25 Sexiest Horror Movies On Netflix To Stream Tonight


There's something about Halloween that puts some people in the mood for sex. Hopefully the combination of suspense and sizzling thrills in these sexy horror movies available to stream on Netflix will hit the spot. Maybe they'll inspire a sexy halloween look, or, if you're not planning to dress up this year, think of this as a "to-do" list after you've got this kids in bed (and you've pilfered some of that Halloween stash).

Whether you're a slasher thrill-seeker, or into the more spiritual types of horror, there are so many filmmakers who know how to pack in the sexy with the scary. They may not all be as overtly scandalous as any of the flicks from the 50 Shades series, but you can definitely see the steam and the fog creeping in. Save yourself the frustration of trying to decide what to watch by using this list as a quick guide through the Netflix needle in the haystack movie lineup. Though they all range within horror genre, each pack on the scare and the steam.

From classics like Scream to newer Netflix productions like I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, here are 25 sexy horror movies on Netflix to top of your Halloween night.


The Babysitter

Of course the babysitter is very attractive in this movie, but things take a turn for the worst when she’s in need of a pure soul for a human sacrifice. The boy is enticed to see exactly what naughty activities his babysitter is up to when he’s supposed to be in bed. There’s some making out and then, to his surprise, straight up murder.



This suspenseful and gripping movie explores one of the worst modern day fears: a Craigslist ad goes horribly wrong.


You Get Me

Bella Thorne’s character takes it a little further than most of us when we’re into someone.Thorne’s character grows this dangerous obsession for a guy after a one night stand. Watch what happens when a high school student develops more than just a crush.


Tucker & Dale VS. Evil

Though this is more dark humor than horror, there's definitely enough sexiness for this movie to make the list.


Perfect Stranger

Halle Berry, oh, Halle Berry... Every movie she's done in the thriller realm, from Perfect Stranger to The Call, has been on point. In this 2007 movie, she plays a reporter named Rowena Price who uses her journalism skills to solve the murder of her friend.


The Black Room

What happens when a couple's dream home morphs into an evil nightmare? Watch The Black Room and find out. According to the L.A. Times, "Lust and gore abound" in this "trashy horror film" that's "a throwback to the days when B-movies loaded up on skin as well as blood."


All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Everyone wants Mandy Lane because of her innocent and pure nature. After being invited to party at a secluded ranch, members of the group start to go missing. This gruesome thriller highlights just how dangerous obsession can be.


Gerald’s Game

Like many couples who want to spice up their sex life, this couple tries a new kinky game that ends in the most unexpected way. The director of Oculus and Hush keeps you on edge as a woman starts hearing and seeing things in the secluded cabin. One more thing, she’s still handcuffed to the headboard.


Friend Request

After unfriending a classmate, a popular girl faces the consequences. An entity works to make sure she ends up completely alone in this haunting picture. You may want to delete all of your social media after this one.


The Invitation

It all starts with a dinner party hosted by a man's ex-wife, to reunite old friends and welcome new ones. The room is filled with beautiful people, suspicion, and paranoia.


Would You Rather

The popular high school game gets a little too real. A group of people who haven't gotten a fair chance at life play a game at a dinner party that's twisted like Saw and even more captivating. You just can't look away.


Ex Machina

For some, the power of technology can be scarier than any axe murderer on the loose. A young programmer studies the human qualities of artificial intelligence when he realizes just how developed they really are. With a cast of extremely gorgeous models and an eerie revelation, this movie aligns perfectly with the sexy horror genre.



Comedy isn’t the only genre Sarah Hyland dabbles in. We see a whole new side of the actress in Satanic involving a group of friends who get involved in a demonic, LA cult. Watch as they try to escape a very unsettling entity.



What would you do if you were ever in a scary movie? Well for starters, you wouldn’t open the door. This classic movie notes the ironic cliches found within the horror genre and grossed more than $100M in six months after it premiered in theatres, according to Huffpost. And who can forget Drew Barrymore’s iconic opening scene.


Scream 2

Add Scream 2 and Scream 3 to the que to watch how Wes Craven amplifies the gore for the second and third time around. Like the first one, the second movie the characters understand how horror sequels go as the try to beat the predictable outcomes that seem to follow a common Hollywood horror sequel. Oh, and Patrick Dempsey’s in the third one...FYI.



A psychiatrist is haunted by her past. Dr Jane Mathis is a beautiful therapist who struggles with the anniversary of a patient who takes her life in front of her.


The Haunting of Molly Hartley

Chace Crawford isn’t shying too far from his character “Nate” in Gossip Girl as he plays the love interest for a girl who is followed by a demonic presence. Is there a universal rule that you have to be hot to be haunted? I think we’re seeing a theme here.


Life After Beth

You will probably be laughing more than shaking with fear when you watch this horror flick. Instead of having serial killers and demons like most of these movies, Life After Beth follows a zombie girlfriend played by the hilarious Aubrey Plaza. Her boyfriend tries everything he can to get accustomed to living with a dead girlfriend.



It’s all hot girls and alcohol on vacation until a huge earthquake hits Chile. Clubbing in South America goes differently than expected when an earthquake hits and it’s every man (or woman) for themselves. Human nature proves to be worse than mother nature when civilians go on a rampage after a natural disaster hits.



Kate Siegel plays a deaf writer who goes to the woods to live life in silence. Little does she know that there's a killer lurking in the quiet.


Head Count

Can a group of attractive friends party and not be attacked by something trying to kill them? In this case, no. Steamy makeout sessions are put on pause once the group is terrorized by a killer on the loose.



From the producers of Get Out and The Purge, you already know you won’t be disappointed as Topher Grace plays an outpatient with a twisted past. Confined to his house, Grace’s character meets a woman delivering food who he quickly falls for. You will definitely not be able to look at Eric Forman the same way after this psychological thriller.


47 Meters Down

If there’s anything horror movies teach us about going on vacation with your girlfriends is that you should never trust the super hot guys you meet along the way. Mandy Moore and Claire Holt end up underwater for most of the film trying to escape with their lives from a huge shark. Major Jaws vibes over here.


I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

"The house that holds a memory of a death is the staying place of a rotted ghost." In this Netflix original, Lily, 28, is a nurse who goes to care for a dying horror novelist in a house that's full of secrets.


An Affair To Die For

The title screams “sexy horror.” A married woman and her boyfriend are forced into playing a series of twisted games in a hotel room in order to save their family members from being murdered. Only one is allowed to walk out alive.

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