Woman combing her redhead cat
Celebrate World Cat Day With These 25 Memes That Only Care About Cats (Like You)

Any cat owner will tell you that their feline friends simply do not get enough respect. Although research is still pending on the shocking lack of cat appreciation plaguing the nation, it’s clear that dog lovers rule the world, leaving cats to hack up hairballs in the dust. But there’s one day every year in which the tables finally turn. On this day, cat people from all over the world come together for a solid 24 hours to share World Cat Day memes and bask in cat-owner glory. They’ve only been waiting 364 days for this moment, after all.

Over the years, cats have acquired something of a bad rap. To some, they can come off as aloof, unemotional, and maybe even a little ornery from time to time. But dig below that surly surface and you’ll find a loyal companion who yes, won’t stop throwing up in the worst possible places, (behind the couch… seriously?) but who will always be there when it matters. They deserve to be celebrated, as do the cat parents who put up with their questionable antics.

Cats also have way more personality than people give them credit for. Within the scope of pet-related humor, they’re not exactly characterized as lovable goofballs the way their canine counterparts are. However, they certainly exhibit many of the same silly behaviors. These hijinks, paired with a little bit of that characteristic grouchiness, is what makes cat memes seem like comedic gold. Whether you’re a cat lover looking to swan dive into an Internet hole of cat humor, or a skeptic trying to figure out what people see in these guys anyway, these memes are the perfect way to celebrate World Cat Day.


Not-So-Natural Instinct

Historically, cats have been regarded as regal animals, capable hunters, and powerful predators. Fast forward to today, however, and it turns out they might not be as intimidating a species as they once were, as shown in this meme from @catmemesdaily1. Unless they're just taking an extra long time to ensure that the meat you're feeding them is, in fact, tuna. After all, they deserve it.


Selective Hearing

Much like their humans, sometimes cats choose to only hear what they want to hear. These important things usually include doors slamming, people sneezing, cans of food opening, and birds chirping. Everything else, especially regarding the wants and needs of their human parents, is more or less irrelevant to cats, according to this meme from @aaanimalsaz. They'll do what they want and no amount of demanding will change their minds.


Mission Impossible

There are a lot of questions to be asked here, but I'm mostly impressed by the sheer number of cats in this picture from @ruffpatches. Aside from the amount of felines in the kitchen, I can't help but admire their strategy and dedication. Also, is it wrong to feel a little disappointed that their mission was compromised? Better luck next time fellas.


Tough Choices

Sure they sat outside the door whining to come inside five minutes ago, but they didn't have to go then! This meme from @westieronto is a perfect example of the difficult choices cats have to make every single day. To go out or to come inside, to tear up the cushions or sleep all day, to destroy the litter box or to poop in peace. Honestly, as long as their humans remain at their beck and call, there really is no wrong decision.


Lost And Found

If the world was one giant game of hide and seek, cats would win hands down, as shown in this meme from @catguydotorg. The panic that ensues when they refuse to come out, is not exactly the greatest feeling. Don't worry though, odds are they've just found a new hiding spot. Pro tip: try looking inside your favorite shoes, behind your most expensive curtains, or in the pile of warm laundry that you'll inevitably have to wash again.


Just Helping Out

As @thebamboozleis points out, cat logic, while not always sound, is definitely admirable when you think about it. From a cat's perspective, of course the fluffy carpet seems like the better place to make a mess. It's comfortable, it's beautiful, and it's so much warmer than that cold, wooden floor. I mean just imagine puking there. Sure it'd get cleaned up in half the time, but it's just so déclassé. Sorry not sorry.


Spoiled Rotten

To be fair, a golden saucer of milk does seems like a pretty awesome investment. But this meme from @tintin_sc speaks volumes about just how dedicated cat parents are. Sure they don't always get a ton of gratitude in return, (although all cats have their loving moments) but they still never any doubt that their pets deserve the world and more. Bring on the crown!


Cat Scan

If you're anything like @youlovetwytwy you understand how easy it is for your cat to squeeze its way into your heart. The nuzzles, soft purrs, and adorable kneading is too much for one person to take. If you think you may have a similar condition, keep an eye out for constant urges to buy your cat's favorite (and most expensive) food, a plethora of cat pictures on your phone, and cat hair on absolutely everything you own.


Too Cute To Candle

The packaging, the names, the photos-- absolutely everything about these creations from @heathergfield is genius and I want in. The real question is what would your specific cat candle smell like? Fresh litter box? Fancy Feast? The possibilities are virtually endless, but "I'm Sorry I Barfed On Your Shoes," is particularly enticing.


A Step In The Wrong Direction

First of all, it's kind of rude that a human would wake its cat up like this, when they're clearly just trying to take a nap on the stairs. Luckily, it seems like the cat in this meme from @meowbox is willing to forgive and forget. Maybe next time just be more careful? Kitties are trying to rest.


