These baby names are perfect if you like the name Luke.
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25 Solid Baby Name Options If You Love The Name Luke
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So you love the name Luke, but you aren't going to choose it. Maybe it doesn't go with your last name, maybe your partner nixed it, or maybe your sister-in-law stole that name before you got the chance — that witch. These 25 baby names if you like Luke serve as great alternatives if you love the name, but won’t be using it. Whatever your reason, you need to come up with some names that are similar to Luke without being Luke — and we've got you covered. If you fell in love with that moniker, you're sure to fall in love with at least one of these options, too.

The meaning and origin of the name Luke varies based on where you look it up. The name is Greek, according to Nameberry, and means "man from Lucania," but according to Baby Center, Luke is Latin, and a variation of the name Lucas meaning "light giving." So, clearly, it all kinda depends on what you read. It's a popular name, currently sitting in the top 30 on baby name charts, and there have been plenty of cool Lukes that've made the name what it is today. Luke Skywalker, Luke Wilson, Luke Bryan, Luke Duke... there's basically a Luke to admire no matter what you're into. Without further ado, here are some alternatives if you're totally smitten with Luke.



Short, strong, and masculine, the name Dean is an excellent alternative to the equally short, strong, and masculine Luke. Another plus? Nameberry reported the name Dean is number 173 on the US popularity charts, while Luke was number 29 in 2018. This decreases the odds your son will have to share a name with a classmate.



Like Luke, Jack is a strong, one-syllable name ending with a K sound — and it's very unlikely that anyone will struggle to spell or pronounce it. Jack can also serve as a nickname for longer names like Jackson or Jaxton. Personally, this name makes me think of Jack Dawson from Titanic... and that only adds to the name's appeal.



If you want to stick with an L-name, consider the name Logan. Originally a Scottish surname according to Nameberry, Logan has become an incredibly popular first name in the U.S., sitting at number 10 on the Social Security Administration’s list of top baby names for 2018, and for good reason. It's a strong, handsome name, perfect for a strong, handsome little boy.



Just like the name Luke, Cole is basically a bundle of perfection in just four letters. The name itself means swarthy, coal black, so it gives off an air of depth and intensity. It's simple and solid, and still sits out of the Top 100 names in the U.S., so it's not totally overdone yet, either.



I've always loved this name. If you're searching for another biblical name, how about Noah? Noah is Hebrew for "rest," so hopefully your own baby Noah will be calm and relaxed — a mom can dream, right? It's extremely popular, but doesn't feel as overdone as some others. Plus, who doesn't love The Notebook’s Noah Calhoun?



A nickname for Jacob, Jake is pretty similar to the name Luke without actually being Luke. Also biblical, also four letters, one syllable, also ending in a K sound... Jake is an excellent option for Luke fans. Plus, Jacob is a beautiful full name if you’re looking for a baby name that can have both a full and shortened version. It's a solid choice.



Change one letter in Luke and you've got Duke. This option is admittedly a little more out there, but if Giuliana Rancic can use it, why can't you? Nameberry reported that the origin of Duke is an "English rank of nobility," and this is a delightfully regal name for your little guy.



OK, yes, I definitely thought of this name because Owen Wilson is the brother of Luke Wilson, but hey, their parents had great taste in names. Owen is a name of Welsh origin meaning "young warrior," according to Nameberry, and it's the OG behind trendier names like Rowan and Bowen. I also just feel like boys named Owen are kind people. Is that weird?



I had to include this one — it's a classic. James will never get old to me. It's biblical, it's gentlemanly, and it's timeless — similar to the name Luke. James is very popular (it has been steadily in the top 10 baby names in the U.S. since 2014), but it's one of those sweet, sophisticated names that doesn't seem to lose its appeal with use.



Max has been one of my favorite names ever since I read Where the Wild Things Are approximately 100 years ago. It's often used as a nickname for Maximilian or Maxwell, but I personally think Max can stand just fine on its own. This name means "the greatest,” and I think it's one of the greatest alternatives if you love the name Luke.



