27 Thoughts You Have When You Re-Read 'Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone'

As a hardcore Harry Potter fan, it only makes sense that you re-read the series every so often, right? Of course you've watched the movies over and over again, but the wizarding world is so much bigger in the books, and it deserves to be read and re-read. Not only because you're prepping for all of the awesome Harry Potter releases coming out this year, but the thoughts you have re-reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone are pretty mind-blowing.

For one thing, you've probably forgotten a lot of it. I know that every time I pick up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, I spend the first few chapters simply thinking, OMG. Because there is so much in that first book. There's foreshadowing, there are characters you barely know that will save the day in the end, and there's a whole lot of information given to you so subtly that you don't even realize until you finish the series.

Although I'm grateful I got to read the first Harry Potter book without any idea of what happened in the rest of the series, there is something really wonderful about picking up an old favorite to re-read, knowing the outcome of the entire saga. It's not only a testament to your love for Harry Potter, but to the talent and skill of our queen J.K. Rowling. So when it's time for you to re-read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, prepare to have any or all of these 27 thoughts. Just remember to keep quiet, especially if you're reading it to someone, like your own child. We all have to mistrust Snape in the beginning, OK?


Lily & James Are Totally Alive When This Starts

And that is so depressing. Geez, J.K. Rowling, couldn't you have given us just a chapter of their life together with Harry?


Holy Sh*t, Everyone Was Celebrating

It's bittersweet to think that the wizarding world really thought Voldemort was gone forever. "Shooting stars all over Britain? Owls flying by daylight?" Everyone was so stoked to share the news that The Dark Lord was gone, but it would only be eleven years before he'd show up again. Kind of heartbreaking.


God, The Dursleys Really Suck

I mean, they don't really get better throughout the series, but UGH.


They Mentioned Sirius Black, OMG

Hagrid just said he borrowed that motorcycle from Sirius Black, OMG. Just give the baby to Sirius, Dumbledore! We could settle this whole thing.


He's Totally A Parselmouth, How Did I Not Put That Together?

OK, there was no way of knowing what a Parselmouth was yet, but doesn't it seem like everyone should have noticed that a serpent is Slytherin's symbol and that Harry once controlled a snake by talking to it? Very sly, Rowling.


LOL At Vernon Trying To Stop Magical Letters

Silly Vernon. It's magic. Those letters are getting to Harry whether you like it or not.


"You're A Wizard, Harry" OMG Tears

And there it is. There's the line that started it all.


Aw, Petunia, You're So Jealous

Call Lily a freak all you want, but we know that you wanted to be just like her. Also, can you imagine if Petunia had been able to tell Harry all about Severus and Lily's relationship?


Oh Hi, Dedalus Diggle!

Remember when I said you'd meet minor characters that would come back in a big way? Well, say hello to Dedalus Diggle!


Oh Hi, Griphook, You're Going To Betray Us Later

And you'll also betray yourself because you're a greedy little goblin, so there.


That Phoenix Feather In Your Wand Makes Me Want To Cry, Harry

Because it's from Fawkes and Fawkes is going to save your *ss soon, and oh man. All the feels right here.


Don't You Bring That Rat Near Harry, Ron

Seriously. Stupid Scabbers. Also, how does Ron even get to bring that little nasty rat to Hogwarts in the first place? The letter clearly says students can bring a cat or an owl or a toad. It does not say anything about mean, nasty rats.


Get Used To That Scar Pain, Harry

Poor fella. You're going to feel it for a while.


I Forgot Everyone Trusts Snape

Everyone except for Harry, that is. Even Hagrid tries to convince them to lay off the old potions professor. Seriously, he's just trying to save your life and avenge your mother's death by betraying the darkest wizard ever. No biggie!


The Remembrall Seems Totally Pointless

It just tells you that you forgot something? It doesn't tell you what you've forgotten? Some magic.


Blatant Favoritism, Professor McGonagall

No wonder everyone starts to hate Harry, Professor McGonagall. He breaks the rules and you let him join the Quidditch team and give him his very own Nimbus 2000? What the hell.


I Can't Believe The Dursleys Sent Him A Christmas Present

I mean, it was only a 50-pence piece, but still. Is that part of their agreement with Dumbledore or something?


Why Doesn't Ron Make A Bigger Deal Out Of The Invisibility Cloak?

He's shocked, sure, but doesn't he say in Deathly Hallows that his mother used to read him The Tale of the Three Brothers? Didn't he wonder if it was the same cloak? You're holding a deathly hallow, Harry!


Totally Forgot About The Mirror Of Erised

Oh man. All the tears.


OMG, Harry, Shut Up Because Snape Is Totally Protecting You

Seriously, all this hate and prejudice against Snape is making me weepy, Harry. Get over yourself. You're going to name a child after him.


Snape CAN Read Your Mind, Harry

The first subtle mention of legilimency happens when Harry mentions that it feels like Snape can read his mind. That's because he can, Harry. And he's going to teach you, too.


Why Isn't McGonagall More Concerned That They Know About The Stone?

I mean, all she says is, "I don't know how you found out about it." Come on, Minerva. Don't you want to know how they found out?


This Is Not Very Well Protected If Three First-Years Can Get Past It All

The professors really need to step up their game. Ron, Hermione, and Harry may be bright, but this is just pathetic.


How Is Voldemort So Weak With All Of Those Horcruxes Floating Around?

Is it because he doesn't have a body yet? That has to be it, right? He's got all of those horcruxes around (excpet for Nagini I assume), so why is he just a vapor? Also, where the hell does he go for the next three years?


LOL, You Can't Kill Harry, Voldy

You can't even touch him. Move along, now.


Prepare Yourself Harry, Your School Years Will Always End Like This

You're never going to get to enjoy an end of the school year bash, my friend.


There Is A Whole Lot Of Magical Info In This Book

Muggles and Diagon Alley and wands and wizards and Hogwarts – it's enough to make your head spin! So much magical information, but it's only the tip of the iceberg.