These 25 December baby names really capture the spirit and magic of the season.
These 25 December Baby Names Shine Like A String Of Twinkling Lights

Having a baby in the winter is such a magical experience. The twinkling lights and snowy trees give you something gorgeous to look at out of your hospital room window that those of us with babies born on stagnant summer days covet. Plus, you can choose a December baby name for your newborn that will give you all of the glittery wintertime feels, even when you have to yell it down the holiday aisle at Target as your toddler tries to pull over an entire display of ornaments.

Names that evoke the spirit of the Christmas season itself are timeless choices for babies born in December. From festive names like Holly and Joy to the more traditional options of Nicholas and Gabriel, each of these 25 December baby names has a meaning that connects to the month in a unique way.

Even if you don't particularly love the idea of naming your baby after a Christmas tree (it's not as bad as it sounds, I promise) there are also a plethora of baby names that simply sound wintery or seasonal and don't necessarily connect to the holidays that the month of December is best known for. Read on to see which December baby names might be a fit for your favorite gift of all.



Likely the most obvious baby name on this entire list, December is actually a beautifully unique winter baby name of Latin origin, according to Nameberry. Plus, your child will never have a problem remembering their birth month with this name.



The December baby name Angel is of Greek origin meaning "messenger of God," according to The Bump. If your family likes to put an angel on top of your Christmas tree, you can one day have your own Angel place the tree angel when you give your December baby this name.



A December baby name that truly captures the spirit of the season is Hope. One of three core theological Christian values, the baby name Hope is of English origin and means virtue, according to Nameberry.



When you see the sparkling ornaments on a Christmas tree or watch your child unwrap a meaningful holiday gift, you are filled with an immeasurable amount of joy. Capture this feeling by choosing the December baby name Joy for your winter babe.



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One of the most popular girls in my elementary school was named Star. She was super glamorous and had a glimmering disposition that only someone with the name Star could have. Your baby may or may not end up being the most popular kid in school with this December baby name, but their name will without a doubt sparkle as bright as the shining star on top of a Christmas tree.



The month of December sees the celebration of the birth of Jesus in the Christian faith on Christmas. The baby name Christian means follower of Christ, according to Baby Center, who also reported that the name is popular as both a baby boy and a baby girl name.



The baby name Gabriel is of Hebrew origin meaning "God is my strength" according to Nameberry. Additionally, Gabriel is also the name of the archangel who announced the birth of Jesus, which is celebrated in December on Christmas.



The popular winter character Jack Frost has inspired several movies and television characters that appear during the month of December each year. A personification of ice, snow, and sleet, Jack Frost is the epitome of winter. The December baby name Jack is of British origin, according to The Bump, and can evoke images of this mythical character.



Yes, as in candy cane. If you are looking for a more traditional name, Candace could easily be shortened to Candy as a nickname. The baby name Candace is of Latin origin meaning "white, pure, and sincere," according to Namberry, which can also be a nod to wintery white snow.



The Hebrew origin of the baby name Emmanuel means "God is with us," Babble reported. It is also another name for Jesus, and a fitting name for babies born during the month of December when Jesus' birth is celebrated.



The name of the mother of Jesus, the baby name Mary actually means "bitter" in Hebrew, Nameberry reported. The site also noted that Mary was the most popular name from the New Testament in English-speaking countries until the late 1940's, and was ranked as the 126th most popular girl baby name in 2018.



The Hebrew meaning of the baby name Joseph is derived from the name Yosef meaning "God shall add," according to Baby Name Wizard. It is also the name of the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. Alternatively, the female version Josephine is another December baby name to consider.



The French meaning of the December baby name Noel is "Christmas" according to Nameberry. The site also reported that the baby name Noel is historically used for both boys and girls born during the holiday season. Without a doubt, your baby's favorite Christmas song will be "The First Noel" if you use this December baby name.



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Jolly old St. Nick will smile from ear to ear when he hears that you named your December baby Nicholas. The baby name Nicholas is of Greek origin and means "victory of the people" according to Baby Center.



The name Eve is the perfect choice for babies born on December 24th, or Christmas Eve. The Hebrew origin of the baby name Eve means life, according to Baby Center, which also makes it a fitting choice because you are literally giving life to your baby when you give birth.



The baby name Faith is a popular name that embodies Christian values and means "confidence" in both Latin and Greek, She Knows reported. When you give your December baby this spirited name, you help fill them with the faith of the Christmas season.



Although your December baby may get tired of hearing the song "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" by the time they're in elementary school, the name Holly can be a festive choice for babies born during the holiday season.



Babies born Christmas Day are traditionally given the name Natalie, according to Oh Baby Names, because the Latin version of the name Natalia means "Christmas Day." So, if you have a baby on December 25, Natalie is a meaningful baby name choice.



The baby name Blanche means white in French, according to Nameberry. It is especially fitting for babies born on a snowy day when the ground is covered in a blanket of white powder. Plus, your baby will bear the name of arguably the best member of the Golden Girls.



The Celtic baby name Douglas has sort of a dreary meaning, according to She Knows, who reported that the name means "dwells by the dark stream." However, you could claim that you named your baby after the popular Christmas tree choice, a Douglas Fir.




As Mom Junction explained, the name Paloma means "dove" (as in the two doves received on day #2 in "The 12 Days of Christmas").



If your baby is born in December, they are born during the middle of the winter months, so the baby name Winter is incredibly fitting. The baby name Winter means "the coldest season of the year," according to Baby Name Wizard, who also reported that Winnie is a popular nickname for the name Winter.



If the image of a roaring fire on a cold winter day just warms you to your core, naming your December baby Blaze can evoke these same feelings. The Latin origins of the baby name Blaze literally means "fire," according to Nameberry.



A blustery winter snowstorm could strike at almost any point in time during December (unless you live in the south — in which case, it'll probably just be sleet) so naming your baby Storm if they're born during one of these blizzards is fitting. Stormy is also another option that feels a little lighter.



The Christmas wreath hanging on your door is probably filled with bright red berries amidst the green holly. Although the December baby name Barry is spelled differently, it still gives the same jolly feeling as the holly berries in traditional Christmas decor.