29 Feminist Costume Ideas For Badass Kids Who Want To Rule Halloween

With everything going on in today's political climate, I love the idea of supporting a feminist ideal this Halloween. Inspire your children by thinking of interesting costumes that go beyond the usual. The modern kid has options, and it's about time to celebrate that. With these awesome feminist Halloween costumes for kids, you'll be able to get creative on the looks, save money with pieces you probably already have in your closet, and feel good letting your kid go out there in the world to overload on treats.

These costume ideas are a combo of DIY and easy-to-find ensembles from Target or the costume store. From classic historic heroines like Amelia Earhart and Frida Kahlo, to cult favorite TV show icons like the new "Time Lord," and more esoteric inspirations like artist Yayoi Kusama, find something that inspires you to be pro feminist, pro women, and pro equal rights. Just be wary that cultural appropriation is a huge issue in today's society, so whatever you choose, make sure you're being extra cautious and sensitive. Maybe you have some of your own ideas, or maybe you just need a little inspiration for how to put together an awesome look from stuff you have at home. Either way, here are 29 feminist Halloween Costumes for kids, because women have power — and everyone could use some inspiration on innovative costumes.


Frida Kahlo

One of the world's most famous female artists, Frida Kahlo's legacy burns as bright today as ever. She had a distinct look and a fascinating life. Dressing your child like Frida Kahlo will require a flower crown, earrings, an eyebrow pencil (to fill in her famous unibrow), a peasant top, and a skirt.

My Poppet Living has a great tutorial on how to make a floral headband. Choose colorful stud or dangle earrings, like these Mexican Art Stud Earrings ($11.99, Etsy). Any eyeliner or brow pencil will do, but a favorite is this Winky Lux Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($12, Winky Lux). You'll also want a floral top, like this embroidered top ($11, Kohl's), a colorful maxi skirt ($17, Target) and strappy sandals ($17, Target).


Marie Curie

Get inspired by Marie Curie, ore really, any female scientist. Curie's possibly the most famous one when you think of women of STEM, and it will be pretty easy to dress like her. You'll need a full-length black dress ($28.82, Amazon) and a beaker ($6.48, Amazon) that's either painted blue at the bottom or filled with blue liquid (water + food coloring).


Joan of Arc

If you're good at crafts, check out a tutorial by Green Apple Cottage. Otherwise, you're going to need a suit of armor ($24.99, and a sword ($6.99, Halloween


Rosie the Riveter

You'll need a blue denim button up shirt ($12, Forever21) and a red polka dot handkerchief ($5.99, Etsy). Make a shirt pin by following this SheKnows tutorial.


Amelia Earhart

Getty Images/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Pair this aviator hat ($19.99, Etsy) with a long scarf, long sleeved shirt, and blue jeans. This Flying Amelia Child Costume ($25.95, Trendy Halloween) is a good alternative if you don't feel like getting crafty.


A Teacher

Teachers of any gender rock. Find you kid a pair of clear lens glasses ($6.99, Ebay), carry a book around, and use this adorable picture (you'll need a cardigan, books, slacks, and a librarian's bun) or this even cuter hipster teacher idea for inspiration. Of course, the finishing touch for a teacher costume is a giant travel mug or coffee!


Wonder Woman

Use the latest movie as inspiration as an Amazon wonder warrior. There's a baby caped wonder woman costume ($24.99, Spirit Halloween) or a Justice League version for older children ($25.11, Whole Sale Halloween Costumes). You can also check out easy ways to DIY your kid's Wonder Woman costume.


A Boss

Remind your daughter that she can be an entrepreneur, CEO, or really any boss lady. Pair these treggings ($14.99, H & M) with a white button down shirt ($12.99, H & M) and a blazer for that added touch of business class ($8, Poshmark). For a finishing touch, check out this Like a Boss mug ($9.50, Etsy).


Ruth Bader Ginsburg


To dress as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, grab a graduation robe ($15, Amazon), a pair of glasses, and a gavel (4, Halloween Costumes) to start. The Supreme Court judge oftentimes updates her work uniform with a statement necklace or scarf, so use this opportunity to add some color and patten to your costume.


A Suffragette

Because of these women, we have the right to vote. Honor the suffragettes with this online easy costume ($18.20, Mega Fancy Dress).


Hermione Granger

Whether it's the super smart Hermione Granger or the real life Emma Watson who plays the bad ass female wizard and is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, both are role models. Spark some magic with a Gryffindor robe ensemble ($25.99, Target).


