself, but I do find astrology to be interesting. Like the old saying goes on OKCupid (anyone still on that?), it’s “fun to think about.” I’m a Virgo and while I know astrology can't unveil a foolproof outline of my pre-written destiny, I’ve always found that the description of those born around the same time as me often holds some bearing. I am very much a perfectionist, and I can be hypercritical of, well, everything. Classic Virgo.

Still, and of course, I don't see myself 100 percent when I read about a Virgo's traits. And while my son definitely has some legit Pisces traits, I know he deviates from the Zodiac sign, too. But it's usually more accurate than inaccurate, honestly, so maybe there is something to be said about astrology. So if you're excited to figure out what kind of toddler your little one is going to be, find your baby's sign and read on:


If your toddler was born between December 22 and January 21, they are undoubtedly the sort who are always busy building a Lego city or perfecting their coloring skills. It’s said that Capricorns are hard workers, and these little tots can often be seen constructing the most elaborate sand castle on the beach.

Be warned, though: tiny Capricorns are stubborn and will argue with you until the end of time about the best place to position their toys.


You’ll notice that toddlers celebrating birthdays between January 22 and February 21 march to the beat of their own drum. Encourage these littles to make their own style and play choices because that's totally how they thrive. Aquarians are big trend-setters, too, so they'll dig plenty of independence (so, you know, maybe cool down on the helicopter parenting).


Being a water sign, Pisces toddlers naturally gravitate toward water-based play. These littles (born between February 22 and March 21) absolutely love splashing around and getting wet, so feel free to get these toddlers into swim classes ASAP. They also value relationships and are fairly sensitive souls, so don’t be surprised if they develop plenty of close friendships early on.


Aries toddlers are also known as rams, so you can only imagine what some of their common traits are. Born between March 22 through April 21, Aries kids aren’t afraid to make their wants and needs known. That said, they are also mighty impulsive, and just like rams, jump from rock to rock. Aries kids will bravely (though not always wisely) jump from one exciting and potentially dangerous activity to the next. Carry around a first aid kit with these kids around.


Taurus kiddos (celebrating birthdays from April 22 to May 21) are big on sensory play. Pleasure-seeking is a big Taurus quality, and these toddlers are excited about anything that feels good (think popping bubbles, splashing in water tables, and squishing dough just for the sake of how it feels).

Being an Earth sign, they’re also generally down-to-earth and happy to go along with most activities. But be warned, they can also be rather bullish, refusing naps and meals and anything else mom wants them to do.


Your Gemini child (May 22 to June 21) wears many hats. These little ones love learning and excel at many talents. They do, however, have something of a duality about them. Don’t be alarmed if your child is behaving like an angel in at home, but behaving totally out of character at school or for their baby-sitter (or vice versa). But keep them busy, and any negative-seeming characteristics are usually couched.


Toddlers born in Cancer (June 22 to July 21) are loving and incredibly sensitive little souls. These littles are cautious at first, and don’t always trust initially, but once they do they are incredibly loyal. Your Cancer toddler is the sort to cling to their loved ones, which might leave you feeling a bit touched out more often than not. Cancers avoid arguing though, so you won’t have too many challenges here. That said, they’re definitely the type to forgive but not-so-quickly forget.


You know that kid shouting out directions from the top of the playground? Yep, that kids a Leo. These creative kids (born July 22 through August 21) tend to be dynamic and popular, and often place themselves in leadership roles from an early age. Like the lion that rules their sign, a Leo has a ton of pride in everything he or she do (though sometimes it might be a bit, well, much). Born to perform, these kiddos are naturals on the stage and in group sports. That said, Leo kids are mostly looking for acceptance and love through their acting out.


Virgo toddlers might not always be the neatest, but they are incredibly organized in their own way. Between their creativity and their perfectionist qualities, they push themselves to the limit in everything they do. They long to succeed and, as a result of their efforts, often do. They’re also people pleasers, and will go out of their way to be kind, attentive, and anything else that might get them noticed by mom (and others). Never mistake this for weakness, though. A Virgo (people born between August 22 to September 21) are incredibly resilient as children and adults.


Like the air that rules their sign, Libra toddlers breeze through life as sociable little creatures who enjoy keeping the peace. They’re the diplomatic ones who try to stop a struggle over a yellow crayon long before it escalates. They’re good listeners, too, though sometimes that means they get influenced a little more quickly than others. Expect your Libra kid (born September 22 through October 21) to flip flop on interests and friends, and recognize they’ll figure it out in their own time.


Scorpio kids are similar to a Leo, but where a Leo kid might be delegating the rules to hide and seek, Scorpio might be the one to bring up the game in the first place. Scorpios (October 22 to November 21) are powerful and charismatic, and they tend to dominate every situation they’re involve in. Raise this toddler with lots of love and compassion and they’ll make sure to be a fair and just class leader (even if that just means they’ll always remember to make sure every kid gets the same amount of stickers).


If your little one’s birthday is toward the end of the year (November 22 to December 21), they will have a natural gift for humor. Sagittarius toddlers are often the ones making faces and silly noises, and definitely the first ones perfecting knock-knock jokes for their friends. These little ones are also incredibly optimistic. They see the bright side to everything, making your home life even brighter still. Sagittarius kids are also big on achievement, and will totally bring mommy every one of their awards to make her proud.