Tuna Attack

They're not saying they don't like the off-brand cat food you got on sale, they just want you to know that they have a very refined palette, and the same old same old is not cutting it. This meme from @funnypet5 is a reminder that cats are by far the pickiest guests you'll ever have to feed. At least you know one thing they'll like.


The Cover Up

Sometimes cats are just too relatable. Off-guard moments like this one from @undercatempire prove that cats can be just as goofy as dogs, even if they don't mean to be. Plus those itty bitty paws are the absolute cutest, even if they are being used to keep a kitten quiet.


Smooth Criminal

If you've ever seen how entertaining a single feather can be for a cat, it's no wonder that this little guy is so interested in stealing the feather duster in this meme from @marshmallowao. Although they're usually pretty slick, it seems that this particular cat could use an accomplice. Or more planning. Or maybe just a bigger door.


Light Reading

Shockingly, it seems that the book in this meme from @authorjenwells was not published with cats in mind. Kind of disappointing considering all the time that cats could potentially spend reading quality literature on bird hunting. 1/10 definitely don't recommend for cats looking to be productive with their day. Hopefully someone else will enjoy it.


History 101

If you dig past all the trends, the beauty tutorials, the mukbangs, and the Twitter threads, eventually you will arrive at the core of the web. The foundation of all Internet humor: cat jokes. To put it simply, cat jokes walked so that all other memes could run, and this tweet from @entirelypets is a reminder of that. Just another reason to be thankful for all the adorable kittens in your life.


Unrealistic Beauty Standards

We've known for a while that beauty standards are impractical, but this is just ridiculous. It's obvious that no human could ever achieve this look, and it's unfair to expect such perfection. This tweet from @catmemes just reiterates the truth, which is that cats are undefeated in the beauty department. Now let's stop holding each other to such high standards.


Cat Out Of Hell

Ok I'll admit, there are some moments when cats reveal their wild side. It can't just be snuggles and purring 24/7 people! This cat from @ellietaylor6 is probably roaming the halls, stalking its prey, and getting ready to pee on your favorite item of furniture. Don't judge them for it, they're just in the zone.


I've Got Plans

Hanging out with friends is great and all, but sometimes a little quality time with your pet is what you really need. Plus, it's not really a lie if you schedule your cat nap ahead of time, as shown in this tweet from @catmemes. Sorry everyone, I'm fully booked.


Fight Club

It only takes a little movement for your cat to spot its absolute mortal enemy, as shown by @totwpetfood. The battle that ensues afterwards is enough to make you believe that your cat has trained their whole life for this moment; spent all their time preparing to destroy the mysterious lump under the blanket. And although they're ferocious and absolutely determined to pounce on your foot, you have to admit it's sort of adorable.


Almost Adulting

Cats are independent creatures and they can do a lot on their own, but no matter how much distance they try to maintain, it seems like they'll always have a soft spot for their owners. Just another reason why cats deserve to be man's best friend as much as dogs do. This tweet from @catmemes is also a major mood when it comes to human adulting.


Play Time Is Over

This meme from @vetforcatsonly sheds light on the compassion and respect cats can show... towards all the wrong things. Sure, they won't play on their fancy new playset, but they'll certainly scratch up the back of your couch. And they're more interested in an old cardboard box than they are in all their brand new toys. If your cat is anything like these guys, it could be a good idea to save your money and let them explore on their own terms. Just another example of how low maintenance cats can (sometimes) be.


Jelly Bellies

Based on her stony expression, it seems that this mother did not get what she asked for in this tweet from @catmemes_. After all, how are these tiny little balls of fluff expected to scheme and play the way cats do best? No one will take them seriously. Hopefully their mom can teach them how to be a little more adventurous, even if they are so heckin adorable.


Ink Replacement

Sometimes the kitten printer works really hard, and still can't get everything to look the exact same. However, the kitten color gradient in this tweet from @alexhayesauthor is better than anything anyone could've asked for. Bonus points for the kitties being so small and fluffy, and props to the mama for having such cute babies.


Cat Trap

Every now and then you'll find yourself in a tricky situation without knowing how you go roped into it. This tweet from @catmemes is the perfect visual description for that kind of scenario. Except luckily for this kitten, this time you know a way out. You're welcome.



Normally, spotting a random cat is enough to make your day. In the case of this tweet from @catmemes, however, there are a few questions that have to be addressed. For instance: where did this cat come from? How did they find themselves in the sink? Also can you keep them? You know, the usual stuff.

Cats are silly, mischievous, sassy, and endlessly entertaining, but they're seldom celebrated as such. So for any human that has ever owned, pet, or admired a cat, (and come on, who hasn't) International Cat Day is monumental. A day to praise all the fabulous things about cats and laugh about all the not-so-fabulous things. And maybe, just maybe, we can keep the cat appreciation going year round this time.