If You're A Libra, 2019 Belongs To You (So Look Out, Everybody Else)

I don't know what it is about horoscopes that makes them so fascinating. Is it the uncanny insights that seem so personal, like someone actually hacked into our thoughts? Is it the excitement and hope we feel when we hear that the stars might finally align for us? Or is it the connectedness we feel to the cosmos, and the comfort it brings to be reminded us that the universe is an infinitely grand place with endless potential? Whatever it is, horoscopes are fun — especially if you're a Libra looking at your horoscope for 2019, because this is the year to live out your dreams.

I'm such a sucker for some good old-fashioned inspiration and dream fulfillment. So when I read that this was the year for the Libras to live out their dreams, I couldn't help it — I got excited. I'm not a Libra but I love being a cheerleader so... yay Libras! If you are in fact a Libra, however, astrologist Helene Cierzo of Heart House Astrology says 2019 is going to be quite the year for you.

As if you didn't already know, Libras are known for being diplomatic. They're able to see things from all perspectives, which basically makes them empathy superheroes. But as Cierzo tells Romper, "this ability to see from many points of view can sometimes lead them to be indecisive." They are also super charming, caring and generous. As Cierzo says, "as mothers they are the moms that dote on their babes. They love to do nice things for the ones they love." This makes them great friends and companions. But in 2019, they'll really "take life by the horns" and focus on their own goals, according to the website Astrofame.

When it comes to career, "success is on the horizon" for Libras (particularly those working on collaborative projects). "If you work in a team, you will play an essential role in carrying out tasks," said the Astrofame website. Could this call for a promotion? A pay increase? Both? When August comes, it will be time for you to take a pause — but not for too long, because you might have a hard time getting back into your groove. Cierzo says 2019 is the year "you are meant to focus on making your career a priority".

In your health, "get ready for some highs and lows." Be sure to take care of yourself and do your best to reduce stress and rest when you need it, said Astrofame. But as Cierzo advises, "alternating healing practices such as acupuncture, color therapy, reiki, sound baths, pranayama breathing, or yoga could help you stay balanced this year." She also mentions searching through YouTube for some special healing meditations when you need it. Which is something I personally do on the regular and fully endorse that idea. So, if you haven't tried it, make 2019 the year you do you.

The romantic sphere of your life will be full of excitement and important decisions. If you're a Libra who's currently unattached, you might find that this is the year you fall in love — but only if you open up. By the end of the year, Libras who are in a relationship could face an important decision. The challenge, says Cierzo, is that Libras "love to see the world through the eyes of love," which makes them wear "rose-colored glasses" when it comes to matters of the heart. Or, if you're single and 2018 wasn't the best year for your love life, Cierzo says you might be in the habit of pushing love away without realizing it, because either you've been "needing your independence" or "doing a bit of fence sitting, because something in you wasn't ready to fully relax into a deeper commitment." Trust me, I feel you there, Libras.

Overall, 2019 is panning out to be a great year with new goals, new love and new objectives. You will take charge of your own path and stop letting your life be run by others. You got this, Libras. (And whatever "this" is, maybe you can share some of this cosmic good fortune with a few of the other zodiac signs? Just a thought.)

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