A Rockstar

Start with a cool tutu like this awesome Rock n Roll ballerina tutu ($60+, Etsy) or this black twill tu-tu ($15, Amazon). Pair it with some black leggings and a high-attitude T-shirt ($7.99, Rainbow), and you're good to go. Blow up guitar ($5, Spirit Halloween) is optional.


Oprah Winfrey

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Buzfeed suggests getting out a pair of Ugg Boots ($130, Ugg) and one of your blazers. Use a belt to make sure it stays in place, and voila. You have your own television network, and you're a female pioneer for other women to look up to for decades to come. You get a costume, and you get a costume, and you get a costume.


Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama celebrated the female form and what it meant to be a female artist in the '60s. Now 88-years-old, she still makes art that can be found around the world, and Kusama just got her own museum in Tokyo. Dressing like her or one of her several art pieces is interesting and won't break the bank. Find a red bob wig ($4.39, Walmart), colorful oversized sunglasses ($2.99, Sunglass Warehouse), and pair it with attitude and this red and white polkadot dress ($15.27, Trandsgal).


Sonia Sotomayor

Rich Schultz/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The Supreme Court justice appointed by former president Barack Obama is the first Latina in history to hold that position. In her honor, all you need is a black robe, like this graduation gown ($14.99, Amazon). It's a great costume to hide layers of bundling up from the cold, as well as protecting our democratic freedoms.


Anna Wintour

Possibly one of the most iconic statements in fashion for our time, Anna Wintour is a boss and a force to be reckoned with. Get a copy of Vogue, some black ballet flats, a chic sheath dress, clip-on earrings, and, of course, sunglasses. The best part is you'll likely have most of these already in your home.


Alice Guy-Blaché

Alice Guy-Blaché was a film pioneer in the first movies, and possibly the first female director. Get some long white gloves ($24, Etsy) a full-length lacy black dress ($35.99, 6pm), and Hollywood movie clapper ($5, Amazon) to round it out.


Coco Chanel

Grab a black hat, pearls and a mini version of the LBD to honor the woman who made it OK for females to wear pants.



Sappho and Homer founded Western literature. You'll need a long flowing dress and Roman-inspired sandals for this look.


The New Doctor (Time Lord)

Jodi Whittaker will be the first female (and 13th doctor) in history to play the part of The Doctor on the BBC cult favorite TV show. You'll need a black hoodie ($11.79, Target), a grey military-style trenchcoat or peacoat ($40, Etsy), a pair of black pants ($10, Target), and black boots ($11.18, Target).


Billie Holiday

A long white dress ($29.97, Chasing Fireflies) and white flowers in your daughter's hair will make a beautiful Billie Holliday.


Julia Child

Julia Child inspired me to cook along with my mother. Her no-fuss attitude and whimsy are aspirational, and it's easy to dress like her. Find a play rolling pin, a polka dot dress ($9.99, Sears), a white ribbon to tie ($2.99, Michael's) around the waist, a waist apron (or an apron that you fold in half), and a cheap string of pearls.


Aretha Franklin

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Get a faux fur coat and pair it with a microphone and any fancy dress you have.


The Equal Pay Act

The Equal Pay Act amended the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1963 that aimed at abolishing the wage disparity based on sex. Though women generally still get paid less than men, reminding children that equality is everything is great with this costume. Plus, it's cheap and easy. You literally only need a sign and some strings and maybe some monopoly money here because this is an abstraction.


Ellen Page


Ellen Page has long been a feminine rights activist. Use the boss lady costume as a base, add a black button down shirt ($14.96, The Children's Place), a black tie ($9.99, Target), and a red pocket square ($10, Amazon) to replicate the look.


Murina Ahmed

Murina Ahmed became the face of the Women's March after President Trump got elected. Though this photo of her came out far before then, she's become the face of the protest. In an interview with her, she says that she's glad to see an Islamic woman portrayed in positive light. She is what it means to be American, along with the millions of other women from multiple cultures, creeds, and backgrounds. You'll need a bright red lipstick ($10, Ulta) and an oversized American flag or American flag scarf ($8.97, Old Navy).


Mary Kom

Mary Kom is an Olympic Indian boxer. She's a fighter and teaches young girls to never give up on their dreams. You'll need handwraps ($6.99, Target), a pair of boxing gloves ($12.99, Party City), long athletic shorts, and a tank top. Badass.

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