Beautiful asian girl kissing american shorthair cat on the bed

25 National Cat Day Instagram Captions To Celebrate The Real Royals In Your Life

Celebrating the feline friends in your life that love to nap on the back of your couch, curl up in your lap, and knock everything they can reach off of your countertops is something that cat lovers do most every day. These 25 Instagram captions for National Cat Day are perfect for spotlighting your beloved kitty cat with just a bit of added gusto on Oct. 29.

Didn't already know about the cat-centric holiday? Well, now that you're aware that National Cat Day exists, you can take this opportunity to take what you already do for your fur babies on the regular (gushing about them on your social) to the next level with a fun caption for your Instagram post about how amazing your pet is.

The National Cat Day website offers a plethora of ideas for how to celebrate on National Cat Day including volunteering at a local cat shelter, baking cat-shaped cookies, and grooming your cat. Honestly though, celebrating your cat and the love you share for your fur baby is as simple as snapping a pic and throwing it up on the 'gram with one of these 25 captions for National Cat Day. Your cat may not be able to read them, but all of your followers will surely enjoy seeing pictures of your cat with a witty caption.


"My cat is totally paw-some."

This one is so punny. I'm all for a great pet pun, and this play on words is akin to shouting from the roof tops that your cat is the best cat of them all.


"In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this." — Terry Pratchett

If you have a diva cat (you know who you are) this quote by author Terry Pratchett is purrfect for describing the more high maintenance felines in your life.


"An ordinary kitten will ask more questions than a 5-year-old."

Curiosity killed the cat, right? Obviously, that's not the case for your kitten, but it is totally true — not to mention relatable — that a baby kitty will get into everything just like a little kid would.


"In a cat's eye, all things belong to cats." ― English Proverb

Cats tend to rule the roost, so to speak. If you've never had a cat claim all of your socks as their own, can you even call yourself a cat owner?


"Cats do care. For example, they know instinctively what time we have to be at work in the morning and they wake us up 20 minutes before the alarm goes off." — Michael Nelson


Again, they're so much like small children that it's scary. The cat I had prior to having my kids really did help prepare me for motherhood by swatting my face to wake me up every. single. morning.


"Live long and pawspurr."

This punny take on the famous Star Trek quote "Live long and prosper," is on point for National Cat Day.


"If cats could talk, they wouldn't." ― Nan Porter

If you have a quiet or even anti-social cat to post a photo of on National Cat Day, this caption could easily accompany it.


"You gotta be kitten me."

Instagram captions are always funnier when they're pun-filled like this one.


"Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience." — Pam Brown

Have you ever had a cat sit on your keyboard while you're trying to type? Or how about on your face while you're trying to sleep? Yup. Most cat owners have been there, got that t-shirt.


"As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat." — Ellen Perry Berkeley


We all know who really makes the rules around your house — the cat, that's who.


"What greater gift than the love of a cat." — Charles Dickens

Awww. This one is so true. For those of you ready to celebrate how much your cat loves you, this caption is perfection.


"Smelly cat. Smelly cat. What are they feeding you?" — Phoebe Buffay

Every Friends fan knows these lyrics by heart, and while they seem a bit harsh at first, the entire song is basically an ode to a cat that just wants to be loved. Celebrate the love you have for your cat with this caption on National Cat Day.


"Cats make a house a home."

Picture this caption accompanying a photo of your cat lounging lazily across your coffee table. They're a better decoration than that vase they just knocked over anyway.


"Time spent with a cat is never wasted." — Sigmund Freud

Cats love attention, and the time you spend giving it to them is worth celebrating on National Cat Day.


"I love cats more than I love most people." — Amy Lee

Singer Amy Lee is likely not alone in this sentiment. If you agree with her love of cats over people, this is the perfect Instagram caption to accompany a photo of your cat.


"The smallest feline is a masterpiece." — Leonardo da Vinci

If you have a new kitten, this is a beautiful sentiment to share on National Cat Day with a photo of your fur baby on Instagram.


"Cats are the connoisseurs of comfort." — James Herriot


British veterinarian and author James Herriot hits the nail squarely on the head here. I've never known a cat who didn't love curling up in a cozy spot and making themselves absolutely as comfortable as possible.


"There is no such thing as an ordinary cat."

Do you have an extraordinary cat? Of course you do — you likely wouldn't be thinking about posting on your Instagram for National Cat Day if you did not.


"When I play with my cat, how do I know that she is not passing time with me rather than I with her?" — Montaigne

French Renaissance philosopher Montaigne seems like he was way ahead of his time pondering exactly what is going through a cat's mind as we play with them and vice versa.


"Cats are like music. You can’t explain their worth to people who don’t understand."

If you're not a self-proclaimed "cat person," this likely doesn't make sense to you, but honestly cats are just the best companions. Celebrating them on National Cat Day (and every day) is absolutely worth it.


"I paw-sitively love my cat."

Again with the cat puns, but seriously, you love your cat and there is no better way to exclaim that love than on Instagram on National Cat Day.


"The more people I meet, the more I like my cat."

Same. Just... so much same.


"Dogs come when they’re called. Cats take a message and get back to you later." — Mary Bly


Author Mary Bly's take on the amazing laziness of cats is ideal for using on your Instagram to celebrate your favorite feline on National Cat Day.


"There is no snooze button on a cat that wants breakfast."

As I've already explained, cats are adept at waking their owners up with licks to the face, paws to the nose, etc. And no, they definitely will not stop until you get up and feed them.


"Cats rule, and dogs drool."

I cannot 100% back this statement (my dog is pretty awesome), but from a cat's perspective, I can see where they feel superior, and I'm willing to oblige on behalf of cats everywhere by posting this on Instagram for National Cat Day.