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30 Baby Names That Start With "J" & Are Sure To Set Your Baby Apart

The Kardashians might have a lock on 'K' names, but my family has a real thing for J's. We've got a Jack, Jeff, Jay, John, Jessica and the list goes on. And while those names are pretty common, there are some unexpected names that start with the letter "J" too — just look at the Duggars. If you're jonesing for a "J" name, there are tons of baby names that start with "J" that could be just right for your bundle of joy.

If you've always had a thing for the letter "J", but are committed to picking a baby name that can't be found in any "Top 10" list, then you'll be thrilled to know that not a single "J" name appears in's list of Top 10 girl names of 2018 (so far). James did make their Top 10 list of boy names, but James is always a perennial favorite. In fact, James is considered the most popular boy's name of all time, according to Nameberry, followed by John, another "J" name. Both are great choices if you prefer classical names that won't go out of style.

So whether you're trying to keep your family's streak of "J" names alive, or want to start a new family tradition, here are 30 names that start with the letter "J" that you might just fall in love with.



Sure, you've heard of Jason or Jacee, but this cool unisex name feels fresh and modern. Jace is a Greek baby name and means "a healing," according to She Knows.



Johanna is one of those names that feels timeless. It can be pronounced Yo-hanna or Jo-hanna, depending on your preference, and, according to Nameberry, it's a trending name right now in the European countries of Germany, Austria, and Finland. How continental!



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This name will be a hit with fans of the art icon, Jasper Johns. And even if you're not familiar with the artist best known for his Flag painting, the name Jasper still feels like a vintagey hip boy's name.



Whether you're a fan of the green gem stone or the show The Bachelor in Paradise (i.e. Jade and Tanner), Jade is a winning one syllable name. The name originates from the Spanish phrase, 'piedra de ijada' and means "stone of the side," according to Baby Name Wizard.



This boy's name is derived from the Greek name, Galen, which means "healer; tranquil," according to The Bump. If the first thing you think when holding your sweet bundle of joy is that he's preternaturally calm, then this name cold really be picking him.



If you've got a little princess on your hands, look no further than the Disney classic, Aladdin, for inspiration. Who wouldn't want to be compared to Princess Jasmine? The name has Persian and Old French roots and refers to the fragrant flower, according to Think Baby Names.



This unisex name might always remind you of the basketball legend, but it also has Biblical roots. The name is derived from the body of water that runs between the countries of Jordan and Israel, and in fact, John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the river in the New Testament, reports Behind the Name.


Jessamyn (Or Jessamine)

This name made waves in Britain in the early 1900s, but is just starting to gain popularity in the United States, according to Nameberry. It could be a new take on the name Jessica, which was wildly popular in the '80s.



For those who will always hold a special place in their heart for Jack Pearson, choosing this straightforward name for your little hero is a no-brainer. Jack also has Shakespearian roots, referring to, "Henry VI, Part 2' Jack Cade, a rebel," according to She Knows.



If you're like me, you associate the name Jessa with the wild-child Girls character, but the name also means 'God Beholds,' according to Baby Names.



The name Justin derives from the New Testament name, Justus, and means 'Just, upright, righteous,' according to She Knows.



This is one of those old-timey names that seems to be making a comeback, most likely because of its adorable nickname "Jo." It is the French feminine variation of Joseph, and it means "Jehovah increases," according to Nameberry.



The name Jett means 'black mineral or intense black color,' explained Babble. If you like names rooted in nature, this could be the moniker you've been looking for.



Jemma is Italian for "precious stone," explains Nameberry, and is quite popular in Australia right now. I've seen it spelled with a 'G' too (Gemma) but either way, it's an excellent, eclectic choice.



The biblical meaning of Jason is 'he that cures,' according to She Knows. While most commonly a boy's name, you could also use it for a girl (Jasyn) if you're a fan of the "boy's names for girls" trend. (Or you just don't buy into the outdated idea that names are or should be gendered.)



Whether you're a fan of Jane Goodall or Jane Eyre, this classic name has great connotations. It means 'God is Gracious', according to Nameberry, and while it's simple, it's anything but plain.



Meaning 'Established by God,' and Spanish in origin, it's currently #441 in popularity, according to BabyCenter. Great for those looking to score points for originality!



This name hails from Roman mythology and is the name of the supreme Roman deity, according to Nameberry. With the cute nickname, Jupe, it could just have galactic potential.



Juliet is a variation on the French name, Juliette, and means 'youth,' according to Baby Name Wizard. Of course, it will always be linked to the Shakespeare tragedy, Romeo and Juliet — a great choice for the romantics among us.



Jax is an English baby name, and means 'God has been gracious,' according to She Knows. If you know one too many John's or Jack's, this is a fresh spin on a classic name.



You can guess the meaning of this exuberant girl's name. Yes, it does mean 'joy', and hails form the French 'joie', according to Behind the Name. A fitting choice for your little bundle of, well, you get the idea.



This unisex name is English in origin and means 'Son of James,' according to Nameberry, though it certainly doesn't have to be used just for a son. Chynna Phillip's named her daughter Jamison.



Jackson means 'God has been gracious,' according to She Knows. The name conjures thoughts of music legend, Michael Jackson, and sports legend, Bo Jackson. Fine shoes to fill, don't you think!



With old-fashioned names on the rise, this summery name is as cute as a june bug. The name comes from the Latin goddess of marriage, Juno, according to Baby Name Wizard.



Jillian, sometimes spelled Gillian, derives from the Roman name, Julius. Like the other Julius variation, Juliet, this name too means 'youth,' according to Oh Baby Names.



Short for Jedidiah, this Hebrew name means, 'Beloved of Jehovah,' reports Baby Names Wizard. For Star Wars fans, this name sets itself up for lots of Jedi puns!



Jolie means 'pretty' in French, and it's the perfect moniker for your little dollface. If you don't want it to seem so Angelina-inspired, you can try spelling variations like Joli or Jolee.



Pronounced "jay-ven", this cool Hebrew name means, "Son of Japhethm" according to The Name Meaning. The nickname, Jay, is super cool too.



The name Jacqueline will always conjur thoughts of style icon, Jackie Kennedy. That's someone I'd have no problem having my baby girl associated with!



Joel means 'He that commands', according to She Knows. It's the perfect name for Billie Joel fans... or even Joel McHale fans!

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