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These 'Supernatural' Season 14 Finale Theories Set Up A Bittersweet 15th Season

This is it. This is the last Supernatural finale before the series finale. And naturally, all hell is breaking loose. On Mar. 22, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins announced that The CW show was coming to an end, but not before a phenomenal Season 14 finale and 15th Season. The final episodes of the 14th Season have led up to a nerve-wracking finale that will likely spill over into the concluding season. So with only one episode left, fans have pieced together a few Supernatural finale theories that will help tide you over until the curtains fall on Season 14.

The Apr. 18 episode of Supernatural, titled "Jack in the Box," set up the season for the finale. Dean trapped Jack in a box that was originally built for Michael. However, Jack was able to use his power to escape, and in the final moments of the episode, Jack came face-to-face with the men who trapped him. So what happens now?

In the preview for the Season 14 finale of Supernatural, titled "Moriah," tensions are rising between Jack's three former father figures. Castiel is furious at Sam and Dean for locking Jack up in the first place. Dean claims that he wanted Jack dead, but Sam reminds him that Jack was the one who burned his soul off to save them. Regardless, it's clear that the speech wasn't enough for Dean because the promo later showed Dean pointing a gun to Jack's head. "I understand," Jack says as the trailer cuts out. Yikes.

Are you as stressed for the Supernatural Season 14 finale as I am? If you are, these theories may help you cope with what's looming over fans as the series prepares for its 15th and final season.

Jack Will (Almost) Die

Perhaps it's time to follow Game of Thrones' attempt in keeping spoilers to a minimum by hiding the episode titles prior to release. In a thread on Reddit, Queenrenowned pointed out that the Supernatural Season 14 finale is titled "Moriah," which is correlated to the sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis. The fan speculated that this could mean that Jack will die in the finale.

However, another fan, of_skies_and_seas, revealed that in the biblical story, "Not only does God save Isaac, but Abraham all along had faith that God would not allow Isaac to die." The Reddit user added that Castiel could be the Abraham of this story, since he "had faith in God's goodness and return" in a previous episode and that Jack would be miraculously spared.

Chuck Comes Back To Stir The Pot

So how exactly might Jack survive? As the story goes, God saves Isaac. So, fans have speculated that Chuck will return to Supernatural in the finale to stop anyone from killing Jack. But, some fans think that this ending is simply too convenient. Redditor kh-38 theorized that "Chuck will strip Jack of his power, or give the Winchesters some terrible choice to make regarding what to do with Jack." The fan also felt like Jack wouldn't kill Sam, Dean, or Castiel.

That being said, the Reddit user hopes that "Chuck doesn't simply restore Jack's soul, because that doesn't solve the problem. Cas and the Winchesters will have the same problem on their hands that they had before, and they couldn't control him. They won't be able to control him this time, either."

The Empty Will Take Castiel In The Finale & Return As The Big Bad For Season 15

In a thread, Reddit user Mackansw19 pondered if Castiel's deal with The Empty will set up Lucifer's return. For those of you who don't remember, Castiel struck up a deal with The Empty, which essentially meant that once Castiel finds happiness, the Shadow from The Empty would come and take him. Many fans speculate that Castiel will be taken by The Empty in the Season 14 finale.

Mackansw19 theorized that Sam and Dean will find a way to retrieve Castiel. However, who else is in The Empty? Lucifer. So it's possible that Lucifer will be released by accident when the Winchester brothers rescue Castiel. However, this will likely spill over into Season 15.

Although Season 14 is coming to an end, it's possible that the Supernatural writers are preparing fans for the final season. So hold on tight. This one is going to be wild.

Supernatural airs Thursdays on The CW.