Princess Charlotte's baby photos are royally cute
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25 Royally Adorable Baby Photos Of Princess Charlotte

On May 2, 2015, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went from a family of three to a family of four with the addition of their sweet little princess. And while the family has gone on to grow by one more tiny royal, the essence of cuteness that is Princess Charlotte has certainly not diminished. In fact, the many baby photos taken of Princess Charlotte over the years are the perfect cure for any bad day.

In her four short years on Earth, Princess Charlotte has blessed her loyal subjects with more than her fair share of adorable moments. From her first appearance after she was born, to those candy cane photos, to heartwarming moments with her family, Princess Charlotte is almost too sweet for words. Many of her more iconic moments came in her later years, like that little wave and her signature sassiness, but her baby photos are just as cute, if not even more so. Fortunately, due to the numerous public outings by the royal family and presence of the media (not to mention all the beautiful photos taken by mom Kate Middleton), there are plenty of Princess Charlotte photos to gush over.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some serious cuteness. These baby photos of Princess Charlotte are sure to make your day.

Princess Charlotte Makes Her Debut

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Only a bit of Princess Charlotte's sweet little baby face is visible in photos of her first appearance with her parents after she was born, but the moment is so touching. And just look at what a little bundle she was!

Princess Charlotte Snuggled In Her Car Seat

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Princess Charlotte looked like an actual cloud all bundled up in her car seat.

Prince George Holding His Baby Sister

There are no words for the cuteness that is Prince George holding his little sister. Look at all those dimply baby hands in one place.

Princess Charlotte Lounging In Her Bassinet

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Yes, a baby's christening is an important event, but so is a little one just lounging in a bassinet.

Kate Middleton Gushing Over Baby Charlotte

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Photos of parents smiling down at their babies are something special, and this one is no exception.

Princess Charlotte And Her Tiny Fists

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Is this basically the same photo, just zoomed in? Yes. Is it worth looking at again to see Princess Charlotte's little fists up close? Also yes.

Sleepy Princess Charlotte

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Is she squinting into the sun or falling asleep? I'm not sure, but either way, it sure is cute.

Princess Charlotte's Big Baby Eyes

Princess Charlotte's bright blue eyes. That is all.

Princess Charlotte, Aka Queen Of Little Hair Bows

Attention: Princess Charlotte's tiny hair bow deserves all of your "oohs" and "ahhs."

Princess Charlotte On The Move

Those first supported steps with a walker are an important milestone for babies, and they're also an adorable one.

Princess Charlotte Sitting On The Queen's Lap

Queen Elizabeth surrounded by the royal littles makes for a beautiful portrait, and baby Princess Charlotte sitting in her lap makes it that much sweeter.

Princess Charlotte Smitten With Her Stuffed Puppy

Yet another candid moment captured by her mom, Princess Charlotte playing with her toy puppy is almost too cute to be real.

Princess Charlotte Enjoying A Fall Day

Everything about this photo makes me want to drink apple cider and play in fallen leaves. Princess Charlotte enjoying a fall day with her family is seasonal perfection.

Princess Charlotte And Her Rosy Cheeks

Statues should be erected to immortalize Princess Charlotte's chubby baby cheeks.

Princess Charlotte's First Ski Trip


Royal family ski trips have become the norm, but little Charlotte in ski gear can never get old. This shot of her and Prince William is the perfect memento from the trip.

Princess Charlotte All Bundled Up

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As cute as the ski photo of Princess Charlotte and Prince William may be, the whole family snuggled up on the slopes is even sweeter.

Princess Charlotte Enters The Toddler Years

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A baby that small with fingers pushed against their gums? Most likely teething. And while those long nights may not be some of her parents' favorite memories, this photo makes it all so cute, somehow.

Princess Charlotte's Candy Cane

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Are you really a fan of the royal family if you're not completely obsessed with Princess Charlotte enjoying a candy cane after Christmas services?

Princess Charlotte And Her Little Peacoat

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Is that a pint-sized peacoat I spy? Princess Charlotte inherited her mom's impeccable taste in fashion early on.

Princess Charlotte Shows Off Her Precious Smile

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Princess Charlotte has one of the prettiest smiles in all of Kensington Palace, and it was there from the very beginning.

Princess Charlotte Stops To Smell The Flowers

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Princess Charlotte's little pouty smile in this photo is officially my laptop background.

Princess Charlotte Looking A Bit Miffed

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Will we ever know what Princess Charlotte was pointing at with such 'tude? Probably not. But we do know that it was pretty stinking cute.

Princess Charlotte Shows Off Her Many Baby Teeth

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Little baby teeth are another reason to obsess over Princess Charlotte's baby photos. She has a mouth full of pearly whites already.

Princess Charlotte Practicing Her Royal Wave

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Princess Charlotte is the picture of royalty here with her family, all dressed up for a special occasion. It's easy to see the elegant princess she'll grow into.

Princess Charlotte Mesmerized By Balloon Animals

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Even royal babies enjoy a good time with balloon animals, and Princess Charlotte looks enamored with this balloon sword.

These are far from all of the adorable photos of the little princess, but they are a beautiful snapshot of her early days growing happily with her family.