A nickname for Nathan or Nathaniel, Nate is an attractive, classic, biblical name that means “gift of God.” Currently ranked 48 according to Nameberry's U.S. popularity chart, Nate is a solid choice for a parent who loves short and sweet Luke. Alternatively, if you’re naming boy/girl twins or already have a Kate in the family, Nate and Kate just sound adorable paired together.



A diminutive of the classic William, Will is one of my favorite little boy names. There is something about it that sounds so masculine and strong, yet playful. This name means "resolute protector," which only makes me love it even more. If you love both Lucas and Luke, I think you'll love William and Will.



This is just a good, sweet, simple name. A nickname for Samuel, Sam is just a quintessential name for a bouncing baby boy that means “told by God.” I love this one because your little Sam can grow into a Samuel, just as your little Luke can grow into a Lucas.



The last name of everyone's favorite boss, Scott has many of the same strengths as Luke. It's simple, easy to spell, masculine, and classic. (First name Scott, middle name Michael, perhaps?) Plus, the name means "from Scotland" so if your family has any Scottish roots, this name is an ideal option.



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I'm definitely biased toward this name because Seth Cohen from The O.C. was my favorite character to ever grace my television screen, but I do also think it is just a lovely option for a little boy. One syllable, easy to spell, masculine, and not overly common — this name has a lot of pros.



Super similar to Luke, this is an English name that means "fair-haired, dark," according to Nameberry. Regardless of the name's meaning and whether or not it corresponds with your baby's hair color, this is a perfect alternative if you like the sound of Luke but can't use it for whatever reason.



If you're looking for a one-syllable, masculine boy name similar to Luke, your wish is granted. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) Grant is one of those names that isn't wild or out there, but you also don't hear it everyday. Fun fact: Grant means "large," according to Nameberry, and it was originally used as a nickname for a tall person. Whether your son is tall or short, this name is a good one.



The top baby name in the U.S. in 2017 and 2018, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration, this name has exploded in popularity, but for good reason. It's such a sweet little moniker! If you really want an L-name but can't or won't use Luke, Liam is a wonderful alternative. Use it on its own, or use it as a nickname for William.



The Italian version of the name Luke is Luca, which means it is pretty much as close to Luke as you can get without actually being Luke. The name has steadily risen in popularity in the U.S. in recent years, currently ranked 106 among popular male baby names per the U.S. Social Security Administration.



Like the name Luke, Levi is a biblical name of Hebrew origin that means “joined, attached,” according to Nameberry. Hopefully any child bearing this name will grow up to love a good pair of blue jeans, but even if they don’t, Levi is still a solid name choice and perfect for parents who love the name Luke.



Just like Luke can be a standalone name or a shortened version of Lucas, Ben is a cute, chipper name all on its own, but can also be a nickname for the longer moniker Benjamin. The name itself means “son of” which makes it an ideal name for your bouncing baby boy.



Fans of the name Luke who are looking for a similarly classic baby boy name can turn to the name Ryan. The name Ryan means “little king” and can actually be a unisex name if you happen to want a name in the same vein as Luke, but that could work for either a boy or a girl.



Joel is a name of Hebrew origin, which like Luke, appears in the Bible, according to Nameberry. Meaning “Jehovah is his God,” this name has strong religious roots. However, it also makes me think of music legend Billy Joel, so pop culture has your back with this name if you’re looking to pick a baby name with a strong musical connection.



The name Josh has a short and sweet appeal similar to Luke, but that’s definitely not where the similarities end. Both are shortened versions of longer names, have biblical ties, and are one syllable. The popularity of the name Joshua has fallen significantly in recent years, but it was still ranked 41 by the U.S. Social Security Administration in 2018.



Although this unisex name can truly work well for either a boy or a girl, fans of the name Luke for a baby boy can consider Alex as a strong alternative. The name Alex actually means “defending men” and features a strong L sound within the name similar to how Luke starts.

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