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34 Baby Names Inspired By Air For Your Gemini, Libra, Or Aquarius Baby

Congratulations, you're expecting a Gemini (May 21 to June 20), a Libra (September 23 to October 22), or an Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)! All signs are ruled by one of the four elements — earth, fire, water, or air — and these three are the designated air sign. And since baby naming can be overwhelming, why not narrow it all down by choosing a baby name inspired by air for your air-sign baby? There's a whole bunch of neat choices for you to choose from and, hey, maybe you and your partner can actually agree on one of these.

In some ways, these signs are very different. Gemini is gregarious, whereas Aquarius is more introverted. Aquarius will say anything that's on their mind, whereas a Libra is diplomatic to a fault. A Gemini cares very much about what other people think of them. But an Aquarius? Yeah, they DGAF. Libra are very aware of needing to be balanced, and Gemini will burn themselves out over and over again.

But there are some things that unify air signs. They are, not to put too fine a point on it, a breath of fresh air. Innovative, creative, and able to look at things from different points of view, air signs are movers and shakers. These signs are regularly on the go (often to their own little worlds), but when they can gather their thoughts and ideas: watch out world!

Here are some air inspired names for your little whirlwind:


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This Italian word for "air" can refer to a song in an opera that conveys mood, or Arya from Game of Thrones, who stole so many of our hearts... and also several dead people's faces.


A zephyr is a soft, gentle breeze and comes from the Greek Zephuros, who was the god of the west wind.


Lani is the Hawaiian word for "heaven" and is often appended to other words to create beautiful names, such as Noelani ("heavenly mist.")


Another Hawaiian name, Makani means "wind" and is traditionally given to boys.


There's some debate about the origin of this name, which is also a city in Venezuela. Some say it derives from the Caquetio (an indigenous South American language) word curiana, meaning "place of winds" (itself a great name, by the bye). Others attribute it to Spanish, meaning "wind of the Northwest." Either way, it's a windy name.


Ilma is a popular Finnish girl's name meaning "air."

Plan: first we bring over Finnish baby names and then, perhaps, their awesome parental leave policies will follow!


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Pronounced "collum," Colm is an Irish name derived from the Latin columba and means "dove."


The Zonda is a specific dry, easterly wind that blows on over the Andes in Argentina.


Zeru is a Basque name that means "sky." Fun fact: Basque is a language that appears to be completely unrelated to any other living language, despite developing among a number other languages in the Basque region of Spain.


Alya is a Turkish name meaning "sky." It's also a Hebrew name meaning "to ascend."


This is a Japanese unisex name meaning "sky." I think it'd be cool to have an earth-sign sibling with the name Rosa — same letters just scrambled!


King of the Olympian pantheon in Greek mythology, Zeus was ruler of the heavens and sky... though based on the myth this is pretty much dooming you to some very raucous teenaged years.


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Both the Willy-willy and the Williwaw are specific winds. The first is a whirling wind in Australia that sends up small columns of wind (dust devils). The Williwaw is a stormy, cold wind from the mountains of Alaska.


In Esperanto (a language invented in the late 1800s to facilitate global communication and understanding), Ciela means "heavenly."


This French name meaning "heavenly" derives from the Latin caelestis.


Also spelled "Ha-neul" and "Ha-nul," this indigenous, unisex Korean name means "sky."


Asherah was a mother goddess found throughout the Ancient Near East. She is sometimes, arguably, referred to as the "queen of heaven." Worship of Asherah was widespread and prolific.


You know, like the bird... that flies... in the air...?

Bird names totally count for air names, you guys, and I feel like Jay is understated, underused, and really sort of versatile and cool.


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Neil is an anglicization of the Irish name Niall, and means "cloud." It's also a great tribute to Neil Armstrong, who can be associated with the air and sky for obvious reasons.


Another bird name! And a great one! Unisex, packed with nicknames (Robby, Rob, Ro, Bibi), and also the name of one of the 20th century's greatest artists (we miss you, Mr. Williams), this is an excellent option.


Guthrie is a Scottish surname coming from the Gaelic gaothair, meaning "a windy place." The rise in popularity as a first name may be attributed to activist folksingers Woody and Arlo Guthrie.


Paloma is a Latin-derived name meaning "dove," and can also be a reference to the Holy Spirit of Catholicism, which is often represented as a dove.


Another specific wind, the Sirocco is a hot dusty wind that moves northerly from the Sahara over northern Africa. Once it hits the Mediterranean it causes humidity in southern Europe.


Alizeh is a Persian girl's name meaning "wind," and can sometimes refer specifically to the Trade Winds.


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I mean, duh.


Not just a quirky 2007 comedy by Diablo Cody! Juno was the Roman "queen of heaven" who took particular interest in the lives of women and mothers. Her Greek counterpart was Hera.


My inner high school goth girl (who, honestly, never really went away completely) really super loves this name.


This is an Italian name meaning "sky blue" and, to me, sounds at once elegant and tremendously badass.


Jonah is a popular Hebrew name meaning "dove." In the Bible, Jonah was famous swallowed by a whale or giant fish when he attempts to outrun God's plan for him.


Miku is a Japanese derived from the characters meaning "beautiful" and "sky" and can be taken to mean "long time."


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This Greek name means "whirlwind." In Greek mythology, Aella was an Amazon warrior. She was killed by Hercules, but I urge you not to let that put you off in and of itself. After all, is there a better metaphor for a new baby than giving it a name that means "whirlwind"?


Horus was an Egyptian sky god — his name means "one far above." You could also go with the spelling "Horace," though with that spelling the name means "timekeeper."


Wrens are a common, fairly plain family of birds, but they're known for their enthusiastic, pretty songs.


Iris is a Greek name meaning "rainbow. I'm actually thinking this is also a great name to incorporate fire (light) and water (rain) as well, since they are also required if you want to see a rainbow in the sky.